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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Sheldon Kenton President And CEO, GeoBlue

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, sits down with Sheldon Kenton President And CEO, GeoBlue, to discuss his new appointment at GeoBlue, the IPMI market and the strategic development and service relationship between GeoBlue, Bupa and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Firstly, congratulations on your new appointment and thank you for sitting down to speak with us. May you introduce yourself and background in the international medical insurance market? I have...

18-06-2019 Executive Industry Interviews

iPMI Magazine Featured News Articles

CEGA Reaps Rewards Of Fraud Training

Claims management and assistance provider CEGA, a Charles Taylor company, announces that two further members of its Special Investigations Unit have gained Level 3 Professional Investigator accreditations; strengthening its claims validation capabilities in the multi-sector insurance market. Callum Bates and Martin Weekes are the latest staff to gain the accreditation at CEGA Special Investigations, which counts household, personal accident, travel and private health insurers among its clients and is available as a stand-alone...

10-05-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Download Company e-Directory: iPMI - Assistance - Air Ambulance - Funeral Directors - Cost Containment - Claims Management + MORE

You can tell a lot about a business by the company it keeps and iPMI Magazine is proud to present the leading international medical payors and providers that assist with the cross border medical requirements of the global citizen. Uniting industry leaders under 1 roof the brand new iPMI Magazine payor and provider network directory delivers all the pertinent company intelligence your business needs to navigate the complex world of IPMI.     Enter...

04-04-2019 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

AXA Global Healthcare Launches International Health Insurance Foundation Cover Level

AXA – Global Healthcare has expanded its international health insurance offering by launching its new 'Foundation' cover level. Now available to expats and travelers of all ages, it is designed to offer essential cover to those who want the reassurance of having fundamental medical cover in place while they are living abroad. Kevin Melton, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, commented, "Foundation has been launched as part of our product development programme, with the...

03-04-2019 iPMI Product News

Video: Paul Tidy COO Explains How Generali Global Health Works With Group And External Partners

Generali Global Health works with a variety of partners and providers around the world including providers from sectors such as air ambulance, assistance and claims management, plus brands like as Europ Assistance - to actively support members, wherever they are in the world. In this video Paul Tidy COO explains how Generali Global Health does that. For more details about Generali Global Health International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) plans, please visit To learn more about Generali Global...

01-04-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Healix International Offers Guidance For Employers With LGBT Employees Travelling To And Working In Brunei

In stark contrast to advances in LGBT rights being made around the world, the small oil-rich nation of Brunei is set to implement a new law next week that will make same-sex relationships punishable by death.  From 3rd April, any individual found guilty under the prescribed list of offences will be subject to stoning or whipping to death, in a strict interpretation of Sharia law. While homosexuality is already criminalised in...

01-04-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Global Market For International Health Insurance For Expatriates, Students And Affluent Residents Worth Around $16.5 Billion In Gross Written Premiums In 2018

According to new research published by Finaccord, the global market for international health insurance for expatriates, students and affluent residents was worth around USD 16.5 billion in gross written premiums in 2018 of which around USD 4.8 billion was due to new policies bought in 2018 itself. This total breaks down between around USD 12.4 billion to expatriates apart from students, around USD 3.3 billion to students and around USD...

01-04-2019 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

Measles Continues To Be A Threat To Workers Travelling Abroad

The latest World Health Report from Healix International reveals that cases of measles continue to rise around the world. With the number of incidents growing in key countries of interest for UK exports – including Poland, Romania, Italy, France and Slovakia as well as the Philippines which is a popular region for call centre outsourced services - the medical and security expert is urging employers to conduct thorough risk assessments...

21-03-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Protecting Field Workers During Emergency Response Programmes

Humanitarian field workers put themselves at risk every day, whether it’s delivering aid in the aftermath of a natural disaster, peace building in post-conflict countries or supporting refugees fleeing civil wars. They also operate in some of the most complex and challenging security environments globally, and are routinely exposed to extreme violence. And whilst many of the largest NGOs that implement aid programmes have a clear understanding of their duty...

21-03-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Video: What Do UK Insurance Brokers Like About Generali Global Health Global Choice IPMI Plans?

In this video Generali Global Health New Business Development Manager Darren Fletcher explains how a flexible and modular product approach is really meeting the needs of IPMI insurance brokers and their clients. For more details about Generali Global Health International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) plans, please visit To learn more about Generali Global Health and their range of IPMI plans and services please visit their micro website on iPMI Magazine, click here.

18-03-2019 iPMI Product News

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Jerome Droesch, CEO, Cigna, MENA

In this iPMI Magazine exclusive interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, sits down with Jerome Droesch, CEO, Cigna following his appointment as Chief Executive Officer for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Board Member of Cigna’s joint venture operations in India and Turkey. Firstly, congratulations on your new appointment and thank you for sitting down to speak with us. May you introduce yourself and background in the international medical insurance market? My...

