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International SOS Clinics In Tianjin And Tianjin TEDA Remain Open

International SOS Clinics In Tianjin And Tianjin TEDA Remain Open

The fire at a logistics facility in the Binhai Port area of Tianjin Municipality resulted in two large explosions on 12th August at around 11.20pm. 

Immediately after the explosion International SOS staff provided triage and first aid treatment for the seriously injured. In addition, International SOS sent a team to Tianjin to ensure continued support to our clients and members. 

Both International SOS clinics in Tianjin and Tianjin TEDA remain open.

The authorities have given the following travel advice:

• Avoid the vicinity of the fire and explosion in Binhai until the situation has normalised.
• Follow all directives issued by the authorities, and observe any exclusion zones and road closures established around the site of the explosion.
• Anticipate traffic disruption in coming hours in Tianjin, particularly in and around the Binhai area, due to road closures and related safety measures.
• International SOS clients are encouraged to monitor travel security alerts for further developments.

For additional information or support, International SOS clients please call the Beijing Assistance Centre on (0)10 6462 9100.

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