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AIA Introduces Bold Changes To New Zealand Health Insurance Market

AIA signaled its growth intentions with enhancements to its personal product range, and launching with a new health product that lifts medical cover to $500,000, with a discount regime to make their insurance products more affordable for customers.

The new Real Health product introduces new $500,000 limits on surgical and non-surgical treatments, including new generation, non-Pharmac treatments for cancer, such as the innovative immunotherapy treatments, that are otherwise unaffordable for the average New Zealander.

Chief Executive Natalie Cameron says, “Our new Real Health policy directly addresses the affordability issues for these new treatments, but we’re also moving to address the general affordability of insurance cover for the average New Zealander by introducing a generous discount regime on premiums.”

AIA customers who purchase the Real Life policy together with other insurance policies receive an escalating discount per extra policy.

“The more policies that are bundled up, the greater the discount that is available,” Cameron says.

The two initiatives, taken together, will increase the number of New Zealanders gaining access to the latest life-saving drugs and treatments, she added.

“These new drugs and treatments are coming to market quickly and although there is uncertainty around when and how much they will cost, we can be sure that costs will continue to rise,” comments Cameron. “The insurance industry is about effectively managing risk and we are introducing this new product now in the expectation that New Zealanders will need that level of support in the near future.”

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