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Kuwait To Launch New Expatriate Healthcare System

Kuwait To Launch New Expatriate Healthcare System

The Health Minister of Kuwait Ali Al-Obaidi announced Monday that the fatwa and legislative department has given the green light to setting up a separate healthcare system for expatriates under a new medical insurance scheme.

A draft contract has been approved by the fatwa department, which the ministry plans to sign with the Health Insurance Hospitals Company, in order to provide healthcare services to expatriates.

With an estimated 2 million + expatriates in Kuwait the contract will help ease the burden put on the current healthcare system and is in line with the government’s program of action and the state development plan to develop a national healthcare strategy.

The Health Insurance Hospitals Company is a public shareholding firm, and based on the health insurance law of 1999, will provide medical care for expatriates through various hospitals and primary medical centers.

Although no date has been set for the launch, the project is pending approval from the Audit Bureau. Once approved, the ministry will start implementing the scheme by providing access to healthcare services to expatriates at hospitals and medical centers which are specialised to treat expatriates and foreigners.

Presently, the majority of expats in Kuwait must obtain health insurance from the Ministry of Health by paying up to KD 50 per annum. Expats must also pay additional fees for a variety of medical procedures including surgeries, hospital stays and radiology examinations. Expatriates also pay KD 1 for each visit to public clinics and KD 2 to casualty sections at hospitals.


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