One Hundred Years launches in the UK today, providing global, best-in-class private health management services. The service identifies individual client health and lifestyle goals and delivers those outcomes via personalised health programmes managed by dedicated Private Health Advisors, physicians and scientists.

The strength of its medical expertise is illustrated by the organisation’s Global Faculty of Advisors and National Medical Advisory Board, which is responsible for designing solutions and providing access to the latest medical treatments and research. It is convened by One Hundred Year’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jack Kreindler and led in the UK by Medical Director Dr. Sundeep Dhillon MBE.

Among over 20 Board members, including leading international experts in medicine and science, are:

  • Professor Hugh Montgomery, who discovered the first human gene for fitness and activity (ACE)
  • Professor Greg Whyte, specialist in exercise physiology, sports performance and rehabilitation
  • Dr Michael Loosemore, who on behalf of LOCOG selected doctors for the London 2012 Olympics
  • Dr Richard Budgett, Chief Medical Officer of the International Olympic Committee and formerly CMO of the London 2012 Olympics and Team GB

One Hundred Years differentiates its health programmes by focusing on improving the trajectory of each client’s health by executing highly personalised optimisation, prevention, and treatment strategies. The network of senior international healthcare figures, together with the pro-active management of clients' individual health programmes, is at the heart of One Hundred Years' model to deliver health programmes that are personalised, proactive, and built around medical centres of excellence. The company’s health management services can be fully integrated with comprehensive health insurance solutions to provide exceptional global cover to each individual client programme. One Hundred Years offers the first complete health service to consolidate all medical, administrative and financial functions into a single, professionally managed offering.

“One Hundred Years is the first company to professionally manage health and healthcare spending,” says co-founder and CEO Virgil Bretz. “Our health management model is analogous to the best examples in wealth management. Wealth managers have long understood that no two clients are alike. Our clients greatly value health. Personalised, strategic, and coordinated expert advice is as important in planning a long life of great health as it is a portfolio of wealth.” Dr. Jack Kreindler comments “We are building the first care management and insurance programmes that focus on medical excellence instead of the prevailing model of cost containment. Our motivation is to learn what health means to individual clients and then help them achieve that via access to the best minds in each field. We have built a strong community of medical and science professionals and we continue to welcome many more high-achieving practitioners into the fold. One Hundred Years is intensely focused on identifying, working with and rewarding the world’s best health professionals. ”

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