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Globality Health Strengthens Network Management With Appointment Of Ronald Pritchard

Globality Health is proud to welcome the appointment of experienced senior operations manager, Ronald Pritchard, as Head of Network Management. His mission is to optimize working relationships with partners and the medical provider network, with special emphasis on operational and financial efficiency. He joined Globality...

18-05-2016 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

Globality Health Names Michael Kløcker As New Chief Commercial Officer

As of 1 May, Michael Kløcker is the Chief Commercial Officer of the international health insurer with a special focus on expatriates, Globality Health. His appointment completes Globality’s Board of Management, allowing interim CCO Gregor Schulte to focus on his core role as Chief Financial Officer. "I...

05-05-2016 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

Globality Health Continues UK Market Expansion With Appointment Of New UK Regional Sales Director

Globality Health, the international medical insurer with a special focus on expatriates is excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Gavin Royston, as UK regional sales director. With a wealth of iPMI industry experience spanning over 13 years, including 8 years at Bupa and 4 years posted...

22-06-2015 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

Globality Health Introduces New CEO

Munich Health, the health segment of Munich Re, has appointed Roman Beilhack as new CEO for Globality Health. The appointment is the next step in a comprehensive development program for Globality Health, the international health insurer with a special focus on expatriates within Munich Re. Beilhack...

07-11-2014 iPMI Magazine Executive Appointments Movements News

Globality Health Partners With UAE’s Leading Health Insurer Daman

By partnering with the National Health Insurance Company - Daman, Globality Health is extending its full international health insurance offering, including 24/7 emergency medical assistance and medical evacuation and repatriation services, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The partnership with Daman allows Globality Health`s clients...

04-11-2014 iPMI Product News

Globality Health Take Lead Sponsorship Position On Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Round Table Business Forum

iPMI Magazine is proud to announce Globality Health has taken the lead sponsorship position on the upcoming Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Round Table Business Forum. Mr. Philip Wright, Chief Commercial Officer at Globality Health will take the head of the round table. The Maritime Labour Convention...

13-03-2014 RT Delegate Sponsor News

EuroAlarm Joins The Globality Health Global Network

Globality Health is strengthening its global network by partnering with leading international assistance provider, EuroAlarm, to provide full international care, including 24/7 emergency medical assistance, medical evacuation and repatriation services, to all group and individual clients. A full support service that clients can depend upon...

03-12-2013 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

iPMI Conferences 2014

Team iPMIM are currently very busy researching a health and medical insurance conference for 2014. We are now at a stage where we need your input. iPMI Conferences ( facilitate dialog and debate between the various sectors of the international healthcare business. Insurance companies, assistance networks...

08-11-2013 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

New Cover For The Untapped Seafarers Market From Globality Health

Globality Health responded to the need for appropriate insurance for seafarers by partnering with Crewsure ( to offer clients innovative insurance products. From August 20th 2013 all vessels over a certain size have to comply with a new labour convention known as the Maritime Labour...

19-08-2013 iPMI Product News

Globality Health Introduces A New International Health Insurance Plan For Individuals - Yougenio® World

Globality Health has launched its new international health insurance plan for individuals, YouGenio® World. It is replacing YouGenio® with a large number of improvements to the current plan levels Classic, Plus and Top, such as full cancer care. In twelve-months the product development team has...

16-04-2013 iPMI Product News

iPMI Magazine

iPMI Magazine

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine (iPMIM) is the ultimate Health and Medical Insurance Digital Media serving expatriate, corporate, health and travel insurance markets. Due to the nomadic nature of the international healthcare industry iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service, for worldwide healthcare professionals, who need to understand the impacts of healthcare and insurance policy, regulatory, and legislative developments. Combined with in depth health insurance industry analysis, best-in-class health insurance industry data, and exclusive, C-Suite Executive health insurance interviews and round tables, iPMI Magazine bridges an information gap between healthcare payor, provider and patient. Written by the health and medical insurance industry, for the health and medical insurance industry, iPMIM is supported and designed by leading international medical insurance companies and service providers.

