Cigna Launch New Expatriate Healthcare Product Specifically Created For Companies Based In France

Cigna Launch New Expatriate Healthcare Product Specifically Created For Companies Based In France
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Cigna Santé Globale is a benefits package specifically created for companies based in France, sending employees on expatriate assignments abroad.

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A wide range of benefits across 3 comprehensive plans is on offer:

  • Santé Avantage
  • Santé Premium
  • Santé Privilège

Each plan option provides peace of mind and security, leaving you and your employees safe in the knowledge that their medical needs and wellbeing, and those of their family, will be taken care of while on assignment for your company. All 3 plans are available on a 1st Euro basis, or to complement the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger), and include a high level of cover for:


Nicolas Redant, Sales Director for Cigna, France posted on LinkedIn:

Why was the decision taken to develop this product?

Being one of the biggest markets in Europe, with one of the highest numbers of citizens working abroad, we recognised that there was a strong need in France for a global healthcare product that was also relevant locally with French companies. So, we reached out to many of our existing brokers and clients in France and listened carefully to their feedback and recommendations about the French corporate expatriate healthcare market. We took this advice and combined it with our existing market leading global solutions, and…. voilà! Cigna Santé Globale.

How is it different to the current French product?

Based on our successful corporate medical product in Europe, Cigna Santé Globale focuses more on the needs of French companies. For example, all plan levels are available on a 1st Euro and CFE (Caisse des Français de l’Etranger) basis, with different coinsurance levels e.g 100%, 90% and 80%, and competitive premiums for the French market.  Cigna Santé Globale also provides all customer service and online administration in French, along with dedicated French speaking Sales and Client Managers.

What is the CFE-top up and how does the claims process work?

Depending on where employees and their families are on assignment, their healthcare costs can increase substantially compared to costs in France. To help manage these costs abroad, Cigna Santé Globale can provide an integrated solution with the Caisse des Français de l’Etranger (CFE).  The CFE allows French citizens living and working abroad to continue with the same cover as in France under their local Social Security.  Cigna acts as a single point of contact for members who are registered with the CFE, and handles all administration, providing a cost effective, seamless solution for our clients and members.

What challenges do we face in the French market?

Like all markets, one of the main challenges is providing the right balance between quality healthcare solutions and competitive premiums. Employers in France are looking to purchase affordable healthcare benefits and wellbeing solutions, whilst still providing their employees and families with comprehensive and compliant plans which give real value and peace of mind. 

What are you hoping to achieve with this product?

Whilst developing Cigna Santé Globale, we recognised these challenges in the French market and so continually looked to address the need for cost-effective solutions that didn’t compromise the levels of benefits. We included various cost containment measures, for example, pre-authorisation, to help control claims costs but at the same time provide a comprehensive level of cover. Additionally, Cigna Santé Globale includes a range of health and wellbeing services to help employees and their families proactively manage their health, for example, chronic condition coaching.

With Cigna Santé Globale, we hope to achieve this balance of a global healthcare and wellbeing product, at a competitive price, whilst at the same time, accommodating the needs both globally and locally. 

What are the benefits to clients/members?

Clients can expect quality healthcare and wellbeing at an affordable price, bringing peace of mind and security, and leaving clients safe in the knowledge that the medical and wellbeing needs of their employees, and those of their families, will be taken care of while on assignment.

Members will enjoy comprehensive benefit levels, dedicated French speaking customer services and online portal, and integrated CFE solution for quick and seamless claims administration.   In addition, members can enjoy our global and integrated solutions, supported by an unrivalled global network of healthcare providers, allowing direct payment.

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