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Introducing AMA Global Assistance

Introducing AMA Global Assistance

AMA Global Assistance, is a niche firm specializing and focusing on global international insurance and services. AMA Global, serves its millions of members across the globe specialising in the field of accident, Health, Cyber and motor. AMA does everything to provide invaluable local knowledge and expertise...

24-01-2022 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

About AMA Global Assistance

AMA Global Assistance has been in operations over the past 20 years as an independent player.

With strong and robust operations in the Asia, MENA and EU regions and having physical presence in these regions AMA Global has been servicing its clients needs in a manner of deep trust and knowledge. With strong processes in place both in line with medical and Insurance norms AMA Global has remained innovative and resilient with lines in Travel, Health and Cyber, among other lines.

With the strong leadership and vision of Abhijeet Singh Sachdev, AMA Global strives to be the partner of choice for many established insurers and Assistance companies that are in need of a solid medical assistance partner. 


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A guide to leading international medical and travel assistance companies and providers, operating within leisure, expatriate and corporate business travel markets globally.