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Launch Of GLOBALCOVER And GLOBALCARE Enable Global Access To Medical Treatment

Launch Of GLOBALCOVER And GLOBALCARE Enable Global Access To Medical Treatment

Medigo has announced the UK launch of GLOBALCOVER and GLOBALCARE, products that enable global access to quality healthcare as a benefit for employees.

Since 2013, Medigo has helped more than 200,000 patients connect with a network of quality hospitals and clinics around the world. With the launch of GLOBALCOVER for major illness treatment and GLOBALCARE for second medical opinions and medical concierge, Medigo is taking a big step to improve choice and access to quality healthcare for organisations as well.

“We’re thrilled to be able to open up our services to a new market and hope to help more people gain peace of mind that they’ll get the right medical treatment when they need it” said Ugur Samut, Medigo CEO.

Even highly developed healthcare systems struggle to meet the needs of people dealing with life-threatening illness, who often require fast and innovative treatment. The UK ranks 28th in Europe for cancer survival rates according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (GLOBOCAN 2018). Waiting times are also an obstacle to treatment: one in four cancer cases has to wait at least two months for treatment (The Telegraph, 3/2019).

GLOBALCOVER is a unique treatment-based insurance for major illnesses that offers cancer treatment, heart surgery, neurosurgery, and live-organ transplants. For an affordable premium, employers provide access to treatment options abroad where UK health provision is restrictive or non existent. Unique in its offering, GLOBALCOVER provides treatment-based cover as opposed to a lump-sum payout. The insurance includes cover for a second medical opinion at the outset, as well as travel and accommodation costs for the patient and a companion. The Medigo team is on hand to guide the patient throughout the process and to make all arrangements.

“I am so grateful to Medigo for finding a rare procedure for me that was not available in my own country,” said Geraldine, a patient from the UK who has used Medigo’s services.

GLOBALCARE is comprehensive healthcare support specifically designed to meet the needs of the growing number of patients who self-pay for treatment. Included in the low annual subscription is a medical concierge service for all medical specialties as well as access to second medical opinions (two per year), both at home or abroad. This service is unique in that it provides personal support and logistics for medical treatment booking in 35 countries. Specifically, this means that a dedicated personal assistant helps patients choose a medical provider, compare treatment costs, book the medical treatment, arrange travel and accommodation logistics, as well as arrange any necessary medical record translation or interpretation.

“These products are great for employers who are looking for smart ways to make their health benefits relevant” said Bruce Eaton, Medigo Managing Director, UK.

Both products support the health needs of the modern, multigenerational workforce. These products bring a significant change to employee health and wellbeing benefits by providing more choices than traditional benefit packages. With GLOBALCARE and GLOBALCOVER, employers can take responsibility for delivering healthcare solutions that meet the needs of their workforce in a scalable way.

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