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APRIL Group Health & Personal Protection Division Report 2.4% Increase In Sales For 2015

APRIL Group Health & Personal Protection division reported a 2.4% increase in sales based on reported data, broken down into a 1.7% decrease in brokerage commissions and a 9.3% rise in premiums.

The increase in insurance premiums was driven by the development of individual (seniors and self-employed), group and expatriate Health & Personal Protection portfolios. It also reflects new partnerships in group health insurance portfolios linked to the French National Interbranch Agreement (ANI) and an adjustment to the reinsurance structure.

The decrease in brokerage commissions mainly resulted from the contraction of our individual employee health insurance portfolios in light of the new regulation on compulsory group private health insurance, which became effective on 1 January 2016. This decrease was partly offset by the excellent performance of loan insurance. Individual health insurance for seniors and the self-employed continued to perform well. Group private health insurance sales began later than scheduled, but registered a sharp increase towards the end of the year.

The division posted a current EBIT margin down 2.4 percentage points to 15.3%, due to the decrease in individual health insurance revenues, the investments made in group health insurance (process scale-up, bespoke solutions meeting new regulations and the hiring of new staff in order to maintain quality of service) and intense competition in the health insurance sector throughout the year. The group does not anticipate any changes of these parameters in 2016.

The division posted an EBIT of €73.5m.

Overall Performance

APRIL achieved a satisfactory overall performance in a changing environment. The group consolidated its market positioning by keeping up an aggressive sales strategy: positive sales momentum were recorded in increasingly regulated and competitive markets, impacted in particular by the extension of group private health insurance in France.

“2015 was a year of true commitment and structuring for us. Defining our key growth levers around a strengthened management team has allowed us to make a clear assessment and set priorities for our actions and investments, which will have a major influence on the group in the coming years. Our capacity for innovation and the quality of our policy and claims handling, which are more than ever fully focused on serving our customers, should enable us to mitigate the expected decline in our current EBIT for 2016. We are confident in the strength of our group to renew with profit growth as the markets in which we operate gradually stabilise” commented APRIL Chairman and CEO Bruno Rousset.



APRIL Group Strengthens Its Activities With Two Acquisitions: Avilog In Third Party Administration And Globalhealth In International Medical Insurance

APRIL group continues to expand its third party administration activities (TPA) as part of its key accounts development with the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Avilog.

Thanks to this operation, the group is able to consolidate its position in the TPA market for group health and personal protection insurance. Its activities with institutional clients (banks, provident institutions, private health insurers and insurance companies), brokers and businesses, both in France and abroad, will therefore be able to draw upon tailored and differentiating solutions.

Established in 1987, Avilog specialises in handling group medical health insurance policies. Today it has almost 30 staff members based in La Valette du Var as well as Paris, and has a turnover of over 2 million euros.

Sébastien Boizou, Managing Director of AVILOG, stated, "We are looking forward joining a large-scale, dynamic and innovative group such as APRIL. This merger opens up new prospects for working together and for business development."

With the acquisition of 100% of the capital of GlobalHealth, the APRIL group consolidates its wholesale broker activities in international private medical insurance (IPMI).

The acquisition of GlobalHealth enables APRIL to extend its operations in Asia, beyond its current activities in Thailand, China and Singapore. It also strengthens its market share in International Private Medical Insurance and accelerates the development in this historical business line, supported by its 9 assistance call centers. Finally, it enables APRIL to pool medical expenses and therefore increases its negotiating power with healthcare providers, for the benefit of its policy holders and risk carriers.

With operations on every continent, the APRIL group will be able to address the requirements of individuals living abroad more comprehensively, regardless of their country of origin, by offering solutions which are tailored to the local context, but also to the expectations of the group's key accounts partners, brokers, international institutions and businesses.

Established in 1997 in Hong Kong, GlobalHealth has 60 staff members and a turnover of around 6 million euros. Specialised in designing, marketing and managing international group and individual medical insurance products, GlobalHealth makes its products available in 6 different countries: Hong Kong and Singapore for the majority of its current activities, but also Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China.

Both transactions were funded with the group's available cash. They will be commented on during the presentation of the 2015 annual results, on 3rd March 2016.

Emmanuel Morandini, Deputy CEO of the APRIL group commented, "We would like to welcome the Avilog and GlobalHealth teams which will strengthen and extend our areas of expertise. These acquisitions support our ambition to become a leading provider of products and services to French and international institutions, and an IMPI and assistance key player outside France. The integration of Avilog and GlobalHealth also marks the cautious return of our external growth dynamic in support of our strategic development."

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OUT NOW: International Private Medical Insurance Companies and Providers V1.3 - Adds NEW Wellaway Advertising Campaign

Version 1.3 of the International Private Medical Insurance Provider Directory is out now.

