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  • Introductions To The Most Relevant Insurance Companies
  • Access More Medical and Travel Insurance Plans
  • Download Product Guides and App Forms
  • Forge New Worldwide Relations Industry
  • Leading Online CRM Apps
  • Network With Business Leaders

How It Works

iPMI Magazine represents leading worldwide providers of medical, travel and health insurance plans and is in the business of facilitating dialog and debate. We assist healthcare payors expand their distribution networks through the dissemination of the correct information, in the right place and at the right time. This includes forging new relations with brokers that wish to enter the international health insurance marketplace, but are unsure of how to do so.

For Brokers

The great worldwide health and medical insurance broker search, a marketing campaign by iPMI.co, will capture more of the market and deliver more introductions for those involved. As an independent authority, iPMI.co will provide everything a health insurance broker and intermediary may need, to manage their health and medical insurance broker business worldwide.

For Insurers

For health, medical and travel insurance brokers seeking to expand their international health insurance broker and intermediary network, iPMI.co provides a professional suite of online applications and tools to increase and accelerate the development of your company's worldwide reach, and network.

How To Get Started

The process for brokers and insurers to join us is relatively simple. First you need to enter your details at www.ipmi.co - head for the solutions tab. Hover over solutions and select one of the options, depending on if you are a broker or insurer. Fill in the form - try and provide as much info as possible, as this helps our process later on.

Once we receive your application we shall review and research the results.

What Then?

Next up comes an informal discussion, that usually takes place via telephone. We like to get to know you before we discuss the details of the opportunities available. Whilst that is happening, in the background our team is matching up your details, with our client details, to find the most appropriate partners for you.

We look at all sorts of data including Geography, Local Member Volumes, Licensing, Marketing, Point Of Sale Ops and Local Distribution Channels.


There are no two ways about it, the international health insurance industry is complex. This brings fears, concerns, objections and questions. We see it as opportunity and throughout the life cycle of your business, we remain on hand to answer those FAQ's.


For brokers this process may take around 2 weeks. At the end of the first week we will have identified a number of insurance providers for you. By end of week 2 we will have a clearer picture of the plans that may suit your customers.

If you are an insurance company, this process takes a little longer, due to the volume of potential channels out there.

Formal Introductions

Once we have identified the market for you, we report our full results and move into formal introductions between executives. This may take place face-to-face, via phone or video conference. This is an important event where each party will layout their value proposition with a view to close a deal and move forwards.

To move forwards is to accomplish the end goal: to forge a new partnership and press ahead with the sale and distribution of health, medical and travel insurance plans.

Sounds simple? It is for those that are passionate about expanding their business, product lines and capabilities.

Sign Up:

Broker Sign Up Direct Link: http://iprivatemedicalinsurance.com/medical-health-insurance/index.php/en/private-medical-health-insurance-companies-providers-quotes-comparison-solutions/private-medical-health-insurance-companies-providers-for-brokers-intermediaries

Insurer Sign Up Direct Link: http://iprivatemedicalinsurance.com/medical-health-insurance/index.php/en/private-medical-health-insurance-companies-providers-quotes-comparison-solutions/private-medical-health-insurance-companies-providers-for-insurers

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For a more detailed overview please apply in writing, attaching your CV and letter of motivation to Kristina Kellstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, iPMI. Write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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