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Expatriate Group Launch Short Term IPMI Cover

Expatriate Group Launch Short Term IPMI Cover

Expatriate Group has launched a short term IPMI plan, providing expats with greater flexibility in their suite of international private healthcare policies.

Effective immediately, Expatriate Group are allowing customers to purchase their iPMI policies for periods from as little as 3 months; with a defined end date. Short Term policies are available for up to 11 months in all.

“This is an initiative by the Expatriate Group Customer Care team, who have highlighted that this is something that’s regularly requested by new members” explained Lee Gerry, Expatriate Group Director.

The change is aimed at supporting customers on a short term secondment overseas, i.e.

  • People that are travelling extensively, who don’t want to return home for treatment. 
    Or students, who may benefit from buying their overseas iPMI policy in smaller chunks.

Gerry goes on to say, “Travel polices might not work in all cases, as the aim, in the event of a claim, is to get the customer back to their home country for treatment. Whereas the short term iPMI policy allows customers receive local medical treatment without any break in their obligations overseas”.

The Expatriate Group Short Term iPMI policy is available to be purchased online at an international insurance brokers, alongside the Group’s existing standard iPMI, Travel, Life and PA products

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