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CEO Nikolaus von Bomhard summarised the first half-year's business performance: "Munich Re's Group performance was satisfying. Our conservative approach to business is proving robust in these uncertain times." Munich Re's claims expenditure was significantly lower than in the same period last year with its exceptional burden from natural catastrophes. Overall, Munich Re deems the challenge of the still very low interest rate levels to be far greater than that of the volatility of the financial markets or the worsened global economy.

Von Bomhard considers Munich Re well-equipped to operate successfully in what continues to be an economically challenging environment: "We began spreading our investments very broadly years ago. This approach, in combination with our consistent risk management, helps us to be prepared even for greatly varying scenarios."

With regard to Munich Re's expected business performance for 2012 as whole, von Bomhard emphasised: "With a profit of €1.6bn for the first half-year, we have achieved well over half of our target of around €2.5bn. So we are well on track to slightly surpass the originally envisaged profit for the year."

Summary of the figures for the first six months

From January to June, the Group recorded an operating result of €2,304m (–437m). In the second quarter, it posted an operating result of €1,102m. Compared with year-end 2011, equity rose by 8.8% to €25.4bn. The annualised return on risk-adjusted capital (RORAC) amounted to 13.1% and return on equity (RoE) to the same figure. Gross premiums written were up 3.8% to €25.9bn (24.9bn), with €12.6bn attributable to the second quarter. If exchange rates had remained the same, premium volume would have increased by 0.3% compared with the same period last year.

Primary insurance: Result situation improved at €295m

The ERGO Insurance Group, in which Munich Re concentrates its primary insurance business, developed well in the first half of 2012, its operating result increasing in the first six months by 7.2% to €550m (513m), €293m of this in the second quarter. The consolidated result improved to €295m (237m), with the second quarter contributing €150m. ERGO's profit was significantly above the previous year's level at €255m (178m), €158m of which derived from the second quarter. Overall premium income across all primary insurance lines decreased by 3.1% in the first six months to €9.5bn (9.8bn), with €4.5bn (4.8bn) from April to June.

Gross premiums written remained virtually stable in the first six months at €8.86bn (8.92bn). The combined ratio for the property-casualty segment (including legal protection insurance) amounted to 95.2% (95.9%) in the first half-year, and a good 95.1% (95.0%) in the second quarter. In the first half-year, a slightly higher combined ratio of 92.8% (89.0%) in Germany contrasted with a pleasingly significant improvement to 98.9% (106.2%) in international business. In July, ERGO announced details of the plans for its sales quality and efficiency programme. "To improve the quality of advisory services, we aim to harmonise the various advisory and support functions in the sales organisations, and reduce the complexity of sales structures, thus significantly lowering costs", said Torsten Oletzky, CEO of the ERGO Insurance Group. To this end, the current five sales organisations are to be merged into two, and there is to be a single sales company.

Reinsurance: Half-year profit of €1.3bn

Whereas in the same period last year reinsurance business had been affected by extremely heavy burdens from earthquakes and other major losses, claims costs in the first six months of 2012 were substantially lower. The operating result totalled €1,702m (–1,033m), of which €796m (557m) derived from the second quarter. Altogether, the reinsurance field of business accounted for around €1,293m (–476m) of the Group consolidated result, the second quarter bringing in €659m (534m). Premium income grew by 4.8% in the first six months year on year and totalled €13.7bn (13.1bn), of which €6.8bn (6.3bn) was attributable to the second quarter. In the life reinsurance segment, gross premiums written rose in the first half-year by around 10.6% to €5.3bn (4.8bn). Large-volume reinsurance treaties concluded in recent years primarily for the purpose of capital relief contributed to this pleasing trend. Changes in exchange rates had a major positive effect on premium development.

