Empire Life Expands Expatriate Group Benefits Offerings

Empire Life Expands Expatriate Group Benefits Offerings

The Empire Life Insurance Company has announced it is introducing a new expat benefit for customers with employees working on short-term assignment outside of Canada. International Business Travel Medical provides coverage to employees and their dependants for emergency medical care and urgent care in other countries1. It is part of the Empire Life Voyageur Global Benefits portfolio, administered by MetLife.

Empire Life is also launching Voyageur Global Benefits in Quebec. Voyageur Global Benefits offers world-class benefits for Canadians working abroad and features the MetLife Regional Service Centre model. Located in key areas around the world, the Centres help members access local resources while on assignment. Experienced staff provide local expertise and understanding of regional differences, making it easier to obtain quality medical care, arrange payment for services, and receive local support.

International Business Travel Medical offers a range of optional coverage, so business owners can customize the benefit to meet their needs. The benefit is also portable, which means employees can maintain the same benefit level in every country and territory. International Business Travel Medical provides 24/7 service and multilingual travel assistance. Business travelers can speak to a customer service representative anytime, anywhere to receive a range of services—including emergency evacuation and emergency legal assistance to help with lost or stolen documents and luggage.

“We’re delighted to be working with MetLife, launching International Business Travel Medical across Canada and introducing our full suite of expat benefits to the Quebec market,” said Steve Pong, Senior Vice-President, Group Solutions at Empire Life. “With nearly 60 years in the market, MetLife has vast experience when it comes to expatriate benefits. They administer the employee benefits of thousands of expatriates around the world. They have the breadth and depth of experience required to deliver the service excellence that both of our organizations are known for.”

The number of Canadians living abroad has increased substantially in the past two decades, which has increased demand for expatriate benefits both for short and longer term assignments. Recent reports estimate 2.8 million Canadians are living abroad.2

“Working abroad can be both exciting and challenging for expatriates and their families,” said Ann Deugo,  Vice President, MetLife Expatriate Benefits. “With the International Business Travel Medical plan,  customers have access to emergent and urgent care via our robust network of healthcare providers in over 180 countries, which helps deliver peace of mind no matter where they are in the world. We are very pleased to be working with Empire Life, and together, look forward to bringing innovative solutions to the Canadian market.”

Emergency medical and travel assistance services are provided through AXA Assistance USA, Inc.

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International Health Insurance Plans For Intergovernmental Organisations

Allianz Worldwide Care has announced the launch of a international health insurance solution aimed at small to medium sized IGOs with between 10 to 300 staff members. The International Health Insurance Plans for Intergovernmental Organisations will allow small to medium sized IGOs to provide comprehensive international health insurance to their staff members.  Specifically designed to meet the needs of this market, the plans include: 3 interchangeable levels of cover to suit different budgets and needs A...

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AXA Strengthens International Healthcare Proposition For Growing Businesses

AXA's global healthcare specialists have enhanced their core proposition for businesses covering 75-150 employees based overseas by introducing tailored international health plans and a profit share arrangement. The proposition complements the existing international offering for businesses, sitting in-between AXA's off-the-shelf provision, covering one or more employee, and the bespoke solution for those insuring more than 150 employees. The new offering provides businesses sending 75-150 employees abroad enhanced flexibility, making it easier for...

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New Low-Cost Medical Insurance For Serious Illnesses

MediVISA is an innovative health insurance plan covering cancer, heart diseases, neurological conditions and other illnesses. It offers treatment not available on the NHS or in the UK at international medical facilities with pioneering therapies. Today, the health problems that tend to worry people the most are those life-changing diseases such as cancer, cardiac diseases, and neurological conditions. With high incidence rates, all strike fear into the heart of many, both for...

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New APRIL UK Cash Plan Targets Self-Pay Audience

APRIL UK has launched a new cash plan that will help more consumers to afford private healthcare. The product, called the Hospital Self-Pay Cash Plan, targets a gap in the market as it offers cash back for self-pay treatment at private hospitals in the UK. The plan gives policyholders access to any private hospital in the UK to receive treatment – which is paid for upfront. The policyholder is then reimbursed for...

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Voyager Insurance Launches Voyager Plus Travel Insurance With Terrorism Disruption Protection

Voyager Insurance Services Limited has launched Voyager Plus Travel Insurance, which rebrands and replaces their former WEBroker Travel Insurance product. Carl Carter, Managing Director, commented “We are excited about the launch of our new Voyager Plus Travel Insurance product, as it is packed with a wide range of features specifically designed to allow brokers and intermediaries to maximise their travel insurance sales with ease. Initial feedback from brokers has been exceptional...