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iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory August 2018

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Uniting #IPMI industry leaders under 1 roof the August edition of iPMI Magazine provider network directory delivers all the pertinent company intelligence your business needs to navigate the complex world of IPMIClassifications covered include IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.

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The IPMI industry use the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on worldwide medical payors and providers. They may be searching for a new partner, looking for a contact number of a current provider, or researching the payor and provider market for future cross border network development.










LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BRAND NEW PUBLICATION: Write to Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine on ipmi[at}

Publication Frequency: Monthly.

Format: Digital, Online. Free to read, no registration required.

Pages: 80+ (currently).

Language: English.

Readership: 40,000 + unique readers PCM.

Classifications: IPMI, Assistance, Air Ambulance, Cost Containment And Claims Management, Funeral Directors, Ground Ambulance, Healthcare Insurance Management, Pharmacy Benefits Management.


Half Of Travellers Aged 18-24 Would Risk Travelling Without Insurance

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Studies conducted on behalf of UK comparison site, Compare Cover, show 21% of people aged 18-24 never buy travel insurance and a further 28% only purchase it sometimes*. With this in mind, Compare Cover is working to raise awareness of the risks involved in not securing appropriate cover, especially if they are preparing to embark on gap year adventures following their exams.

A recent survey concluded that around 230,000 people aged 18-25 will be taking some form of gap year ahead of their university studies**, and with 20% of parents funding this for their children and spending us much as £995 million a year collectively, it's important that travel insurance is factored into this cost.

Those embarking on gap year travels could be putting themselves at risk by not having the right level of travel insurance in place before they leave, industry experts have warned.

Simon Williams, Head of Travel at Compare Cover, said, "Our research shows that almost half of all those students looking to travel during their gap year could be doing so without appropriate levels of travel insurance in place. This means thousands of young backpackers could be putting themselves at risk should they fall ill or have an accident abroad.

"Young people and gap year travellers who do buy insurance will likely be doing so on their own for the first time, so they need to ensure that they are buying the right cover for the right kind of adventure.

"Travelling without the right insurance in place is a gamble which can never be under estimated, and we feel duty bound to ensure travellers in the post-exam travel season are aware of this," Simon added.

Most family policies cover minors aged 18, or up to 23 provided they are in full time education – a status which can be difficult to define when young people are officially taking a year out before university.

Students who are exploring foreign climes during their travels may therefore want to bear the following mind:

  • Taking out travel insurance as an individual is always advisable, regardless of whether you are travelling solo or with friends.
  • Make sure your policy covers all regions you plan to visit, and for the designated period you intend to be away. A basic single trip policy usually covers travel up to a certain number of days and may restrict the countries you can visit. A specific backpacker policy may be more suitable if you are planning a trip spanning several months across multiple countries.
  • Make sure your policy covers all activities you plan to take part in. Extreme sports like bungee jumping, for example, may only be covered by some providers by purchasing an 'add-on' option.

Simon added, "Compare Cover ultimately wants young people heading out on their travels, especially during their gap year, to feel satisfied in the knowledge that should they need medical assistance, or a key possession gets lost during transit for example, they are covered regardless of where they are or what they are doing.

"Taking the right precautions and knowing what you are covered for before departure leaves those planning to travel the globe, ahead of a return to their university studies, free to enjoy the experience without concern for their welfare - and gives any loved ones left behind peace of mind too."

Senior Promotions As Now Health International Progresses Global Growth Strategy

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Now Health International Group, leading International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) provider, has announced three senior staff promotions as it continues to grow and consolidate its position in the marketplace. These internal promotions also demonstrate the company’s ongoing commitment to develop and invest in its people and talent for long term success.