In property-casualty reinsurance business, premiums climbed by 1.4% to €8.4bn (8.3bn). Rate increases for natural catastrophe covers had a particularly positive impact. In the first half-year 2012, the burden from major losses was below average. Total major-loss expenditure after retrocession to reinsurers and before tax fell to €716m (3,642m) for the first six months of 2012 and to €452m (638m) for the second quarter. Based on current estimates, Munich Re anticipates a net burden of approximately €160m (after retrocession and before tax) from losses under crop failure covers as a consequence of the persistent drought in large agricultural areas in the USA. These losses occurred in the second quarter but will only become more quantifiable over the further course of the year. In accordance with Munich Re’s usual reserving policy, provisions for the claims expected were already posted in the second quarter.

The combined ratio for the first half-year was 95.7% of net earned premiums (same period last year: 131.4% after risk transfer). For the second quarter, this figure was 96.9% (99.8%). At 1 July 2012, property-casualty reinsurance treaties with a volume of nearly €1.9bn were up for renewal in parts of the US market, Australia and Latin America, as well as with global clients. This represents around 12% of Munich Re's total property-casualty business. Altogether, Munich Re's premium volume in this renewal season increased to €2.2bn or by 18.5% (around €350m) compared with the previous year. Rates, i.e. the price level, rose by around 2% year on year.

Torsten Jeworrek, Munich Re's Reinsurance CEO: "The results of the renewals at 1 July reflect our maxim of always obtaining risk-adequate premiums for the risks we assume. We also need to ensure that, with the increasing duration of the low-interest-rate phase, the low interest rates are compensated for by a positive price trend in the risks we assume."

Munich Health: Result of €6m

In the first half-year, Munich Health posted an operating result of €35m (65m), €3m (28m) of which was attributable to the second quarter. The business field contributed €6m (35m) to the Group's overall profit, €1m of this in the second quarter. The decline in the result is chiefly due to costs from US Medicare business (private health insurance for seniors) with cost reimbursement products, which will expire at the end of 2012. In future, Munich Health will be conducting this business solely with managed care products, in which the quality and costs of the healthcare services are easier to control. Gross premium income grew appreciably to €3,348m (2,959m) in the first half-year, or by 13.1% compared with the same period last year. International health primary insurance business showed a strong increase of 17.9% to €1,112m (943m), stemming especially from the European primary insurance companies.

The growth in reinsurance premium income to €2,236m (2,016m) is due to large treaties concluded by clients for capital relief. The combined ratio was 100.5% (99.9%) for the period January to June 2012 and 101.5% (99.9%) for April to June.

Investments: Investment result rises to €4.1bn

At €209.2bn (216.9bn at market values), total investments at 30 June 2012 increased by €7.5bn or 3.7% compared with year-end 2011. For the period January to June 2012, the Group's investment result showed a year-on-year improvement of 16.8% to €4.1bn (3.5bn). Annualised, the result represents a return of 3.8% in relation to the average market value of the portfolio. Fixed-interest securities, loans and short-term fixed-interest investments continued to form the greater part of Munich Re's investments, and totalled €189bn – equivalent to 87% of the Group's total investments at market value. Equities make up 3.0% (31 December 2011: 3.2%) and real estate 2.4% (31 December 2011: 2.6%). Munich Re further reduced its investments in southern European government bonds. At €3.9bn in the first half of 2012, regular income fell slightly against the same period of the previous year. Owing to lower yields from the reinvestment of funds from portfolio restructuring, and to the growth of the portfolio, the running yield sank from 4.2% to 3.6%. The overall balance of write-ups and write-downs plus net gains on disposals amounted to €225m (–166m) for the first half-year 2012. Write-ups were primarily on interest-rate derivatives due to a fall in interest-rate levels. Net gains on the disposal of investments totalled €380m (640m).

A large portion of this came from switching investments in government bonds, pfandbriefs and corporate bonds, and from the realisation of gains on equities. On the equity derivatives with which Munich Re hedges its equity portfolio against price setbacks, however, the Group posted losses on disposal. CFO Jörg Schneider was satisfied with the investment result: "We are remaining true to our risk-conscious investment policy. This has proved its worth in recent years under the shadow of the financial crisis. Our guiding principle is that investments are geared strictly to liabilities, with continued strong emphasis on the quality of the individual assets, combined with a broad mix and spread." The Group's asset manager is MEAG, whose assets under management as at 30 June 2012 included not only Group investments but also segregated and retail funds totalling €10.7bn (10.4bn).