Medical insurance underwriters and providers are represented and International Private Medical Insurance Magazine would like to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you to all of the guide sponsors including ALC Health, Antaé, Cigna Global iPMI, Expatriate Group, GeoBlue, Globality Health, Healthcare International, Integra Global and Wellaway.


List your company in the iPMI Magazine iPMI company guide. Working hand-in-hand with your own company micro website on iPMIM, this guide can land-your-brand on the desk of an eclectic worldwide readership.



OUT NOW: International Private Medical Insurance Companies and Providers V1.2

Version 1.2 of the International Private Medical Insurance Provider Directory is out now with the addition of Antaé, a leading employee benefits firm based in Switzerland.

Based in Lausanne in Switzerland, Antaé is specialised in advice, design and distribution of international mobility solutions: private medical insurance, travel health insurance, assistance and security, protection, kidnap and ransom, pension. Our clients are international corporate businesses and organisations, NGOs, international private schools and international students in Switzerland. Antaé is FINMA registered – N° 28246

Medical insurance underwriters and providers are represented and International Private Medical Insurance Magazine would like to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you to all of the guide sponsors including ALC Health, Antaé, Cigna Global iPMI, Expatriate Group, GeoBlue, Globality Health, Healthcare International, Integra Global and Wellaway.


List your company in the iPMI Magazine iPMI company guide. Working hand-in-hand with your own company micro website on iPMIM, this guide can land-your-brand on the desk of an eclectic worldwide readership.



OUT NOW: International Private Medical Insurance Companies and Providers V1.1

Underwriters and providers are represented and Team iPMIM would like to take this opportunity to say a warm thank you to all of the guide sponsors including ALC Health, Cigna Global iPMI, Expatriate Group, GeoBlue, Globality Health, Healthcare International, Integra Global and Wellaway.


List your company in the iPMI Magazine iPMI company guide. Working hand-in-hand with your own company micro website on iPMIM, this guide can land-your-brand on the desk of an eclectic worldwide readership.

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High Growth And Wider Product Offering Spurs Expatriate Group Rebrand

Expatriate Healthcare has rebranded as Expatriate Group to reflect the fact that the fast-growing business has significantly expanded the range of products it offers to its international clients.

London-based Expatriate was founded in 2003 to offer healthcare insurance for expats. As a result of growing demand from clients for other products, the company now also offers term life insurance, travel insurance and income replacement insurance.

In financial year 2013-2014, Expatriate recorded a 128% increase in new customers, and for the first quarter of 2015, new policy purchases have increased by 206% compared to Q1 2014.

“As a result of growing demand from our clients for products other than healthcare, we have had to expand our lines of business,” said Expatriate Group Manager Lee Gerry. “Our clients have been really happy with the products and standards of service we deliver and they have been asking us to provide them with further products to support their lifestyles overseas.

“Since 2013, as many clients have been finding us for non-healthcare products as for healthcare, which is extremely pleasing.”

He said that the change of name to Expatriate Group reflected the company’s aim to become a “one stop shop” for expats and companies with an international presence, providing them with all the financial protection products they require.

Mr. Gerry added that Expatriate Group will consider launching a further range of products for expats within the next 12 months. 

About Expatriate Group

Expatriate Group provides medical healthcare, as well as Life, Travel and Income Replacement, that is designed solely for expatriates. All plans are created by experienced expatriate underwriters. The policies are comprehensive and easy-to-understand, and backed up 24 hours a day by a friendly medical team. London-based Expatriate Group provides health insurance to 103 nationalities in 151 countries, representing 77% of the countries in the world.

For further information on Expatriate Group, visit





ALC Health Renews Advertising Deal With International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Until 2016

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine is proud to announce that ALC Health, a leading provider of international medical insurance, has renewed its advertising agreement to run all the way until January 2016.

One of the original supporters of International Private Medical Insurance Magazine, à la carte healthcare (ALC Health) is an award winning international medical insurer who for over 10 years has been protecting the health of private clients, companies and organisations across the globe. The company continues to grow and develop on a philosophy of ensuring that every policyholder whether as a private individual or a member of a corporate group is assured of the highest level of personal service and support.



PNB MetLife Forays Into Health Insurance Segment

  • Launches its first benefit based health product – MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover;
  • Covers 35 illnesses with a return of premium option;
  • Insurance if one falls ill and assured returns if one stays healthy – Scores over other basic health products in the market as in case of non-occurrence of any critical illness, all the premiums paid back to the policy holder;
  • The only insurance plan in the market that pays customer for staying healthy;
  • Low premium starting Rs 5,958 with a cover of Rs 5 lakhs;
  • Rebates available for high sum assured from Rs 10 – 50 lakhs;
  • Tax benefits are available under applicable tax laws.