Zahir Sharif, formerly Managing Director for the Asia, Middle East and Africa region has been promoted to lead the entire business as Managing Director – Now Health International. With 20 years of experience in the insurance sector across three continents, Zahir’s new global role will see him focus on delivering continued sustainable growth alongside the company’s ambitious expansion plans.

Alex Dalton, previously Managing Director for Europe, has also had his remit extended to incorporate the Middle East and Africa region as well as operations at an executive level. In his new role as Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) & Chief Operating Officer, Alex will draw on his extensive operational and sales experience within the IPMI sector. He will be responsible for managing all commercial needs of the EMEA region and also focus on ensuring the company’s operational processes are fit for purpose in the long term.

To support the company’s commitment to increasing its footprint across Greater China, Francis Ng has been promoted from Business Development Director for Asia Pacific to Sales & Distribution Director - Greater China. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese and with 10 years of business development experience in the region, Francis is well placed to understand the needs of the company’s expatriate customers as well as its growing membership base of Chinese local nationals. The company’s Asia Pacific operations will continue to be led by Rob McIntrye, General Manager for Asia Pacific.

The promotions are effective from 1 August 2018.

Martin Garcia, Executive Chairman for Now Health International said, “Since launch Now Health International has grown from strength to strength, and as we continue to grow as a business, so too have our staff. These recent promotions are a reflection of the ongoing hard work and dedication of our management team, and I am confident that Zahir and Alex will continue to excel in their new roles as we enter the next phase of our growth journey”.

Zahir Sharif, Managing Director, Now Health International, commented “I’m proud to lead such a dedicated and passionate team at Now Health International, and look forward to building on our continued success in my new role. We have ambitious plans for the future, 2 including the implementation of our digital strategy which will continue to position the business as a leading innovator in InsurTech”.

Mr Sharif added, “We see significant opportunity for growth in Greater China which is why we have promoted Francis Ng to lead our expansion in this important region. Having successfully led our Asia Pacific Business Development team for two years, I am confident Francis will be able to further grow our distribution and sales channels across Greater China”.

Alex Dalton, Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) & Chief Operating Officer said, “Having been with Now Health International since launch I’m delighted to be taking on a broader remit which will enable me to further support our consolidation as a leading player in the market. Looking forward it’s vital we continue to deliver efficiencies within the business while meeting the ever changing needs of our discerning global customers”. 

17.6 Million Would Struggle To Recover From A Financial Shock Or Loss Of Income

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Millions of UK adults do not feel financially resilient and would not be able to manage a financial shock or loss of income, according to a new report from Zurich UK. Developed with neuroscientist Dr. Jack Lewis, the Cost of Resilience examines the impact that money, including having products designed to protect and insure against loss, have on feelings of resilience.

According to the research, one in three (34%) adults, the equivalent to more than 17.6 million adults[1] across the UK, say they would not be able to recover quickly from an unexpected financial shock, such as an unanticipated period without household income or a sudden need to spend a significant sum. A further one in seven (15%) have no idea whether they would be able to cope or not.

Yet, the report found that almost a quarter (24%) of UK adults have no savings to fall back on and almost the same number (26%) do not feel in control of their life.

Feeling resilient is defined as the ability to recover from shock, emotional and financial. The study found that to feel financially resilient:

  • Nearly two in five (37%) said it required them to have savings
  • A quarter (22%) said they would need to not be in any debt
  • One in seven (17%) said they would need a secure job
  • A third (33%) said that earning between £1,000-£2,000 a month would help them to feel financially resilient. This increases to £2,000-£4,000 for almost a fifth (18%)

According to ONS, the average net UK individual income is £1,278[2] meaning that adults could be earning slightly less than the amount needed to feel financially resilient. This combined with people not being in a position to overcome a financial shock or loss of income - should they have to take time off work due to sickness - means many would struggle significantly if disaster was to strike.