18-03-2019 Executive Industry Interviews

The iPMI Market In Focus

International Health Insurance 2019: The Definitive iPMI Market Report

Leading international private medical insurance publisher iPMI Magazine is excited to announce the launch of “International Health Insurance 2019 - International Health Insurance for Expats, High Net Worth Individuals, 3rd Country Nationals, Domestic Nationals and Global Nomads: Volume 1, 2 and 3.  There are more opportunities than ever for insurers and brokers to sell health insurance globally to locals and internationals. The global demand for health insurance is rising fast; There are opportunities for...

05-04-2019 International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Reports

iPMI Magazine Executive Interviews

iPMI Magazine Speaks With David Healy, CEO EMEA, Aetna International

Congratulations David on your appointment as CEO of EMEA for Aetna International. How are you settling into the new role? So far so good. The first impression you get of Dubai, apart from the sunshine and high-rise buildings, is the energy of the place. It feels like the pace is fast; it’s an engaging and high-energy business environment across all sectors. And a great multi-cultural environment in which to work. You really get a sense of the many nationalities that are here and the different business challenges that arise because of that. So I’m definitely excited to be based here. And I believe it’s a good opportunity...

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Marco Giacomelli, CEO, Generali Global Health (GGH)

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview Marco Giacomelli, CEO at Generali Global Health (GGH) talks about going for growth and outlines how the Generali Global Health operation he established just four years ago is growing its reputation in the international PMI and health insurance space. In such a crowded market, what has been the main factor behind your success? One of the main secrets to our success is working very closely with our intermediary partners, in order to shape our products around our customers’ needs. We at GGH have built our whole organisation on the principle of customer centricity, and the feedback from brokers on the product benefits and...

iPMI Magazine Speaks With David Powell, CEO Global Solutions, UnitedHealthcare Global And Claude Daboul, Managing Director, UnitedHealthcare Global Europe

In this exclusive IPMI interview, iPMI Magazine speaks with David Powell, CEO Global Solutions, UnitedHealthcare Global and Claude Daboul, Managing Director, UnitedHealthcare Global Europe about their recent movement into Europe's IPMI market, including the launch of the new IPMI plan "BeHealthy". Please introduce yourself and role at United Healthcare:  David Powell: My name is David Powell and I am CEO of Global Solutions for UnitedHealthcare Global. I am responsible for leading customer-centric health care solutions for globally mobile populations, with members in over 130 countries. Previously, I was senior vice president of strategy and corporate development, responsible for market expansion and new market entry across UnitedHealthcare’s global businesses. I...

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Reg Allatt, CEO, Global Excel Management Inc.

Please introduce yourself and background in the international medical insurance market: My name is Reg Allatt and I’m the CEO of Global Excel. I’ve been in this business now for over 30 years. My family started in the travel health insurance product side in Canada in 1984 and our organization has since evolved into the largest international healthcare risk manager specializing in the U.S. market. I’ve been with the company since its inception. Global Excel has been managing health care cases, claims and costs for more than 20 years. How has the business changed in that time? In one sense it’s evolved but in another sense it’s stayed...

iPMI Magazine Articles And Case Studies

Video: In 2019 The Definition Of An Expatriate Is Obsolete

The definition of an expatriate is obsolete because more people, including local nationals and expats, regularly travel internationally, due to their lifestyle, income and careers: a view shared by Ian Youngman, author of the brand new IPMI report, International Health Insurance 2019 and Generali Global Health CEO Marco Giacomelli. In the video Generali Global Health CEO Marco Giacomelli explains why IPMI is so important for globally mobile people and why the traditional concept of expatriates is becoming outdated. IPMI report author Ian Youngman adds, "International private medical insurance (IPMI)...

Tensions In The Gulf And Iran And The Impact On Insurance Premiums

By Jonathan Moss, DWF Partner, Head of Transport and Shipping. Increasing uncertainty and high political instability in the Gulf region is likely to lead Insurers to raise premiums, renegotiate terms of cover and introduce riders to Marine and Energy contracts of insurance and reinsurance. The past two years has seen a dramatic deterioration in Qatar's diplomatic relations with the UAE over allegations of Qatar's support for what the UAE considers to be terrorist groups.  Allegations include that Qatar is funding radical ideology and extremism. Restrictions were introduced...

What’s Shaping The Assistance Needs Of The Globally Mobile?

Global movement is booming. According to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), international tourist arrivals reached 1.4 billion at the end of 2018: two years ahead of forecasts. The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts a rise of more than 6% in corporate travel spend this year. And UNWTO anticipates that, by 2030, five million people will be crossing international borders for leisure, business or other purposes - every single day. But what are the trends shaping the assistance needs of international health and travel insurance policyholders...

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