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Bupa Enhances Its Individual Health Insurance Product

Bupa Enhances Its Individual Health Insurance Product

Bupa has enhanced its flexible health insurance product, Bupa By You, to meet the needs of even more people. Bupa By You is a tailored health insurance product which allows people to choose what they are covered for. A number of improvements have been made to give customers even more ways to build health insurance to meet their needs and budgets, including lower-cost cancer cover and more flexible pricing options.

Out-patient limits

Customers now have the option to select an out-patient limit to bring down the cost of their premium. They can choose to cap their out-patient cover for consultations, therapies and tests at £500, £750 or £1,000. Alternatively they can still choose to have no financial limits, so that all costs are paid in full*.

New lower-cost cancer cover

Customers also have the option to choose NHS Cancer Cover Plus instead of full cancer cover**, to reduce the cost of their premium. This means that cancer treatment is provided by the NHS unless they are unable to provide the particular drug or treatment required, in which case Bupa will step in. Customers have the peace of mind that if they needed a drug or treatment which was not available on the NHS, they would be able to get help from Bupa. Bupa gives its members access to breakthrough cancer drugs and treatments. In 2012 Bupa spent £18m on cancer drugs – including £4m for breast cancer drugs and £5m for bowel cancer drugs – which are not routinely available on the NHS. Bupa By You customers will still be able to select other options, such as optical, dental and travel insurance, to further tailor their cover. They will also have the support of the Bupa Anytime HealthLine, which gives unlimited around-the-clock access to health advice from Bupa nurses and GPs.

*No financial limits: All costs are paid in full for eligible treatment on your core health insurance, when you use a healthcare facility within your chosen Bupa network, using a Bupa recognised consultant who agrees to charge within Bupa limits (a fee assured consultant). ** Full cancer cover: Where cancer is covered as part of your core health insurance, there are no time limits and all your eligible cancer treatment costs are paid in full, when you use a healthcare facility from your chosen Bupa network and a Bupa recognised consultant who agrees to charge within Bupa limits (a fee assured consultant). *** The average cost of a take away coffee in the UK on 21/01/13 according to the money saving app, OrsaveIt, was £2.20; 1 in 4 of Bupa By You Comprehensive customers pay less than this. For example: a 25 year old male in Manchester on Comprehensive cover with a £200 excess would pay £1.95 per day. Price calculated on 05/04/13.

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