Outlook for 2012: Well on track after pleasing business performance in first half-year

Based on exchange rates remaining stable, the Group now anticipates that for the 2012 financial year its gross premiums written will range between €50bn and €52bn. Gross premium income of between €27bn and €28bn is expected in the reinsurance segment, and a figure of between €17bn and €18bn for primary insurance. Total premium income in primary insurance (including the savings premiums of unit-linked life insurance and capitalisation products) should be slightly under €19bn. Gross premiums written of around €6.5bn are expected for Munich Health. For property-casualty reinsurance, Munich Re's target is a combined ratio of around 96% of net earned premiums over the market and interest-rate cycle as a whole. In the first half-year, despite the Group's deliberately conservative reserving practice, Munich Re bettered this mark slightly, with a low burden from major losses.

In property-casualty primary insurance, the target remains a combined ratio of under 95%. Munich Re still does not anticipate any rapid or significant rise in capital-market interest rates in 2012, so there is no change in its forecast that regular income from investments will continue to fall. The investment return is likely to be approximately 3.5%. The consolidated result in reinsurance should now total over €2bn in 2012. Munich Re is targeting a consolidated result of around €450m for the primary insurance segment and €400m for the ERGO Group, not taking into account restructuring expenses that may be accounted for already in 2012 in connection with the sales reorganisation programme.

Munich Re's projection for Munich Health's consolidated result is around €50m. Given average claims experience, Munich Re anticipates a significantly improved underwriting result for 2012. CEO von Bomhard: "We are optimistic for 2012, despite the difficult business environment." As always, the outlook is subject to actual claims experience and the impact of severe currency or capital market developments on the income statement.


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Migration complete as Phase One of customer service programme delivered

PruHealth has today announced that the transfer of its servicing operation from South Africa* to the UK has now taken place, resulting in the creation of 150 new jobs in the UK in one of the biggest and fastest staff expansion programmes seen in the PMI market. This completes Phase One of its programme to deliver world class customer service and the overall project will be finished in 18...

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CNV and Achmea sign declaration of intent on cooperation

The CNV (National Federation of Christian Trade Unions in the Netherlands) and Achmea, the largest insurance company of the Netherlands, recently signed a declaration of intent to cooperate on providing personal legal assistance services and non-life insurance as from 1 January 2014. Cooperation will enable the CNV to expand its range of legal services and thus make it more attractive to existing and new members. The trade unions affiliated to...

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Trakka Corp Pty Ltd announced that the A800 Trakkabeam Tactical Searchlight has been successfully installed and operated on the first UK air ambulance cleared for full night operations. The aircraft installation from Bond Air Services for the East Anglian Air Ambulance EC135 aircraft marks a first for UK HEMS operations. The Trakkabeam searchlight’s primary use for a HEMS aircraft is to survey a potential landing zone prior to the aircraft...

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Cigna Teams with MDLIVE to Offer Access to Round the Clock Health Care

Global health service company Cigna (NYSE: CI) have announced it will work with MDLIVE, a telehealth provider of online and on-demand health care delivery services and software, to offer eligible Cigna health plan customers access to 24/7/365 online video or telephone consultations with Board-Certified Internal Medicine, Family Practice, and Pediatric physicians. The collaboration is reflective of the two companies’ common goals of offering access to quality, affordable health care...

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RESCUE Consortium Demonstrates Technologies for First Responders

Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: GILT), a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services announced today that the RESCUE consortium, which operates as part of the MAGNET Program in the Office of the Chief Scientist of Israel, demonstrated today a unique, new, integrated technology, that enables the rapid deployment of broadband communication infrastructure in the event of disaster. The demonstration was held in the presence of the Chief Scientist...

