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Allianz Partners Launches New Serious Illness International Medical Insurance Plan Featured

Allianz Partners Launches New Serious Illness International Medical Insurance Plan

Allianz Partners has announced a brand-new plan for private and corporate customers, providing cover for a number of the most common serious illnesses. 

The plan gives customers access to specialist hospitals, along with medical case management at every step in the process, from Allianz Partners’ own medical professionals. There is also significant support for customers when it comes to helping them through the stress of dealing with a serious illness, including counselling, and assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation and the paperwork associated with an unexpected serious illness.

Designed and sold through the company’s international health brand, Allianz Care, the new plan – called Avenue – gives adults and their children across Europe an affordable, care-focused option for treatment in the event of ever becoming seriously ill. Flexibility and the ability to access international medical expertise are core to the design of Avenue. Customers can choose to receive treatment for the condition along with a full suite of supports or, instead, receive a lump sum to help them through this period financially.

Allianz Partners has mobilized an extensive international network of carefully-selected private and public hospitals around the world that specialise in care for these particular conditions. Depending on the plans selected, if they opt for treatment, customers can choose to go to a specialist hospital in the country they’re living in, or to travel abroad for treatment, giving them access to the very best international medical care and advice across twenty countries. These countries include South Africa, Singapore, France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Hong Kong.

An expert in providing comprehensive international private medical insurance, Allianz Partners developed Avenue following extensive market and customer research that highlighted the need for a standalone international insurance product covering serious illnesses.

Paula Covey, Chief Marketing Officer Health at Allianz Partners, said: “We’ve listened to our brokers and customers and developed this product as a direct result of an unmet need. We’re passionate about creating innovative and flexible healthcare solutions that meet customer needs, while also recognising that we have to consider the impact on their mental health as well as their physical health. These are individual people who suddenly find themselves in a very scary and unexpected situation, whether it affects themselves or one of their family members. We’ll help them to get the support they need to deal with the stress, anxiety and logistics, as well as helping them to get the physical treatment that they need. Our aim is to help them get the best possible outcome.

“We’ve drawn on decades of expertise in international medical insurance (iPMI) and added our latest learnings around support for mental health to create Avenue. While not a replacement for full private medical insurance, it is an affordable solution for individuals who want to safeguard themselves and/or their children against serious illness. Avenue is also an attractive proposition for organisations who want to provide serious illness cover to their employees.”

Avenue covers 12 types of serious medical condition – five illnesses that impact both adults and children (including cancer, bone marrow transplant and neurosurgery); four specific to adults only (including coronary artery angioplasty/stenting, bypass surgery and living organ transplant); and three that are specific to children (including Kawasaki syndrome and meningitis/encephalitis).

Central to the Avenue proposition is end-to-end support for customers when it comes to travel arrangements and getting expert treatment for their illness. Each case is fully overseen, monitored and managed by a dedicated medical professional. Customers who become seriously ill are offered information on specialist hospitals to treat their illness, as well as being assigned a medical case manager to assist with all administrative aspects of their treatment journey including travel, accommodation and associated paperwork. This means that customers don’t need to spend time and energy researching or worrying about practical arrangements.

Avenue provides:

  • Cover for the medical costs to treat the 12 types of illnesses covered, or to receive a lump sum payment
  • The option to receive treatment in-country or overseas, depending on plan selected. Both public and private hospitals are available, chosen for their medical expertise
  • Second medical opinion to confirm the original diagnosis
  • Medical case management through the entire treatment
  • Counselling as well as legal and financial advice
  • Advice, hospital appointment booking, booking of flights and accommodation, payment of medical bills

To learn more about Avenue for individuals and families visit:  Group customers can learn more here:

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