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Airlec Ambulance Appoints Dr. Cyrille Montesinos As Medical Director

Airlec Ambulance Appoints Dr. Cyrille Montesinos As Medical Director

Paul Tiba, Managing Director, Airlec Air Espace says, "We are proud and excited to promote Dr Cyrille Montesinos as our new Medical Director after his 4 years of air ambulance transports with Airlec. I fully trust both the man and his vast medical experience to...

16-04-2019 iPMI Magazine Medical Air Ambulance Repatriation Medevac Company News

About Airlec Ambulance

Airlec Air Espace was founded in 1958 and is the oldest business aviation company in France. The company has 20 years’ experience in air ambulance services through Airlec Ambulance.

With an aircraft fleet of 8 private jets based in Paris and Bordeaux, we transport over 1.000 patients per year.

  • Expertise, confidence, humanity
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Technical and scientific skills
  • French medical culture

Airlec Air Espace employs a team of 30 permanent staff (pilots, engineers and dispatchers) along
with a roster of 55 healthcare professionals on a rotating basis to guarantee maximum

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