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Status Global Insurance Now Offering Travel Insurance For Extensive Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Status Global Insurance Now Offering Travel Insurance For Extensive Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Status Global Insurance are excited to announce the ground-breaking launch of the specialised travel insurance product, Fit-4-Travel, which offers comprehensive cover, with no upper age limit to UK citizens residing throughout the EU, who have extensive pre-existing medical conditions.

Many insurance companies aren’t able to provide travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, or if they do you end up paying an absurdly expensive premium. This can leave travellers’ well-being, and wallets dangerously exposed if they have a flare-up of an existing medical condition when abroad. Arranged in partnership with International Travel and Healthcare Ltd Fit-4-Travel provides a reasonably priced product that will cover a very wide range of pre-existing medical conditions. It’s a well-documented fact that people are living longer, which means more time to travel and enjoy those retirement years. But the older you get the more likely you are to have a medical condition, sometimes of a potentially serious nature. Your age and these conditions can make it harder to find travel insurance when you are over 65. Fit-4-Travel has no upper age limit on its single-trip policies and will offer Annual Multi-Trips policies up to the age of 75.

“This product really fills a need for the millions of Brits living in Europe, as there are virtually no affordable options available to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions within Europe.” Says Ian Atkinson, Director at Status Global Insurance: “Now we, and our broker and travel agent network in the UK and Europe, can offer our British clients peace of mind when they travel no matter their age or medical history.”

At this time the cover is only available for UK passport holders and accompanying insureds of any nationality. There are two levels of cover for individuals to choose between, depending on their personal needs and budget. There are even several optional extras including golfing cover and the option of a NIL excess.

Status Global insurance offers a diverse selection of insurance products available throughout the European Economic Area, and Fit-4-Travel now allows them to offer an invaluable new cover option for travelling clients of any age with medical conditions. As they continue to grow and expand globally Status Global Insurance will strive to bring new, unique and specialised insurance product options to the market as they aim to meet a variety of client needs and budgets.

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