Today, the health problems that tend to worry people the most are those life-changing diseases such as cancer, cardiac diseases, and neurological conditions. With high incidence rates, all strike fear into the heart of many, both for themselves and their loved ones. And, although health practitioners are working hard towards providing solutions to these medical problems, having affordable access to ground-breaking treatments available at certain hospitals or from particular doctors around the world, are for most, impossible, as recent heartbreaking news stories have reported.

With a desire to remove these financial and geographic barriers and open the doors to these advanced treatments abroad, Security Trust have launched a new low-cost medical insurance plan called MediVISA. Underwritten by certain underwriters Lloyd’s of London, one of the most recognised and respected insurance institutions in the world, MediVISA heralds a new generation of private healthcare insurances by offering policyholders and their dependents access to the latest and most advanced treatments, therapies and procedures available, including stem cell treatment, proton therapy, bone marrow and organ transplantation.

David Abingdon, Director at Security Trust says, “MediVISA is a groundbreaking plan that makes world-class healthcare for serious illnesses within affordable reach of most people and their families. Yet MediVISA offers more than overseas care, it also gives people the option to extend their cover to include access to private UK hospitals and medical centers with prominent doctors and specialists. Policyholders and their insured family members can therefore have the choice to accept treatment abroad or at home.”

Being a low-cost breakthrough in serious illness medical insurance, MediVISA provides access to cutting-edge treatments with world eminent doctors at renowned international centers of medical excellence. It also provides policyholders with a suite of other comprehensive benefits.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed MediVISA’s Claims and Concierge service takes care of all the details, these include a second opinion; a generous lump sum and daily cash benefits; travel and accommodation expenses for both the insured person and a companion and the all arrangements directly booked, organized and paid, thus leaving the insured worry-free.

Categorized into two different plans namely; Standard and Gold package, MediVISA covers serious health issues such as cancer, heart conditions, neurological diseases, plus specified conditions that respond to stem cell treatment, live organ transplant and bone marrow transplants.

Security Trust has made MediVISA quick, convenient and simple to enroll, with immediate cover through its online, user-friendly, quote and joining system. It is available for individuals, their families and company employee cover.