While a third said they would struggle to recover from a financial shock or loss of income, only one in ten (11%) have Income Protection, a financial product that shields your pay against illness, injury or being unable to work. Instead, people are more likely to have insurance for their home (71%), holidays (70%) and mobile phone (18%).

There are misconceptions with products such as income protection, often with the price being too expensive being the most common.  For a 35 year old professional earning the average salary of £27,000[3], wanting to protect 50% of their net income, it can cost as little as £9 a month -  less than one medium coffee (£2.50) a week over the course of a month. The policy holder would benefit from a payout for up to two years if they were unable to work due to illness or injury.

The report also found that should an individual experience a financial shock or loss of income, UK adults would struggle to make financial sacrifices, with giving up the family home (51%), car (37%) and holidays (23%) proving the most difficult. More than one in ten (11%) have no idea of the impact a financial shock would have on their household income and they wouldn’t know what sacrifices they’d have to make.

  1. Giving up my home - 51%
  2. Giving up my car - 37%
  3. Not going on a family holiday - 23%
  4. Buy less/ no birthday/ Christmas presents - 23%
  5. Not buying any 'luxury' food items - 14%
  6. Not buying lunch when out - 13%
  7. Giving up weekly nights out (e.g. going out for dinner, drinks etc.) - 12%
  8. Giving up my cinema / movie subscription (e.g. Netflix) - 8%
  9. Giving up my gym membership - 7%
  10. Giving up my magazine subscription - 5%

Rose St Louis of Zurich UK comments, “It is worrying that one in three do not feel they would be able to recover from a financial shock or loss of income, and do not have the savings in place they need to feel financially resilient. The most valuable asset we have is ourselves and our ability to generate an income. Therefore, it’s a concern that nine in ten are likely to prioritise insuring their mobile phone over themselves. 

“We need to encourage people to review their circumstances, assess the solutions available and consider what support exists to protect them and reduce feelings of financial vulnerability. Products like an Income Protection Plan, which is designed to provide a regular income if you are unable to work due to illness or disability, could help individuals to feel less vulnerable and more financially resilient.”

Dr Jack Lewis, Neuroscientist comments, “This study show all the hallmarks of a psychological phenomenon called the ‘availability heuristic’. This describes our tendency to feel a stronger perception of risk and so we feel more motivated to protect ourselves against that risk. Examples of when car, home and holiday insurance could come to the rescue are simply much more available than the benefits of income protection, because they are more commonly encountered in everyday life.

“By comparison, I cannot think of a single occasion when I heard someone explaining what a lifeline their Income Protection was when they lost their job, and I am sure this is the same for many others. We need to educate people and help them to understand that there’s support out there; there are products to ease the stress and worry of a financial shock and loss of income.”




All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2059 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 1st - 4th June 2018.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all UK adults (aged 18+).

According to the ONS, there are 51,767,543 adults in the UK - 34% equates to 17,600,964 UK adults

Average cost of a medium latte across Café Nero (£2.45), Starbucks (£2.60) and Costa Coffee (£2.55) is £2.53, Mutiplied by four (a month) is £10.12.


3 Reasons Travel Insurance Isn't Just For International Trips

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Roughly 90% of travel insurance policies purchased in the U.S. are for international trips, according to leading travel insurance comparison site, Squaremouth. However, unexpected vacation dilemmas aren't reserved for trips abroad.

Squaremouth explains 3 reasons travel insurance isn't just for international trips.

Reason 1 - Domestic flight delays

Many domestic travelers are all to familiar with flight delays and cancellations caused by severe weather, mechanical issues, or computer glitches.

Most travel insurance policies include the Travel Delay benefit, which covers the cost of meals and accommodations during a flight delay. Some also carry Missed Connection coverage, which can pay for new travel arrangements if a delay causes a traveler to miss a connecting flight.

Fortunately for travelers who just want this added peace of mind: these can be the cheapest form of travel insurance, and can be purchased up until the day before a trip.

