WellAway Limited Launches Akin - A Unique Global Plan to Accommodate Growing Consumer Needs

WellAway Limited Launches Akin - A Unique Global Plan to Accommodate Growing Consumer Needs
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A Robust and Flexible Policy for U.S. Bound Expatriates Offers Lower Premiums and Bigger Benefits.

HAMILTON, BERMUDA - WellAway Limited has launched a new product dedicated to expatriates needing a comprehensive plan, while paying a lower premium. With ACA implemented in the U.S. and expats moving globally more and more frequently, consumers need strong benefits that offer ACA-like coverage in the U.S. along with coverage around the globe.

Akin’s scope of coverage and benefits mirror that of our ACA accredited products (LVE and New American) with additional optional benefits that cater to the specific needs of our members.  

French Nationals subscribing to the CFE may use Akin as a top up plan to the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Étranger) membership.

Access to WellAway’s ConciergeCare services is available to all Akin subscribers.  Assistance with provider selection, medical appointments, policy coverage issues and understanding the rich scope of benefits is just a phone call away.  Multilingual capabilities are available by our ConciergeCare Counselors.

Akin main benefits include:

Unique Service Features:

  • USA open access PPO network of more than 6 million providers accessed through the Aetna Passport Network (no narrow networks by geographic area)
  • Additional Worldwide Coverage with no network restrictions
  • A multi-lingual ConciergeCare Counselor serves as your single point of contact for all your service needs relating to your coverage. In the event of an emergency, we can be reached 24/7

Other Key Features and General Highlights:

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • A three-month waiting period for maternity
  • Dependent Coverage for children to Age 26
  • House Calls, E- Consults and Second Medical Opinion Program
  • Coverage extended to live-in partners
  • Coverage to Age 70
  • Worldwide Coverage included
  • Evacuation and Repatriation included
  • Dental and Vison Benefit as optional coverage
  • Dental and Vision preventative care for children to Age 19
  • Life, Disability, Acts of Terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom as optional coverage

“By listening to our members, we have adjusted some benefits to provide lower premiums while keeping the most important and richest features of our ACA approved plans and combining extra added benefits like worldwide coverage, repatriation and evacuation.” said Griselle Chernys, WellAway CEO.                                                                                   

For more information about WellAway’s Akin plan, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at +1-441-296-0651.

About WellAway Limited

WellAway® is an industry-leading company that provides benefit-rich coverage and support to expatriates as they adjust to their new lives abroad.  We offer the first expatriate product in compliance with the U.S. Healthcare Reform – Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Our expertise and extensive experience in the international market space allows us to design and provide global solutions to individuals, organizations and employers.

Our company’s pride revolves on providing feasible, comprehensive and financial answers.  We have a dedicated team of individuals whose expertise is unmeasurable.  As a client, you can depend on our knowledge and expertise to assist with the coordination of a treatment, obtaining a doctor’s appointment or to arrange a medical emergency and evacuation service.

WellAway offers the most complete health coverage for expatriates worldwide paired with white-glove ConciergeCare service that delivers reliable member support and is available in more than 180 countries.  At WellAway we aim to please our members and ensure their well-being.

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