The end result is an increasingly satisfied customer base and a unique value-add to Aria Assistance partners' core products and services. Recognising that the old model of some online checklists and forms is not fit for purpose in the modern digital age, Aria Assistance has teamed up with leading service and software providers to build a modular, white label solution that can be tailored, and priced, to suit its clients' own customer bases. However, the Aria Assistance personal contact centre remains at the heart of the service. Aria Assistance has teamed up with Equifax for credit reports, SentryBay for online anti key logging spyware and phishing protection and Experian DataPatrol which continuously monitors the wider web and social networks to immediately detect the theft, loss or disclosure of users' vital personal and financial information. In addition, Aria Assistance can provide customers with access to legal advice through the existing partnership with Pannone LLP as well as CIFAS Protective Registration.

Aria Assistance commercial director Peter Dingle said: "Our line-up of reporting and software partners, coupled with our online advice services and resources, offers a comprehensive and strong barrier against the risk of Identity Theft. Combined with our unrivalled expertise in providing sympathetic and truly effective assistance, we believe it all adds up to an unbeatable package."

Aria Assistance Identity Protection is offered as an assistance-only package. There is no insurable element to the service. "It's not a compensation cheque that people want but prevention and, failing that, a quick cure," said Dingle. Patrick Leroy, Aria Assistance's Chief Executive Officer, commented: "When we announced our launch of Aria Assistance we promised to bring new ideas and thinking to market - and we have not wasted any time in doing so." The bottom line is of course the practical help that people need if they fall victim to Identity fraud, but this service recognises that much of the value of this service comes from prevention. The portal provides a shop window for the highest quality of advice from carefully-chosen and complementary providers, all of them recognised leaders in their field. The portal encourages the end user to engage with these services and to realise the added value they are being given by Aria Assistance's business partners.

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