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Healix Health Services Mental Health And Wellbeing White Paper Helps Brokers Guide Employers’ Mental Health Strategies Featured

Healix Health Services Mental Health And Wellbeing White Paper Helps Brokers Guide Employers’ Mental Health Strategies

2018 was unquestionably a turning point in awareness about mental ill health with a wide range of high profile individuals urging employers, as well as the wider community, to put the issue front and centre. 

Employers recognise the importance of understanding mental health issues – and providing workers with the support they need to manage their mental health and wellbeing in the same way their physical health is supported.  However, Healix Health Services, the health trust specialist, believes that employers face a myriad of challenges in how to incorporate mental health into over-arching wellbeing strategies, particularly as the NHS continues to struggle to meet demand for access to mental health professionals.

Healix Health Services has, therefore, produced a white paper to help brokers guide their clients on including mental health in their corporate wellbeing plans. ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ outlines the current landscape and the challenges, as well as offering steps to help organisations establish a mental health strategy that mitigates the issues leading to absence.

In particular, the white paper focuses on the stigma associated with mental health and the importance of considering barriers to progress, including language, culture and behaviour.

“Our white paper outlines how to implement a mental health strategy, tackling issues such as employees believing mental ill health may limit career progression”, explained Sally Campbell, Head of Clinical Development, Healix Health Services and author of the white paper. “Organisations need to learn the importance of communication and training, as well as creating awareness activities to engage with staff and cultivate a positive culture, as part of a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing.

“Senior executives can play a key role in fostering an open and healthy workplace culture, ensuring change starts at the top and filters down through the company. And our white paper highlights the importance of supporting any culture shifts with an effective strategy that incorporates a full range of services offering mental health care and guidance, alongside traditional corporate healthcare services. It offers brokers a guide to helping their clients take a holistic approach to their wellbeing strategy and reap the benefits of a healthier and supportive workplace culture.”

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