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Ornge Committed to Implementing Coroner's Recommendations

Ornge, Ontario's provider of air ambulance and related services, welcomes the release of the Expert Panel Report from the Office of the Chief Coroner, and is affirming its commitment to act on the recommendations. "I want to thank the members of the Expert Panel for their thorough and thoughtful review," said Dr. Andrew McCallum, President and CEO of Ornge. "This report provides much valuable insight into ways we can...

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Experts Recommend Must Have Healthcare App for Overseas Travel mPassport® Puts You in Control of Your Agenda

HTH Worldwide, a global health services and technology company, reminds world travelers to account for personal health and safety when planning a trip abroad this summer. “HTH Worldwide created mPassport to help people gain access to healthcare information and services all over the world. With web and mobile options, people have convenient access to the tools necessary to stay in control of their agenda,” said Dave...

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Holiday Brits risking their lives on balconies

One British national has died and three more have been injured this month alone after falling from balconies while on holiday. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and ABTA – The Travel Association, have renewed calls to young Brits heading off on holiday this summer to take extra care on balconies. The latest incidents take the total number of reported cases this year so far to seven. Last year there were...

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Noel Josephides Elected ABTA Chairman

ABTA – The Travel Association, announces that Noel Josephides, Chairman of Sunvil Holidays, has been appointed as ABTA Chairman. The appointment follows an election process involving the ABTA Board and a ballot among all ABTA Members. Mark Tanzer, ABTA Chief Executive, said: “On behalf of the Board, I’d like to congratulate Noel on his appointment as ABTA Chairman. He has a vast amount of industry experience that will prove...

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ABTA reveals the substantial economic value of leisure aviation

Cebr Research shows annual contribution of £14.1bn to UK economy ABTA has today published a specially commissioned report into the economic value of leisure aviation. The study, carried out by the Centre for Economics Business Research (Cebr), was commissioned by ABTA to understand fully the importance of leisure aviation to the UK economy. The report found that it contributed a significant £14.1 billion of a Gross Value Added in...

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Bupa appoints Patricia Hewitt as Board Director

Bupa, the international healthcare company, have announced the appointment of Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt to its board as a non-executive director. Ms Hewitt joins Bupa following an extensive parliamentary, government and business career. She was MP for Leicester West for 13 years, holding the positions of Secretary of State for Health between 2005 and 2007 and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and Cabinet Minister for Women between...

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Consumers Want Obamacare Health Insurance Waiver Too

A week out from the Obama administration's decision to delay the employer mandate penalty for not providing health insurance to employees, a new consumer survey from HealthPocket finds substantial sentiment that the same temporary waiver should apply to uninsured individuals. Forty-one percent of respondents said, "Yes, the waiver should apply equally," more than triple those who answered, "No, the consumer fine should remain." HealthPocket surveyed 884 people from across...

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Affinity and partnership marketing in UK legal services

  Opportunities in affinity and partnership marketing constitute an important consideration for providers of both commercial and consumer legal services. According to new research released by Finaccord, an increasing number of organisations are acting as affinity or corporate partners for legal services, much in the manner that insurance and other consumer services have long been marketed through partnerships. Across a total of 1,700 organisations investigated, 518 (30.5%) offer a legal service...

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International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Testimonials

David and his hard working team at IPMI magazine consistently provide subscribers with articles that are current, interesting, and relevant. I recommend the IPMIM to decision makers and anyone else with an interest in gaining an up to the minute perspective on issues that affect our industry. Doug Clement, Owner at Transworld Claims Solutions Inc. A valuable communications channel supported by a first rate team. Joe Corrigan, CEO at...

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Counting Down to iPMIM's Birthday

In a day and age where news travels as fast as your internet connection, International Private Medical Insurance Magazine caters for a truly nomadic audience, by utilizing best-in-class industry content and cutting edge digital distribution systems. iPMI Magazine is the leading international health insurance magazine catering for the worldwide expatriate, travel, business, insurance and healthcare markets. iPMI Magazine provides daily news covering insurance, air ambulance, assistance, cost containment, expat healthcare...

