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How To Grow An IPMI Broker Business: Increase Profits and Value Proposition

In this article, Olivier LE FAOUDER, CEO, Think Insurtech, talks about how iPMI brokerages can become more profitable and compliant, whilst raising the value and efficiency of their business.

Let's talk about money. You are an owner, partner or senior manager in an IPMI brokerage firm.

What are the expenses of a broker? Central costs (rent, IT) are necessary, but it is mainly the cost of selling that will be important: first of all, the salaries of the sales representatives and then the marketing costs.

These salary costs vary with the level of sales. The turnover is directly generated by the sales representatives who are there to prospect, establish quotations, negotiate, close sales and provide after-sales service. All this while respecting the more drastic compliance constraints (in Europe GDPR and DDA), which are a burden on their working time.

Therefore, the issue of productivity and efficiency of sales representatives is crucial for the profitability of a broker. If your representatives are able to process their tasks four times faster, they will generate four times more revenue.  The more efficient they are, the more profitable the broker business will be and the higher its valuation.

The question is: how do you make salespeople much more efficient?

The answer lies of course in the implementation of efficient IT tools that will accelerate their productivity. For several years, structured brokers have invested in CRM software acquired from publishers at a high price.  These softwares are customised on demand with high costs.

Problem: they are not able to evolve once installed. They do not manage either technological changes (the cloud, video-conferencing, APIs) or business changes (the compliance issues that change the usual sales process).

The solution that stands out today is the implementation of SAAS software, i.e. software hosted in the cloud, which is invoiced by subscription, with low deployment costs. Today, no company pays for its IT and software in one go and SAAS is the way.

Think Insurtech has developed a SAAS software suite dedicated to the international medical insurance brokerage sales force.  This suite, interfaced with a CRM directly in the cloud (such as PipeDrive or SalesForce) can reduce the processing time of a sales lead by 80%.

So how does it work? Converting more leads into sales in a quick way is the key.

ThinkInsurtech SAAS is a part of AOC Insurance Broker, a tech comparator in international health insurance and employee benefits. The SaaS platform was built by AOC Insurance Broker to help insurance brokers, providers, insurance companies become more productive in providing quotes and to work digitally with clients to compare plans and rates in real time with full client experience. The Think Insurtech SaaS is scalable and assists intermediaries in Insurance with both GDPR and IDD Compliance.

We manage a suite of module with our SaaS platform :                             

Think Insurtech Individual: IPMI/Health Insurance Comparison regarding needs, destination, and an algorithm to analyse, recommend the best value. This module is at the heart of the system. It allows sales representatives to save 80% of the time in making quotations, selecting plans, writing recommendations and sending them digitally to the prospects. Our software compares the prices and up to 64 benefits of each plan and lays out the comparison.

Think Insurtech Corporate: Employee benefit Tender Comparison/Data & insurance needs collected online with a sign up/the system generate a proposal comparison with a recommendation                                                 

Think Insurtech Rewards: Preventive and predictive care with a reward program connected to a third party and a mobile app. platform for HR/Compensation Benefit (Our customer engagement program and the Smartcare health platform allow us to analyse, interpret, recommend, prevent and manage medical risks (blood tests, genetic tests, ADN, monitoring with Internet of Things, etc.) for the interest of the insured members and the insurers on the long term. We also engage and reward our clients if they recommend friends with Amazon coupon, wearable with Garmin and a point system)                                      

Think Community: Tribe API connected to the SaaS platform to educate and manage interactions, topics between insurer, providers & insurance brokers                                          

Think Compliance: An API connected to the SaaS to educate and to manage broker & insurer compliance with the Insurance directive distribution

We launched a marketplace at the end of December 2020 for our user formula in order to convert insurance brokers into a white label. A challenge for intermediaries globally is shifting to a digital platform. Few tools are readily available today. Going digital has many benefits, it enhances performance, productivity, profitability, and value of         the business. Assists in Regulator compliance, GDPR, IDD and KYC. Enhances the customer journey via real time side by side comparisons of benefits, premium, currency based on the clients' individual wants, needs and budget requirements. Both regulations and COVID dramatically impacted and accelerated the need to utilize digital platforms.                                      

Simply, there is a need to become digital. The alternative - leaving the market, merging, being acquired or becoming digital.                                                       

Our SaaS platform is a turnkey solution for broker, provider & insurance company with 3 formulas and a Starter Edition at €49,90/month.

We have a catalog with upsell from deployment to support, legal package, webform, API integration etc. that are added to the price of the licenses.                                              

AOC Insurance Broker (AOC) is a French insurance broker specialised in the mobility & expat insurance targeting international individuals and groups.

What sets Think Insurtech from the crowd?

We are unique in our niche market of international health insurance which is not digital and the only ones to have thought of digitizing the distribution chain within the framework of the European insurance distribution directive. We know this market perfectly well because we represent 37 insurance providers with AOC Insurance Broker and no one is yet digital and able to manage APIs. Most of them have great difficulties in managing compliance and their distribution networks in the framework of product governance.

Award Winning Insurtech:

  • Finance Innovation French Tech awarded in 2017 (AOC Insurance Broker)
  • Top Innovator - Innovator Edge Insure Thought leadership 2017 (AOC Insurance Broker)
  • Top 4 Prize of Innovation Paris Ouest la Defense (AOC Insurance Broker)
  • Nominated Insurtech of the year 2020 in France (Think Insurtech)

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G&M International Appoints New Market Broker

Global insurance broker G&M International have announced the addition of London Market Broker Graham Roberts to their expanding team.

Graham will have responsibly of growing the General & Medicals Groups current medical/accident and health business, as well as developing a variety of new products within this field.

Roberts joins the G&M International with 28 years' experience in the London market, both Broking and Underwriting in the Accident & Healthcare arena.

"Graham is joining the team at a very exciting time" director Philip Wildman states. "G&M have ambitious plans for 2019 and our new A&H products combined with other lines of business will set itself apart under his expert leadership. Supporting a worldwide client base, our greatest strength is our people, whose knowledge in specialist areas of risk and relationships in international insurance and reinsurance markets are exceptional. We are delighted to have Graham on board and welcome his expertise as we bring together the best in the market to offer our clients the best insurance solutions."

G&M International, part of the General & Medical Group, are long established players in the provision of specialist Insurance services to businesses and professionals both within the UK and internationally. As a Lloyds accredited broker, they have access to the full market enabling them to support a worldwide client base with specialist and niche schemes.

For more details on G&M International Insurance Services please visit


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