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Global Assistance Partners Joins International Assistance Group In South Korea

The Republic of Korea (South Korea) made it to the list of the most visited countries in the world with an influx of 17.2 million tourists last year. This was an important consideration for International Assistance Group (IAG), the largest alliance of independent assistance companies worldwide, whose ambitious plan is to offer its affiliates a vetted network of assistance providers in the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With this goal in...

21-06-2017 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

Teladoc To Acquire Best Doctors To Provide Virtual Healthcare Delivery Platform

Teladoc, Inc. has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Best Doctors. Teladoc is creating a new paradigm for how patients access care by delivering a powerful connected care platform – a single solution for addressing a complete spectrum of medical conditions, from non-critical, episodic needs to chronic, complicated medical conditions. By leveraging the proven portfolio of healthcare solutions from both Best Doctors and Teladoc, members will have...

21-06-2017 iPMI Magazine Mergers Acquisitions News

Expats Most Commonly Relocate For Better Career Opportunities

New research by AXA’s global healthcare specialist provider of international medical insurance has revealed that, when asked to give their top reasons for moving abroad, almost a third (30 per cent) of expats said that they relocated for better career opportunities and a quarter (23 per cent) listed increased pay and benefits. A further 15 per cent relocated for an improved work/life balance, while 14 per cent moved for a better environment...

20-06-2017 iPMI Magazine Expatriate Life International Living Global Mobility News

Nearly 60 Percent of Employees with Access to a Company Wellness Program Say the Initiative Has Made a Positive Impact on Their Health

Most employees with access to workplace wellness programs say they have made a positive impact on their health, even though a majority are unwilling to devote more than one hour per day to health-related activities such as consistent exercise, according to a new survey. These are some of the findings from this year’s UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey: “Wellness Check Up,” which examines employees’ opinions about employer-sponsored wellness programs. The nationwide survey’s key...

14-06-2017 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

Pacific Cross Releases New International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Plan

Pacific Cross Insurance is proud to announce the launch of the Premier 250 and 500 International Plans. The plan, the latest offering from their line of IPMI products, is designed with discerning budget conscious clients in mind. With an overall maximum benefit of 250,000 USD, and an option to upgrade to 500,000 USD, the Premier International Plan fits in well with the other established products in Pacific Cross’ line of International Plans. Pacific...

13-06-2017 iPMI Product News

Allianz Worldwide Care Launch Flexible International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) Plan For Inpats

As the implications of Brexit continue to unfold, Allianz Worldwide Care has announced the launch of a new flexible international private medical insurance (iPMI) plan aimed at small businesses in the UK who need to send employees abroad or employ ‘inpats’ at their company. Allianz Worldwide Care is the international health division of Allianz Worldwide Partners and specialises in providing international health insurance to businesses and private individuals living or working abroad. The Flex...

07-06-2017 iPMI Product News

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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Mr John Casey CEO Pacific Cross International

Mr. Casey has a long history in the ASEAN region and is currently in the Philippines. He is currently both President & CEO of Pacific Cross (Philippines) and Chief Executive Officer and Director of the holding company of his group’s health insurance and related businesses in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Prior to his current appointment, he was President of a US life insurance company in the Philippines. Aside from directly building a significant health insurance company in the Philippines, he is focused on a long term business plan for the group to establish a common branded ASEAN specialist health insurance business across the region in...

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Andrew Apps Head Of Global Healthcare Bellwood Prestbury About International Private Medical Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals

Please introduce yourself and background in the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market: Having enjoyed 32 years working in the PMI industry, the past 26 years exclusively in the international sector, I have gained firsthand experience of how both insurers and intermediaries operate, enabling an understanding of the way each side behaves and the changing demands of one of the insurance industry’s fasting growing sectors. As a seasoned traveller and former expatriate, I have worked extensively across South East Asia, the Former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East, developing business operations with local and multi-national companies. This valuable experience has enabled a unique understanding not...

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