The World health Organization (WHO) has identified India as a nation that will have most of the lifestyle disorders in the near future. The population for such diseases is getting younger by the day and more than hospitalization cost, the ancillary expenses linked to the recovery period cripple household finances. Recognizing this pertinent issue, PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd, today, announced its foray into health segment with the launch of ‘MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover’(MMIPBC). As the name suggests, the plan returns all the premiums paid incase there is no claim from the policyholder during the policy term and upon survival. The plan also provides the policyholder with a lump sum amount on diagnoses of any critical illness covered by the policy thereby ensuring that the family has adequate funds to meet the unplanned medical expenses and get the best possible treatment.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Tarun Chugh, MD & CEO, PNB MetLife said, “MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover is the only product in the market which returns all the premiums paid at the end of the policy term incase of no claim and provides cover against 35 critical illnesses. As this is a benefit based plan, the claim process is simpler without the involvement of a third party administrator like in the case of indemnity based health plans. A product like MMIPBCtypically helps a family cover unplanned medical expenses over and above the hospitalization cost. As per market data, only 14% of expenses incurred due to major illnesses is due to hospitalization which is covered by the conventional mediclaim and health plans which means the rest of the 86% of cost is borne by the customers themselves. This is one of the reasons apart from inadequate health care planning that drives people to poverty”

Features of MetLife Major Illness Premium Back Cover

  • A non-linked, non-participating health insurance plan
  • Coverage against 35 critical illnesses
  • Return of premium on maturity, in case of survival and no claim made during the policy term.
  • Guaranteed# lumpsum payout in case any of the 35 critical illnesses diagnosed.
  • Tax benefits as per prevailing tax laws
  • Term of 10 years with an entry age of 18-55 years
  • Rebates available for high sum assured from Rs 10 – 50 lakhs

*for reinstatement cases too

For more information, visit

# Terms and conditions apply
Insurance is the subject matter of the solicitation
For more details on terms and conditions, pls refer sales brochure



Group Risk Insurance Continues To Show Strong Growth In The UK

  • 200,000 more people received life and disability insurance cover arranged by their employers in 2014, adding to the very strong growth of 300,000 new people last year;
  • Since 2010, the number of people insured under group risk schemes has grown by almost 1.25 million;
  • Good premium growth of 7.9% across all lines; 8.9% increase in in-force death benefit premiums, 6% in long-term disability income premiums, and 7.8% increase in critical illness premiums;
  • Excepted group life premiums grew 27.9% and benefits by 29.4%, reflecting the response to changes to the lifetime allowance;
  • Number of new schemes grew as more employers set up excepted group life policies and critical illness schemes, but long-term disability income schemes continue to decline.

The excellent growth in the UK group risk insurance market continued in 2014, according to Swiss Re'sGroup Watch 2015. Premiums were higher in all product areas, with an overall growth of close to 8% for the year. Importantly, over 200,000 more people are now benefitting from life and disability insurance products arranged through their employer. The report finds that the market is resilient, but that there are still challenges, most particularly where the number of new to market disability income schemes remains disappointing.

"These are good figures for the group risk market – but they hide the fact that this industry is at a crossroads," says Russell Higginbotham, CEO Swiss Re UK & Ireland. "The welfare state cannot continue to fund at current levels and the next Government will have to make cuts to the welfare budget. Insurers need to be ready to step up and adapt to that new reality. If we don't, we may find existing models under threat in the same way that reforms have reconfigured pension provision."  

Group Watch 2015 reported steady growth across most lines of products. Premium growth was again very strong in the group death benefits sector with GBP 1.25 billion in-force premiums reported for 2014. This strong growth continues the trend from previous years, and is the first time the market recorded annual growth in excessive of GBP 100 million.

As in 2013, excepted group life premiums performed very well, with premiums growing by 27.9%. The move reflects the reduction of the lifetime allowance, which imposes a cap on pension savings of GBP 1.25 million. With the limit set to be reduced further to GBP 1.0 million from April 2016, employers are likely to continue preferring the simplicity this option presents.

The number of people insured for long-term disability income protection through their employers increased by 1.9% for 2014, building on the important milestone of two million people insured which was reached in 2013. In-force premiums were up 6.0% to nearly GBP 634 million. There was a decrease in the number of in-force schemes of 0.4% to 17,119.

Critical illness covers again experienced strong growth. In 2014, almost 475,000 people were covered, an increase of more than 90,000. In-force premiums increased by 7.8% and sums assured by 15.2%. The number of in-force schemes increased by 7.0% to 2,840.

"The results show solid growth once again but we need to decide if we want to carry on as we have done for the past few years or offer something more ambitious," says Ron Wheatcroft, author of the report.  "Auto-enrolment could be the way to increase coverage if we are unable to deliver growth to begin to fill the gap which will be left by declining state provision. Employees tell us that they would value greater workplace access to products and services but, somehow, this hasn't translated to more coverage."

