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Rowland Brothers International Firm Favourite For ITIJ Global Ancillary Assistance Service Provider Of The Year Award 2017

The ITIJ awards recognise excellence in the diverse companies providing services worldwide to insurers and their clients. As the first winners in this category in 2016, Rowland Brothers International are leading the future of funeral care and repatriation, providing support to those in need across the globe. They strive to continue to uphold their title of 2016 Global Ancillary Assistance Service Provider of the year through their core values and business ethos...

07-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Preparing For Hurricane Irma With Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Company stands by to assist all Medical Insurers, NGOs, Government, Emergency Managers and Assistance Interests in the Central and Northern Caribbean, and South Florida with pre-storm relocation of patients to safety. Post storm med evacuation flights to effected areas will take place after runways have been cleared for landing by the respective aviation authorities. Thanks to their large base in Mexico, their operations will NOT be effected should the...

06-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Air Ambulance Repatriation Medevac Company News

Learn All About Awesome Air Evac

Awesome Air Evac offers fixed-wing air ambulance services covering the whole of Africa, it’s surrounding islands, Europe and the Middle-East. Based at Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, and utilising dedicated long-range jet air ambulances, Awesome Air Evac is capable of flying a wide range of patients. With an average dispatch time of 2 hours, and flying with flight doctors and flight nurses or advanced life support paramedics, Awesome Air...

05-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Air Ambulance Repatriation Medevac Company News

Learn All About Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance specializes in long-range air ambulance transports and is one of the most experienced air ambulance companies in the world. Thanks to the excellent quality of our services we have been chosen as a official providers for major insurance and assistance companies around the world.  Jet Rescue Air Ambulance is the Marketing Brand For Mexican AOC Certificate Holder Med Jets S.A. de C..V, (Certificate Number: TAN-TN-0903), to operate as Jet...

05-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Air Ambulance Repatriation Medevac Company News

A+ International Joins iPMI Magazine Provider Network

A+ International is a partnership between leading European medical insurance providers and healthcare investment specialists from Europe and Asia. Their European and Asian approach allows them to offer comprehensive and worldwide health cover to their customers - individuals, international companies and organizations - according to their specific needs. Their health plans propose high-level benefits with the best international coverage. They protect clients against risks and when the need arises, it is their mission to help them through potentially difficult times. Look...

05-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

Athens Assistance Joins iPMI Magazine Provider Network

Athens Assistance advises, organizes and provides care to meet the needs of an emergency situation offering medical, technical, legal and travel world-class assistance for individuals and corporate clients. Athens Assistance is the assistance business partner for call center, cost containment and case management products and services, in the field of health, travel, motor and home. Athens Assistance is a privately owned financially independent company, with guaranteed professional structure, established in Athens since...

05-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

JOIN ROUND TABLE: International Medical Cost Containment Strategies

This round table looks at the importance and complexities of international medical cost containment strategies including: Defining Medical Cost Containment; The Need For Medical Cost Containment; In-house And Outsourced medical Cost Containment; Localised Medical Cost Containment Services; The Role Of Provider Networks In Delivering Cost Containment Programs; How Medical Cost Containment Can Reduce Fraud In Global Healthcare; International Medical Centres of Excellence; High Deductable Health Plans; The Evolution Of Medical Cost Containment; New Approaches Vs Traditional Methods; The Role Of The...

05-09-2017 RT Diary

Join iPMI Magazine Provider Network

If you are looking to influence the entire global IPMI industry from international medical payor to international medical provider the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory is the ultimate place to be seen. With a global readership of over 40,000 executives and covering all sectors of the international medical insurance and assistance business, the directory can land your brand on the desk tops of the major players worldwide, plus private corporations, governments...

04-09-2017 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

GeoBlue® Names Two Industry Veterans to Sales Leadership

GeoBlue has announced the appointments of Linda Cote, Vice President Corporate Sales and Account Management, and Jill Milliken, Vice President of Scholastic Sales. Linda Cote brings 13 years of international experience from Aetna International, where she held sales and leadership positions within the organization. Prior to her tenure at Aetna, Linda spent 14 years within the domestic health insurance market, where she held sales positions at Cigna, United Healthcare and FHP. This combined experience provides...

25-08-2017 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

VIDEO: Allianz Travel Insurance Survey Reveals Many Americans Are Being Vacation Shamed

iPMI Magazine Travel Insurance News: Americans, especially millennials, are not taking their paid time off and remain vacation deprived due to feeling negative emotions when asking for time off, according to the eighth annual Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index. The survey found that one in four Americans (25 percent) report feeling negative emotions when asking for time off from their employers, and millennials (aged 18 to 34) are the most likely...

25-08-2017 iPMI Magazine Travel Insurance News

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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Andrew Apps Head Of Global Healthcare Bellwood Prestbury About International Private Medical Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals

Please introduce yourself and background in the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market: Having enjoyed 32 years working in the PMI industry, the past 26 years exclusively in the international sector, I have gained firsthand experience of how both insurers and intermediaries operate, enabling an understanding of the way each side behaves and the changing demands of one of the insurance industry’s fasting growing sectors. As a seasoned traveller and former expatriate, I have worked extensively across South East Asia, the Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, developing business operations with local and multi-national companies. This valuable experience has enabled a unique understanding not...

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Mr John Casey CEO Pacific Cross International

Mr. Casey has a long history in the ASEAN region and is currently in the Philippines. He is currently both President & CEO of Pacific Cross (Philippines) and Chief Executive Officer and Director of the holding company of his group’s health insurance and related businesses in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Prior to his current appointment, he was President of a US life insurance company in the Philippines. Aside from directly building a significant health insurance company in the Philippines, he is focused on a long term business plan for the group to establish a common branded ASEAN specialist health insurance business across the region in...

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