Identity theft assistance

Identity theft assistance helps individuals who have to recover their identity following the fraudulent use or theft of their personal information. Desjardins will guide members step-by-step to resolve the problem. Support from lawyers specializing in identity theft will help reduce the stress of having to deal with such an unpleasant experience and put members' minds at ease. There's also an advice component, giving members tips on how to reduce the risk of the fraudulent use or theft of their personal information.

Travel assistance

Travel assistance helps members plan for their trip and deal with situations, medical or otherwise, that arise while they're travelling out of province. Prior to travelling, members can receive information (travel advisories, visa requirements, exchange rates, foreign currencies, etc.) and speak with nurses about any questions they might have about their health. During the trip, members can rely on a team of doctors and nurses specializing in emergency care (referrals to doctors and medical facilities, monitoring your medical file, etc.). They can also get assistance for non-medical emergencies (stolen luggage, translation or interpreting services, etc.) and take advantage of a three-day discount when taking out Desjardins Travel Insurance.

Travellers now also have access to the brand new Desjardins assistance services mobile app, which includes a wealth of information and useful phone numbers. Members can view personalized health records while travelling, which are available in eight languages and will therefore be a huge help when communicating with medical professionals in a foreign country. There is also a geolocalization function that will direct them to a healthcare facility that has been recommended by Desjardins assistance services.

For Michel Verreault, vice-president, Marketing and Sales Support, these services available to Desjardins members will make all the difference when they have to deal with unfortunate incidents. "Anyone who has already been a victim of identity theft, for example, knows what a terrible situation it can be. We decided to provide these assistance services because we want to make things easier for our members."

Desjardins will be increasing its range of assistance services beginning in the fall with the inclusion of estate assistance for all members. Inheritance assistance will be particularly helpful when Desjardins members have to deal with the often complicated and trying responsibility surrounding the settlement of an estate.

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