Migration complete as Phase One of customer service programme delivered

PruHealth has today announced that the transfer of its servicing operation from South Africa* to the UK has now taken place, resulting in the creation of 150 new jobs in the UK in one of the biggest and fastest staff expansion programmes seen in the PMI market. This completes Phase One of its programme to deliver world class customer service and the overall project will be finished in 18 months time.

Key elements delivered to date include:

  • A work transfer programme, in which PruHealth’s South African servicing operation, including all telephony and back office claims processing, has been fully migrated to the UK. This has created 100 new jobs in Stockport and 50 new jobs in Bournemouth. Customers now have all their claims, servicing enquiries and Vitality wellness programme support delivered by the UK team, which provides local knowledge and expertise.
  • PruHealth’s successful Indian offshore operation which provides back office administration support through its strategic partner, Serco, has also been expanded with an additional 50 people.
  • This work transfer programme is already having an impact, resulting in significant operational savings and improvements in the overall customer experience.
  • The launch of a dedicated Distribution Services Division provides tailored servicing to PruHealth’s various distribution channels. A number of operations have been integrated to provide a seamless service, and instead of a one size fits all strategy, PruHealth has segmented how it works relating to each of its sales channels.
  • PruHealth has built the ability for customers to submit claims online and for 90% to be processed within 24 hours.

PruHealth is already seeing tangible results delivered as a result of these key changes. Lapse rates have reduced by a third since the customer service programme began two years ago, and the volume of complaints has halved and is still reducing.

According to Neville Koopowitz, Chief Executive at PruHealth: “Our vision is clear and we are investing heavily to ensure we achieve it. We have delivered an enormous amount of work to lay the foundations to enable us to deliver world class customer service, but we still have a lot more to do. Going forward in the second phase of the project we will be looking at areas that will add real value and help us go that extra mile for our customers. We are embarking on some exciting new initiatives that mean we will be covering previously unchartered ground.”

Phase Two will comprise a series of projects designed to improve every dimension of the business, all focused around the customer journey and improving service for individuals, employers and intermediaries, as well as increasing engagement with the Vitality wellness programme.

* All South African staff have been deployed into new roles within Discovery, with no loss of jobs.

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