Expatriate Group Simplifies IPMI Policy As A Result Of Customer Feedback

In The iPMI Picture: Lee Gerry, Expatriate Group Director. In The iPMI Picture: Lee Gerry, Expatriate Group Director.
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Expatriate Group have simplified the way that customers can choose their area of cover under their international health insurance plan.

“By reducing the number of areas from 5 to 3, we have taken another step in making our Expatriate Healthcare iPMI policy the most straight forward available in the international healthcare market” said Lee Gerry, Expatriate Group Director. “Feedback from our customers suggested that this was an area where we could do better. So we did.” he added. “The change is effective immediately for new customers and our existing customers will benefit on renewal of their policies.”

Previously each country was graded from 1 to 5 (reflecting the costs of each country’s cost of treatment), depending on the country where the customer wanted to receive treatment; with the required area being selected at the outset.

Expatriate Group’s new iPMI areas are now:

  • EMEA & Asia (excluding China, Hong Kong and Singapore)
  • Worldwide, (excluding North America)
  • Worldwide

“The new format gives our customers absolute clarity about their coverage area; generally increasing the number of countries where they are able to receive treatment” Lee Gerry continued. “As well as making the buying process easier to understand, this change will be particularly important to a number of our customers, whose time in any given country can be transient”.

Expatriate Group’s, Expatriate Healthcare policy will still continue to provide worldwide out-of-area cover to ensure that customers are protected for emergencies, no matter which area of cover they choose.

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