Reason 2 - Expensive trips 

According to sales data from, travelers are spending nearly the same amount per trip on domestic trips as those traveling internationally.

In 2017, Squaremouth customers only spent an average of $400 more on international trips compared to domestic travel.

Travel insurance policies with the Trip Cancellation benefit can reimburse travelers the cost of their trip if they have to cancel for several reasons, including an unexpected illness, or being unable to travel due to work or weather.

Reason 3 - High medical deductibles

Travelers taking extended vacations, like snowbirds, or more adventurous trips, like skiers or surfers, should consider purchasing a travel insurance policy in lieu of using their own health insurance.

Consumer advocate and travel columnist, Christopher Elliott, says the cost and convenience of a travel insurance policy makes sense for his domestic trips, explaining, "It covered my entire family for a whole year, and provided coverage when my medical insurance didn't." Adding, "What surprised me was that insurance covered us so quickly. We sent the receipts and the reimbursement happened very quickly. In one case, within 48 hours."

Travel insurance policies can include benefits for pre-existing conditions, hundreds of thousands of dollars in Emergency Medical coverage, and no medical deductible. Depending on the age of the traveler, this can be less expensive than paying their health insurance deductible.

*All statistics are based on travel insurance sales on to U.S. residents.

AXA Strengthens International Healthcare Proposition For Growing Businesses

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AXA’s global healthcare specialists have enhanced their core proposition for businesses covering 75-150 employees based overseas by introducing tailored international health plans and a profit share arrangement. The proposition complements the existing international offering for businesses, sitting in-between AXA’s off-the-shelf provision, covering one or more employee, and the bespoke solution for those insuring more than 150 employees.

The new offering provides businesses sending 75-150 employees abroad enhanced flexibility, making it easier for firms to meet the needs of their increasingly global workforce. 

Groups can tailor their scheme to suit specific employee needs, with the option of raising and lowering allowances on key benefits, the choice of mixing levels of cover and the opportunity to spread the employee population across two of AXA’s most popular healthcare plans – the International Health Plan and the Islands Health Plan. Businesses will therefore have more flexibility in the level of cover they can choose for their employees.

Key features of the proposition include:

  • Transparency – an annual management information dashboard allows businesses to identify what employees are claiming for most and which benefits they are using, informing decision making in advance of renewal.
  • Protection – with specific stop loss cover, future premiums are guarded from the impact of high individual claims over £35,000/€44,500/$56,000.
  • Sustainability – through AXA’s profit share arrangement, clients will receive money back upon renewal if their total claims are less than 65 per cent of their annual premium.
  • Flexibility of benefits – clients can tailor key benefits and allowances to suit their employees’ needs, while controlling costs for the business.Simplicity – easy online scheme management with AXA’s Corporate Services Online tool.

Kevin Melton, Director of Sales and Marketing for AXA’s global healthcare business, commented, “Providing growing businesses with flexibility and the opportunity to scale their cover up and down is key in providing a sustainable product that clients will reap value from. The changes we have made to this proposition will help provide those businesses covering 75-150 employees with more transparency, less risk and the opportunity to reclaim value from unused premiums. We also recognise that a few significant claims can make a big difference to renewal premiums and that’s why we’ve implemented the stop loss cover for claims of over £35,000/€44,500/$56,000. All of these developments will support our customers in purchasing employee healthcare at a sustainable price.”

The tailored proposition also offers businesses the chance to claim back a proportion of unused premiums. After the first two years, if claims are less than 65 per cent of the premium, AXA will pay back a credit of 50 per cent of the difference when the business renews. For businesses following their wellbeing strategy, this presents the opportunity to realise the dual benefits of employee health and wellbeing, coupled with reduced premiums.

Additional benefits also include access to a 24/7 customer service, an online member portal for claims and queries, a second medical opinion service, 24/7 medical telephone helpline and medical evacuation and repatriation as standard.