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Aetna International names two new managers to its European Services Operations

Aetna (NYSE: AET), a leading global diversified health care solutions company, has named two key personnel to its European service operations. Kate Banfield has joined Aetna as its regional operations manager, Europe. In her new role, she will be responsible for leading service delivery across all operational areas for the Europe region. Banfield has more than 17 years of experience in operations and served most recently at AXA PPP International. ...

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Sales and Development Manager Travel & Medical Insurance Vancouver

Closing date: July 4th, 2013. Key Requirements: Must have a minimum of 5 years Accident & Sickness experience and hold current insurance licenses in British Columbia, plus other provinces where required. Key responsibilities:   To work as the designated Sales and Development manager for a brand new travel insurance broker that has recently been established. To develop new travel insurance business in the province of British Columbia, using experience, skills, incentives and...

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The Role Of Quality Management and Accreditation in the Air and Ground Ambulance Business

Sponsored by MEDCARE PROFESSIONAL iPMI Magazine is excited to launch the first in a series of medical transportation executive virtual round table sessions. Bringing together leading lights from the air and ground ambulance business, the first session kicks off with a focus on The Role of Accreditation and Quality Management Systems in Medical Transportation. Positions are available for The Role of Accreditation and Quality Management Systems in Medical Transportation Round...

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New Insurance Broker Initiative by iPMIM: Assisting Insurance Brokers Accelerate Their Entry Into The Health Insurance Market

You are a health, medical, travel or expatriate insurance broker, or at least you want to be. You want to source the right information about the worldwide health insurance plans, that you wish to represent and sell. You have clients worldwide who are seeking to compare private medical and health insurance plans, and you wish to have the best suite of solutions available, so they may select the most...

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Living with Asthma

The World Health Organisation estimates that 235 million people around the world suffer from asthma. It is a problem that occurs in all countries, regardless of the level of development. Asthma is the most common chronic disease among children so for expatriates with families, it is a concern that should be considered, especially as on-going treatment costs can be significant. Most expatriates are away for a...

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Per Bay Jørgensen joins Now Health International as Non-Executive Director

International health insurance provider, Now Health International, announces that Per Bay Jørgensen joins as a Non-Executive Director from July 2013. Jørgensen is one of the founders of the international health insurance industry with the launch of IHI Danmark in 1980. CEO Martin Garcia commented, “While the industry itself has changed beyond recognition, the values that Per Bay instilled into his first venture have not. Per Bay's commitment to...

18-06-2013 Executive Appointment Insurance News


Platinum Asia Assistance was recently launched by a team of former International SOS executives in Singapore and Jakarta, Indonesia. Focused on growth markets in South East Asia, the company provides assistance and third party administration services for overseas and domestic insurers, as well as international assistance companies.

14-06-2013 Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance News

International Health Insurance Sales Consultant

Our client AOC Insurance Broker is now recruiting for the position of International Health Insurance Adviser. To apply for this position and others like it please visit the brand new International Health and Medical Insurance Recruitment platform, produced by iPMIM @ International Health Insurance Sales Consultant Profile: High School Diploma or equivalent. Insurance degree is a plus Bilingual English/French. Fluent in German (or another language) would be very appreciated Basic computer skills including Microsoft...

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International Assistance Group expands its medical escort services in the US

International Assistance Group (IAG), a worldwide alliance of assistance companies, recently expanded its coverage of the assistance chain, with a new Partnership that was offered to Rescue Nurse International (RNI), in Colorado. Medical Escort on commercial flights is a valuable solution for non critical patients who need to return home. Medical evacuations and repatriations are not always critical. Some patients need to be brought home with a medical escort, but...