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Generali Global Health Launches New International Health Insurance Plan In Spain

Generali Global Health (GGH), the international health insurance division of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., has launched Global Choice in Spain. Global Choice is GGH's flagship international health insurance plan for groups with globally mobile employees. GGH has partnered with sister company Generali España, S.A. to launch Global Choice. The partnership allows Generali Global Health to distribute Global Choice to groups within the Spanish market. Since its launch in select markets throughout 2016, including the...

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Clements Worldwide Announces Launch Of Combined Liability Coverage For International Schools And Other Global Organizations

Clements Worldwide is now offering high-limit Combined Liability coverage with worldwide jurisdiction and greater flexibility. The new coverage has options for additional extensions, which provide unique, bespoke protection for risks faced by global organizations operating in developing markets. Perhaps most significant is the new Terrorism Liability Extension.     The Terrorism Liability extension to the Combined Liability Policy delivers added defense from third-party property or bodily injury liability claims linked to a terror...

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Healix Supports XL Catlin With Range Of 'Duty Of Care' Services For Its New Protect & Assist Product

XL Catlin's newly launched Protect & Assist  integrated people risk management solution is designed to help clients fulfil their duty of care towards employees going overseas by combining comprehensive personal accident and business travel insurance with a wide range of support and response services, including many provided by Healix International. Amongst those services is a pre-deployment medical assessment for expatriate employees going overseas for more than 6 months. This service includes...

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Empire Life Expands Expatriate Group Benefits Offerings

The Empire Life Insurance Company has announced it is introducing a new expat benefit for customers with employees working on short-term assignment outside of Canada. International Business Travel Medical provides coverage to employees and their dependants for emergency medical care and urgent care in other countries1. It is part of the Empire Life Voyageur Global Benefits portfolio, administered by MetLife. Empire Life is also launching Voyageur Global Benefits in Quebec. Voyageur Global Benefits...

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IPMI Provider Now Health International Launches Major Upgrade To Flagship WorldCare Product

IPMI provider Now Health International has announced the launch of a significant upgrade to its flagship WorldCare product. Enhanced WorldCare offers a simplified annual deductible structure, higher benefit limits, and new added value services to deliver even greater value for members and intermediaries. “As a leading innovator in the IPMI industry, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and services, and respond to feedback from both members and...

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Aetna International Launches New Mobile Friendly Health Portal For Members

Leading health care benefits provider, Aetna International ( has launched a redesigned secure member portal, Health Hub, which offers members a one-stop-shop to manage different aspects of their health online. The portal has been developed following an extensive review of Aetna International’s members’ use of previous online tools, and searches for information about their health.  The most popular information is now quickly and easily accessible on a variety of platforms, including...

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XL Catlin Launches Protect And Assist In The UK

XL Catlin has officially launched Protect and Assist its accident and health insurance solution designed to help UK businesses protect their people and meet their duty of care in the face of emerging risks and heightened security threats. Protect and Assist offers global coverage and works by combining comprehensive personal accident and business travel insurance with a wide range of support and response services designed to: Reduce and prevent risks before people...

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Cigna Launch New Expatriate Healthcare Product Specifically Created For Companies Based In France

Cigna Santé Globale is a benefits package specifically created for companies based in France, sending employees on expatriate assignments abroad. Download product brochure, click here. A wide range of benefits across 3 comprehensive plans is on offer: Santé Avantage Santé Premium Santé Privilège Each plan option provides peace of mind and security, leaving you and your employees safe in the knowledge that their medical needs and wellbeing, and those of their family, will be taken care of...

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Now Health International Expands Group IPMI Plans To Abu Dhabi

Now Health International has announced the launch of its Group IPMI products in Abu Dhabi, completing the expansion of its operations across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Zahir Sharif, Managing Director of Middle East and Africa at Now Health International said “We are thrilled to be able to offer our award winning products and services to customers in Abu Dhabi, and this expansion of our operations is testimony to our commitment to...

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Expatriate Group Simplifies IPMI Policy As A Result Of Customer Feedback

Expatriate Group have simplified the way that customers can choose their area of cover under their international health insurance plan. “By reducing the number of areas from 5 to 3, we have taken another step in making our Expatriate Healthcare iPMI policy the most straight forward available in the international healthcare market” said Lee Gerry, Expatriate Group Director. “Feedback from our customers suggested that this was an area where we could do better...