Melton concluded, “Today’s increasingly global workforce needs flexible, comprehensive cover that can support them in the case of any eventuality. Our new tailored proposition provides this, for both the employees and their employer. Businesses can track usage, which in turn can help provide insight of what their employees require, and employees are able to benefit from comprehensive cover, which can support their health and wellbeing.”

AXA Insurance Appoints Adrian Goh As Chief Risk And Compliance Officer And Bruno Pinson As Director, Finance Operations

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AXA Insurance Singapore has announced Mr Adrian Goh as Chief Risk and Compliance Officer and a member of the Executive Committee, effective 17 July 2018. This move comes as Mr Bruno Pinson, the former Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, pursues his next career opportunity as Director, Finance Operations.

Bruno led the Risk function in Singapore from 2013, and added Legal and Compliance to his portfolio in 2016. During this time, he successfully established the enterprise risk management framework to provide a consistent understanding and approach to managing risk, and was instrumental in promoting and embedding a positive risk culture at AXA Singapore.

“Bruno has played an instrumental role in strengthening our Risk, and Legal and Compliance function over the past several years even as our business continues to evolve and diversify,” said Mr Jean Drouffe, Chief Executive Officer, AXA Insurance Singapore. “Supporting career aspirations and internal mobility is a key part of our value proposition at AXA and we look forward to Bruno’s continued contributions and successes in his new role.”

Adrian, who joins AXA from Manulife, has over 16 years of experience in insurance, operational and liquidity risk management across the various insurers in Singapore. In his previous role with Manulife, Adrian put in place an enterprise risk management framework covering both financial and operational risk as well as various risk analytic initiatives.

“We are delighted to have Adrian join AXA to lead the Risk, and Legal and Compliance team in Singapore. With his experience, knowledge and expertise, he will certainly be a valuable addition to our Executive Committee,” said Drouffe. “On behalf of the Singapore Team, I would like to thank Bruno for his many contributions and congratulate him on his new role, and extend a warm welcome to Adrian.”

AXA Insurance Secures Exclusive Worldwide Partnership with Scoot

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AXA Insurance has announced an exclusive global partnership with Scoot to offer a specially designed travel insurance solution – Scootsurance – to millions of Scoot passengers.

Since 26 June 2018, passengers purchasing their Scoot flights with Singapore as their first point of departure have had the option of adding Scootsurance so they can travel the world with peace of mind. Scootsurance for departures from other countries will be made available progressively and is targeted to complete by the first half of 2019.

“We are pleased to partner with Scoot in protecting their passengers against unforeseen circumstances so they can travel worry free and focus on things that matter most on their trip,” said Leo Costes, Managing Director, Retail, and Chief Customer Officer, AXA Insurance. “Together with Scoot, we are enabling their passengers to purchase travel insurance through an easy and seamless process completely integrated into their ticket purchasing experience. Providing consumers with easy access to our offerings and complementing their journey with a superior user experience is at the heart of our digital transformation efforts.”

“Everyone looks forward to a carefree experience when they travel, and so Scootsurance is designed to provide our guests with better coverage, greater value and exclusive benefits that can be conveniently purchased anytime on our website,” said Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer, Scoot. “Through Scootsurance, Scoot is able to offer customers a unique product that aims to meet their travel needs and improve the entire travel experience. Scootsurance can be purchased on Scoot’s website during flight booking, or after the booking process via ‘Manage My Booking’.”

As part of this partnership, AXA is offering exclusively to Scoot passengers coverage for reimbursement of a booking even if it was paid for with KrisFlyer miles, in the event that passengers are unable to travel, as well as additional inflight personal accident protection of up to S$25,000 while on Scoot flights.

