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Activus Rebrands As Cegedim Insurance Solutions

Provider of leading health insurance management solution Actisure to drive the International Division’s expansion.  Activus Ltd. has rebranded as Cegedim Insurance Solutions. Founded in 1993, Activus built a global client base upon its award-winning health insurance management solution Actisure. This led to its acquisition by Cegedim...

06-03-2018 iPMI Magazine Information Technology News

Steve Westley To Head Cegedim Insurance Solutions’ Health Strategy

Industry expert to drive International Digital Health Platform expansion. Cegedim Insurance Solutions, part of Cegedim Group, are proud to announce the appointment of Steve Westley as Head of Health Strategy. Chairman of the Association of Medical Expense Insurers (‘AMEI’), and since 2014 Director of Health Practice at...

19-12-2017 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

About Cegedim Insurance Solutions

Cegedim Insurance Solutions provides high value software and services across the health value chain to 200+ leading healthcare insurers across the globe. 

For more than 30 years, Cegedim Insurance Solutions has been breaking new ground in order to provide insurance companies, mutual funds, contingency funds and brokers in France and overseas with software packages and services covering the whole of the healthcare value chain:       

  • Development of back office software
  • Digital solutions for illness prevention
  • Facilities management
  • Delegated authority
  • Healthcare flow assembly
  • Third-party payment operator

We bring together all Cegedim Group's software packages and services for the life and health insurance industry through our subsidiaries Cegedim Activ, Activus, Cetip, and iGestion. With our solutions, we cover 40 million policyholders, along with almost 20 million via our third-party payment services through our SP Santé and iSanté brands.