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Wellaway Limited Launches Oneworld, An International Healthcare Program, Geared Towards Expatriates Around The Globe

Wellaway Limited Launches Oneworld, An International Healthcare Program, Geared Towards Expatriates Around The Globe

WellAway Limited, a leader in innovative healthcare programs for expatriates, has launched OneWorld, an international healthcare program, which allows individuals to be covered throughout the entire world.  There are two main programs in which clients can enroll in, OneWorld Platinum and OneWorld Gold.

“At WellAway we take pride in providing our members with the latest and best products in the healthcare industry,” said Griselle Chernys, CEO of WellAway Limited.  “With our new OneWorld products, we are able to continue to serve our members and provide them with an exceptional health care program, and keep them healthy wherever their travels or work may take them.”

OneWorld provides flexible plans dependent upon geographic location, coverage needs, and expenditure allowance.  There are two main, customizable programs available to consumers – OneWorld Platinum and OneWorld Gold.  Within each program, members can choose one of two options: a) to be covered in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Bahamas, and Canada, or b) to be covered everywhere else around the world, except for the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Bahamas, and Canada. 

Both programs can be combined with WellAway Limited’s popular La Vie à l’Etranger, which is a program designed to meet the needs of French expatriates residing across the globe, providing seamless and cashless Caisse des Français de l'Etranger (CFE) integration.  Additionally, these programs can be purchased with additional components such as maternity, dental, and vision coverage.

Some of OneWorld’s unique features are:

  • Liaison between members and CFE providing a nonpareil experience
  • Extensive network access in the USA and Internationally
  • E-consultations
  • PHR (Personal History Records) on hand held device
  • Robust set of wellness and preventative benefits
  • Multilingual ConciergeCare 365/24/7

About WellAway Limited

WellAway Limited is an industry-leading membership service that provides benefit-rich coverage and support to expatriates as they adjust to their new lives abroad.  WellAway Limited offers French expatriates the only seamless and cashless experience in the healthcare market through the La Vie à l’Etranger program, which is compliant with USA rules and regulations – ACA/Obamacare.

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