In addition to the exclusive features, Scootsurance provides comprehensive coverage and benefits designed to meet the needs of a Scoot passenger, before, during and after their trip—including:

  • Emergency medical repatriation back to one home’s country: On top of being evacuated to the nearest medical facility that can provide the treatment and care needed in the event of a medical emergency, the insured passenger will also be transferred back home safely after his condition is stable.
  • Hospital visitation benefit: Covers the travel and accommodation costs for a relative to visit and care for the insured passenger during hospitalisation.
  • Child care benefit: Covers the travel and accommodation costs for an adult to accompany the child(ren) home in the event an insured parent is hospitalised.
  • Fast track claims service: The insured passenger will be assured of a quick and hassle- free experience in in the event of a claim, for claims of up to S$500 that fulfil the policy requirements.

Scoot passengers will also be provided essential protection for trip interruptions and cancellations, travel delays and misconnections, medical arrangements, baggage losses, full terrorism cover, accidental death and permanent disablement, among others.

With Scootsurance, AXA plans to roll out more personalised offerings in the near future for Scoot passengers. These include insurance add-ons suited to their profile, whether they are millennials or travelling as a family or a couple or for business.

Expanding UK Based DoctorCall Becomes An International Assistance Group Accredited Service Provider

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With the increasing demand to have non-emergency medical consultations dealt with promptly for international clients, the International Assistance Group (IAG), has appointed DoctorCall as an Accredited Service Provider for the UK.

Seeing 10,000 patients a year, 40% of which are foreign nationals, DoctorCall is the longest and leading provider of private home visiting medical services for international visitors to the UK with its staff of 30 physicians.

Founded in 1989 as a private home call physician service solely in London, DoctorCall now includes an assistance department to help find those services around the UK, 24/7 telemedicine consultations plus their own clinics based in London’s financial business district and West End as well as Manchester. In the last two years their acquisitions have included: SOS Doctors, Night Doctor and the Dr Dorothy Kelly & Associates clinic.

DoctorCall serves assistance companies from around the world, each with differing cultural needs, such as The United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, China, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Ukraine.

“We are delighted to have DoctorCall as an Accredited Service Provider providing this level and scope of quality service to all our Partners in our global alliance,” said International Assistance Group’s General Manager, Cecile Hermetz. “Whilst this will be of immediate benefit we need to be mindful that the future acceptance of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is still unknown after the UK’s exit from the EU in March 2019. The existing challenge of receiving non-emergency treatment in the UK will potentially increase and it is important to have solid options,” she added.

With a 90-minute call-out time in the Greater London area, DoctorCall has prided itself on offering the comfort of convenient treatment in privacy and at a fixed cost. Now, immediate 24/7 telephone consultations with a physician will enable the patient to be directed to a local practice elsewhere in the UK if necessary.

DoctorCall’s CEO Dr. Charles Levinson, expands on the demand services outside the public sector: “Strains on the public sector and demands from international clients signal an increasing need for our services. Having been established for a long period of time and with an eye on innovation in delivery, we have, and will continue, to meet those needs. We are proud to have attained Accredited Service Provider status within the International Assistance Group.” 

APRIL UK Announces Private Medical Insurance Agreement With AXA PPP Healthcare

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APRIL UK has reached an agreement with AXA PPP healthcare to offer APRIL UK’s individual and SME customers continuation of their PMI cover, with no personal additional medical exclusions. This follows APRIL’s recent announcement that it has decided to withdraw from the UK PMI market. The news does not affect APRIL International (the Group’s IPMI specialist subsidiary) or Medibroker (a direct broker in international health insurance) which are separate entities operating in different markets within the APRIL Group. 

The arrangement means that no client will be left without an offer of continuing their cover at renewal. Intermediaries can renegotiate their (individual and group) clients’ cover mid-term with AXA PPP healthcare although commission clawback will be applied by APRIL UK, where applicable.

APRIL UK has set up a broker hotline to answer calls relating to the transfer of business. The number is 0800 073 5330. In parallel, AXA PPP healthcare will be setting up a helpline to assist with continuation of cover enquiries (with details available shortly).  



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