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MedCare Professional Renews Advertising Contract With International Private Medical Insurance Magazine

MedCare Professional provides Ground Ambulance and Air Ambulance Services to the International Travel, Medical, Health, Expatriate Insurance and Assistance Marketplace. MCP is a leading medical transportation services provider and offers national and international patient transport. We operate reliably and economically with leading insurance companies, hospitals and groups together, our team has won several awards for its outstanding quality. MedCareProfessional is as the name of the program:...

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Exclusive assistance service offer developed just for Desjardins members

To source a medical assistance company or travel assistance company, or to compare private medical insurance for expatriates, please visit the International Private Medical Insurance Company Provider Network Directory, click here. Your name is Carol Smith, but you didn't buy 15 TVs last week. And now you're required to pay them off and your credit has taken a hit. It's definitely identity theft. Or you get sick during your vacation halfway...

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Allianz Global Assistance: another year of growth confirms the Group’s position as worldwide leader

Allianz Global Assistance announced its 2012 financial results and confirmed its ambitions for 2015. The Group reported that growth in global turnover was up 9% over 2011, exceeding the proclaimed objective of 2.2 billion Euros (2.238 billion Euros). Turnover 2012: 2.238 billion Euros (+9%); Operating profit: + 20.1%; Combined Ratio: 96%; 12 171 employees in 34 countries; 20 million files treated; 50 million calls; All of the Group’s geographic regions and its three lines of...

03-06-2013 IPMI Magazine Insurance Industry Company Results

Congratulations MedCare Professional Ground Ambulance

  iPMI Magazine is pleased to announce that MedCare Professional are our most popular ground ambulance company. MedCare Professional provides Ground Ambulance and Air Ambulance Services to the International Travel, Medical, Health, Expatriate Insurance and Assistance Marketplace. MCP is a leading medical transportation services provider and offers national and international patient transport. We operate reliably and economically with leading insurance companies, hospitals and groups together, our team has won several awards for its outstanding quality. MedCareProfessional is as the name of the program:...

03-06-2013 IPMI Magazine Breaking News

APRIL and SOS International start up joint assistance platform in China

With a staff of around ten to begin with, this operational platform will be managed and coordinated by two local managing partners who are assistance specialists. This joint venture will enable APRIL and SOS International to complete their international coverage in a geographical region with huge potential. By pooling and referring to this platform assistance services provided in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mongolia, the two partners are in...

31-05-2013 Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance News

International Medical Group Appoints Todd Hancock Executive Vice President

International Medical Group®, Inc. (IMG®), an Indianapolis-based insurance group, today announced that Todd Hancock joined the company as executive vice president, joining the experienced management team led by R. Brian Barwick , president and CEO. The appointment of Mr. Hancock, a seasoned insurance executive with more than 20 years of industry experience, signals a renewed focus on growth and innovation for the reputable global company. Mr. Hancock will...

31-05-2013 Executive Appointment Insurance News

List Your Air Ambulance Company in the International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Air Ambulance Company Guide and Directory

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine provides insurance, assistance and private companies access to trusted Air Ambulance Company data. You can compare, select and source a air ambulance company in the International Private Medical Insurance Magazine air ambulance company guide and directory. International Private Medical Insurance Magazine works closely with air ambulance owners, operators and brokers with providers and companies from all corners of the earth including Austria, Belgium...

31-05-2013 iPMI Magazine Corporate

List Your Medical Assistance Company in the International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Medical Assistance Company Guide and Directory

List Your Medical Assistance Company in the International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Medical Assistance Company Guide and Directory International Private Medical Insurance Magazine provides insurance, assistance and private companies access to trusted Medical Assistance Company data. You can compare, select and source a medical assistance company in the International Private Medical Insurance Magazine medical assistance company guide and directory.

31-05-2013 iPMI Magazine Corporate

GeoBlue Sponsor International Private Medical Insurance Magazine

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine is proud to announce the acquisition of GeoBlue as a sponsor and advertiser. GeoBlue is a leader and innovator serving the needs of world travelers. GeoBlue Expat® and GeoBlue Traveler® group health plans combine unsurpassed service and mobile technology to help you access trusted doctors and hospitals all around the globe.