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WellAway Limited Launches Akin - A Unique Global Plan to Accommodate Growing Consumer Needs

A Robust and Flexible Policy for U.S. Bound Expatriates Offers Lower Premiums and Bigger Benefits. HAMILTON, BERMUDA - WellAway Limited has launched a new product dedicated to expatriates needing a comprehensive plan, while paying a lower premium. With ACA implemented in the U.S. and expats moving globally more and more frequently, consumers need strong benefits that offer ACA-like coverage in the U.S. along with coverage around the globe. Akin’s scope of coverage...

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Discover Oneworld: A Unique Product On The Expatriate Health Insurance Market

As part of its commitment to expatriate health and wellbeing, WellAway has created OneWorld; a product with extensive coverage and benefits dedicated to expatriates living around the world. Our health and wellness products offer best in class health coverage, member services and wellness tools. OneWorld includes worldwide coverage with: Routine Healthcare Prescription Medication Hospitalization Evacuation and Repatriation 3 Plans available for 4 zones of coverage: Silver with a maximum out-of-pocket of $6,300 Gold with a maximum out-of-pocket of $3,500 Platinum...

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Expatriate Group Refresh Their International Travel Cover And Introduce A New Online Platform To Deliver It

Expatriate Group has introduced a new online travel fulfilment and enrolment platform and has also improved their travel insurance policy to offer an even wider choice of cover to their international customer bases.  Effective immediately the new additional travel cover options available are: A winter sports package – covering ski equipment; Piste closure and avalanche delays up to 300 Euros; Business Equipment and Money – covering business equipment; equipment hire...

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New International Healthcare Insurance Launched In Singapore

In partnership with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Allianz Worldwide Care has today launched a comprehensive suite of compliant International Healthcare Insurance solutions for Singapore. Offering worldwide cover, these solutions include a range of Individual Plans specifically designed to suit the needs of local nationals and expat individuals and families moving to or living in Singapore, as well as a number of Group Plans created for multinational companies based in Singapore...

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XL Catlin Introduces Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Coverage Option For General Aviation Insurance Program

To help pilots, aircraft carriers and other aviation companies address global travel safety concerns, XL Catlin is offering a Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion (KRE) Crisis endorsement available with its General Aviation insurance coverage. “Wrongful detention, an extortion event or kidnapping are increasingly real travel risks,” said Denise Balan, head of XL Catlin's KRE insurance business in North America. ”For businesses in the travel and transportation industries, including aircraft operators and...

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Aetna International Expands In Canada With Flexible Health Insurance Solutions

Aetna International, a leading international health benefits provider, is expanding in the Canadian health insurance market. A tailored health insurance solution will be offered to employers with outbound and inbound Canadian travelers. Aetna International’s recently appointed country manager for Canada, Carrie Chapman, said, “I am delighted to be spearheading Aetna International’s expansion in the Canadian market. Our fully compliant international health insurance plans provide tailored cover for expatriate clients, whether coming...

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MSH INTERNATIONAL Launches Start’Expat

MSH INTERNATIONAL, a subsidiary of the SIACI SAINT HONORE Group and one of the world leaders in the design and management of international health insurance solutions, continues to assist internationally-mobile individuals and announces the launch of Start’Expat, an international healthcare insurance offering specially created for stays abroad of less than a year. Start’Expat has been designed to offer a simple and comprehensive insurance solution suited to the needs of new expatriates...

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New, High-Limit Emergency Evacuation With Salary Continuation Coverage Available Now

Clements Worldwide has announced the launch of a new, high-limit Emergency Evacuation with Salary Continuation coverage, affording organizations crucial protection against emergencies requiring evacuation of staff and the need to continue paying salaries despite cessation of operations. Clements is able to offer this expanded new evacuation coverage now, adding to an exclusive suite of affordable and comprehensive insurance solutions, such as the market leading Scholars® Group Health, Disability and Term Life...

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Cigna Takes On National Agenda With Breakthrough Innovation, Introducing “Enhanced Health Plus Insurance Plan”

Cigna Thailand, the global health service company, taps into the national agenda in support of the sustainable health plan for Thai people in workforce by offering the new “Enhanced Health Plus Insurance Plan”, the new product from “Enhanced Health 3 Critical Illnesses Insurance Plan”, which covers both critical illnesses and lifestyle-induced illnesses, such as Cancer, Office Syndrome, Diabetes, and Hypertension. The new plan is set to revolutionize the industry by empowering...

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