Key figures from Group Watch 2015 (in GBP millions)

Total In-force premiums at end of year

Product Type







Death benefits







Long-term disability income







Critical Illness







Group Watch 2015 analyses and summarises group risk business results at the end of 2014. It also uses a qualitative survey among 34 insurers and intermediaries in the group risk market, conducted in February 2015.

The Swiss Re Group is a leading wholesale provider of reinsurance, insurance and other insurance-based forms of risk transfer. Dealing direct and working through brokers, its global client base consists of insurance companies, mid-to-large-sized corporations and public sector clients. From standard products to tailor-made coverage across all lines of business, Swiss Re deploys its capital strength, expertise and innovation power to enable the risk-taking upon which enterprise and progress in society depend. Founded in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1863, Swiss Re serves clients through a network of over 60 offices globally and is rated "AA-" by Standard & Poor's, "Aa3" by Moody's and "A+" by A.M. Best. Registered shares in the Swiss Re Group holding company, Swiss Re Ltd, are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and trade under the symbol SREN. For more information about Swiss Re Group, please visit: or follow us on Twitter @SwissRe.


Friends Life Revolutionises Protection Market With The Launch Of Global Treatment

Friends Life has announced the launch of Global Treatment, in association with Best Doctors – an additional option to its Protect+ range. Global Treatment is the first protection option of its kind in the UK and is exclusive to Friends Life.

Friends life - Global Treatment HD from Friends Life on Vimeo.

Global Treatment gives customers access to the leading medical experts and treatments around the world – for themselves and their children. Covering a range of serious illnesses, including all cancers, Global Treatment will pay and arrange for people to get from their front door to a hospital they choose. It offers more choice and access to high-quality treatment in leading international hospitals outside of the UK.

Mark Anders, Director of Sales at Friends Life, said “Global Treatment revolutionises the protection insurance industry and is a unique optional benefit in the UK. It provides peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in the best hands. If a customer or their children were diagnosed with a serious illness, Global Treatment can open the doors to more options, giving them access to treatment at world-renowned hospitals by leading medical experts. If a customer is diagnosed with cancer and the best possible treatment is in New York, Zurich or Sydney, for example, Global Treatment will cover the costs. All they have to do is concentrate on getting better.”

The key features of the Global Treatment option are:

  • Available to customers and their children
  • Pays for all overseas treatment at a hospital chosen by the customer
  • Arranges and pays for all travel from the customer’s front door to a hospital they choose, including cost for an accompanying person
  • Arranges and pays for all accommodation costs, including cost for an accompanying person
  • Pays £100 a day allowance per night of hospital stay.
  • Each insured person has unlimited use of Global Treatment, up to a maximum benefit entitlement of £1 million per insured person, per year. They can be treated multiple times with coverage of up to £2 million per insured person in their lifetime
  • On return to the UK, it covers the cost of necessary medication if they are not available on the NHS (up to the value of £50,000)
  • Global Treatment covers cancer, neurosurgery, coronary artery by-pass surgery, heart valve replacement or repair, bone marrow and live donor organ transplant
  • Costs just £4 per month*

Frank Ahedo, Managing Director at Best Doctors, who are supplying the medical expertise for Global Treatment, said “Best Doctors has been providing people in the UK with a Second Medical Opinion service for over 10 years. Global Treatment now builds upon the value of this service, taking it to the next level by providing and paying for treatment and expenses. As well as giving advice to people, we can now get them in front of some of the most skilled doctors at centres of medical excellence around the world. I’m very proud that Best Doctors will be working alongside Friends Life to deliver this fantastic additional benefit.”

Global Treatment is available to anyone taking out a Friends Life Protect+ policy (life cover, critical illness cover or income protection). Through those policies, customers can already access Best Doctors ‘Second Opinion’ service**. The results of this service will allow Friends Life customers to make informed decisions regarding treatment options and should the decision be to travel to a leading international hospital Global Treatment will make that possible.

Mark Anders from Friends Life added, “All too often you hear heart-breaking stories of families desperately trying to raise thousands of pounds to send a loved one abroad so they can get treatment for a serious illness. In many cases, Global Treatment can be the solution by providing the access and the opportunity to receive the very latest treatment. We are the only UK protection insurer to offer this benefit and we’re able to do it for just an additional £4 a month, making it a fantastic proposition for customers and their children. Our propositions are designed around the real needs of real people and what they may face whilst coping with a serious illness. Global Treatment is just another example of how we deliver for our customers.”

*Global Treatment can only be purchased as an addition to a Friends Life Protect+ policy
**Second Opinion is a discretionary benefit which can be withdrawn by Friends Life at any time

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