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PassportCard Launches International Health Insurance In Germany Featured

In The iPMI Picture: Alon Ketzef, founder and president of the Davidshield-PassportCard Group. In The iPMI Picture: Alon Ketzef, founder and president of the Davidshield-PassportCard Group.

PassportCard Deutschland, in partnership with Allianz, launched its international health insurance in Germany on April 2nd.

The product is primarily aimed at expatriates and their families as well as companies with employees abroad who seek comprehensive health coverage whilst abroad. In the wake of the current corona pandemic, PassportCard reaches out to its German customers worldwide as well as to prospect customers with 24/7 on-call medical advice in German without the risk of going out to the doctor, with no extra charge.

PassportCard has decided to offer the insurance product in Germany right now, as the outbreak of Covid-19 has left many expats wondering whether they have sufficient medical coverage, and reach out to the hundreds of Germans worldwide left without sufficient medical cover. PassportCard’s offer provides German expats with comprehensive worldwide insurance coverage together with a special payment mechanism where customers pay the medical providers directly with the “PassportCard payment card” with no out-of-pocket payments.

"At the moment, we are increasingly being approached by Germans who are worried about relatives abroad who are stuck in a foreign country with limited access to healthcare and often without the possibility to travel home. PassportCard offers German expats full insurance cover with 24-hour customer service, including the opportunity to talk to the German doctors of our partner MD-Medicus. This allows Germans abroad to receive German medical assistance around the clock, from the comfort of their home“, explains Alon Ketzef, founder and president of the Davidshield-PassportCard Group.

The PassportCard concept is innovative and focuses entirely on the needs of customers. In the event of a claim, the company pays the claim in real- time, without the customer having to pay in advance anything. This is achieved by means of a specially developed debit card, which, if necessary, is topped up in advance with an individually calculated amount, so that the customer can pay directly at the doctor‘s office. This simplifies the process and saves paperwork effort for the customer and service provider, as receipts generally do not have to be submitted. PassportCard places particular emphasis on the basis of trust between insurer and insured. In addition, PassportCard offers 24/7 support by experts in its own call center in Hamburg; and a telemedicine German-speaking service with German Doctors providing advice around the clock: everything to provide the insured with the best service and support 24/7 around the globe.

PassportCard is part of the DavidShield-PassportCard Group, which was founded 20 years ago by Alon Ketzef in cooperation with the US-based White Mountains Insurance Group (NYSE: WTM). Last year, the group insured more than two million people worldwide. PassportCard works in partnership with the Allianz Group and has received many international awards, including the Australian Mansfield Best Insurance Service Award 2019.

The group is managed by the White Mountains Insurance Group (NYSE:WTM) Further information is available at

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