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UnitedHealthcare Global Launch New International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Product

UnitedHealthcare Global has launched a new International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) product, providing health and wellness benefits to employees of businesses in the U.K. and across Europe, across 31 European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

The plan, called "BeHealthy," focuses on a whole-person approach to well-being, helping to identify health risks before they happen. This helps employees better manage their international assignments by prioritizing their mental, emotional and physical health.

David Powell, CEO, UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions comments, "'Be Healthy' builds on UnitedHealthcare's extensive portfolio of international health insurance plans that have been available to U.S.-based multinational companies for years. Our products provide high-quality, cost-effective benefits and services to customers wherever they are in the world."

Claude Daboul, Managing Director of UnitedHealthcare Global Solutions Europe added, "Our comprehensive health and well-being plans do more than just help people manage illness; they focus on proactive, preventive health care to help employees live healthier lives."

"BeHealthy"serves employees and their families who live or travel abroad for work. These benefits will give globally mobile employees and their families full health insurance coverage no matter where they work or live. "BeHealthy" includes:

  • access to UnitedHealthcare's worldwide medical network of more than 1.3 million care providers and nearly 21,000 hospitals;
  • comprehensive health and wellness benefits including employee assistance programs, a wellness coaching resource and preventive health screenings; and
  • in-house Risk and Assistance benefits – through third-party providers, UnitedHealthcare Global offers more than 22,000 security operations in 115 countries.

UnitedHealthcare Global is one of the first insurers in Europe to offer people a personalized digital experience that inspires and motivates healthier habits as part of their health plan:

  • The "BeHealthy" plan includes My Wellbeing, a personalized digital experience that encourages healthy habits among plan participants.
  • My Wellbeing combines clinical programs and engagement expertise with mobile technologies, social networking and gamification. My Wellbeing currently has 67,000 members worldwide. Of those, 29% lost weight, 11% reduced their blood pressure and 42% reduced their risk of diabetes.

"BeHealthy" also includes UnitedHealthcare Global's Travel Security Manager, an online tracking tool that helps locate and communicate with employees around the world. 

  • Employers and their employees will have access to World Watch®, an all-inclusive intelligence database containing information such as political and security risks, threat-level ratings, transportation and safety concerns, and cultural data. The offering also provides access to country-specific medical intelligence reports on the quality of medical care facilities, as well as any disease outbreaks.

For more information on "BeHealthy" please complete the form here or visit:










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