31-05-2013 iPMI Magazine Corporate

FAI Air Ambulance Sponsor iPMI Magazine

Leading air ambulance company FAI are proud to announce their sponsorship of international healthcare journal, International Private Medical Insurance Magazine. FAI rent-a-jet AG (dba FAI Flight Ambulance International) was founded in 1986 as a 100%-subsidiary of a private club under the company name of IFA-Flugbetriebs GmbH.

31-05-2013 iPMI Magazine Corporate

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade appoints Healix to manage healthcare services for staff working or travelling overseas

Leading international healthcare and medical assistance company, Healix, has secured the contract to provide managed healthcare and medical assistance services for overseas employees of the New Zealand government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

31-05-2013 Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance News

Cigna Foundation Sponsors Philadelphia Orchestra’s 40th Anniversary Tour to China

Underscoring its commitment to the health and well-being of the people of China, the Cigna Foundation is the sponsor of The Philadelphia Orchestra’s 40th Anniversary Tour of the People’s Republic of China kicking off May 31 and running through June 9. This tour celebrates the Orchestra’s anniversary of its first China tour in 1973 while signaling the future, as the tour runs concurrently with the Orchestra’s innovative new residency program...

31-05-2013 IPMI Magazine Breaking News

Health insurance available to tourists in Tibet

Tourists in Tibet can buy insurance to cover medical bills for altitude sickness and receive emergency aid services beginning in late May, the Tibet Tourism Bureau and Tibet branch of the China Life Insurance Company Ltd said. The insurance costs 100 yuan ($16.30) and is valid for 15 days. Its benefits include 20,000 yuan compensation for medical bills, and 680,000 yuan in emergency-aid services.

31-05-2013 IPMI Magazine Travel and Tourism Breaking News

AIG Signs Joint Venture Agreement with PICC Life to Form an Agency Distribution Company in China

American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG), People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China (“PICC”) and PICC Life Insurance Company Limited (“PICC Life”) have announced that they have entered into a joint venture agreement to form an agency distribution company in China. In December 2012, AIG invested US$500 million as the largest cornerstone investor in the PICC initial public offering.

31-05-2013 Insurance Industry Mergers and Acquisitions News

RacePartner™ Launches Race Registration Insurance With Allianz Global Assistance

Statistics show that about 15% of race participants are out of the race before it begins, often due to illness, injury or some other unforeseen event[1]. With that in mind, Forte Interactive's RacePartner™, a leader in customized race registration, and Allianz Global Assistance USA, a leader in consumer specialty insurance, are partnering to provide event organizers and participants peace of mind by protecting registration fees for both parties with race...

31-05-2013 Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance News

Allianz Global Assistance Selects American Express For Travel Management And Corporate Payments

American Express have announced that it has been selected by Allianz Global Assistance Australia, a global leader in travel insurance and emergency assistance services, to manage its travel and corporate payments programs. American Express Global Business Travel will manage all of Allianz Global Assistance Australia’s travel requirements including its employee business travel, as well as the travel needs of its insurance customers who require medical repatriation.

31-05-2013 Emergency Medical and Travel Assistance News

Hawaiian Airlines Announces Closing of $444,540,000 Aircraft Financing under Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates

Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (NasdaqGS: HA), have announced the closing of its first-ever offering of Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificates ("EETC") securing fixed, low-interest financing for the acquisition of six new Airbus A330-200 aircraft delivering over the next 18 months.

31-05-2013 IPMI Magazine Travel and Tourism Breaking News

Bupa to complete acquisition of leading Australian and New Zealand dentistry group

Bupa, the international healthcare group, is set to complete its full acquisition of Dental Corporation, Australia and New Zealand’s largest dental group, comprising 190 clinics and more than 560 dentists. The Supreme Court of Victoria in Australia today approved the deal after the ownership change was overwhelmingly supported by Dental Corporation’s shareholders last week.

31-05-2013 Insurance Industry Mergers and Acquisitions News