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AXA – Global Healthcare Appoints Andy O’Cain As Global Head Of Distribution

International healthcare specialist, AXA – Global Healthcare, has announced the appointment of Andy O’Cain as Global Head of Distribution, effective on December 1st 2021.  

Joining from Aetna International, O’Cain will oversee the strategic development of all aspects of global distribution across individual, small business and corporate client segments. He will lead the regional distribution activities delivered from AXA Global Healthcare’s sales hubs in the UK, Europe and Asia, and oversee the development of strategic distribution partnerships, to further strengthen AXA’s growing footprint in the IPMI market.

Andy Edwards, Global Head of International Insurance, AXA Global Healthcare, comments, “We’re excited to welcome Andy to our senior leadership team, and it comes at an opportune time in the evolution of our business. Since separating from AXA PPP Healthcare in 2017, to become an independent Managing General Agent, we’ve developed a strong brand presence in the IPMI market. We’ve enhanced our value proposition, expanded our global reach, and despite some of the challenges the market has experienced over the past few years – from Brexit to the Covid-19 pandemic – kept an uncompromising focus on delivering for the customer. And it’s this unwavering determination to put the customer first that drives our evolution."

“The last 18 months have prompted rapid changes from all of us. Expectations of what makes a good customer experience have changed, people’s trust in digital healthcare services has risen, people’s lifestyle priorities have adapted. We have some exciting developments ahead to meet these emerging needs and ensure our customers can continue to depend on us, wherever they are in the world. With Andy O’Cain joining our senior leadership team, we’re confident in our continued growth in both new and existing customer segments in the global healthcare market.”

With over 20 years’ industry experience, O’Cain has previously held several distribution and senior management roles within the global insurance market. Most recently, he was Distribution Director for Aetna International, where he led the distribution of international health insurance products, prior to which he was Head of Sales and Business Development at Cigna Insurance Services. He has also held a variety of other managerial roles within Allianz and Direct Line Group. From this experience, O’Cain brings excellent knowledge of distribution to individuals, SMEs and corporate businesses in the global market.

Commenting on his new role, O’Cain said, “I’m delighted to be joining the AXA Global Healthcare team and look forward to driving new opportunities for growth in all customer segments. The strength of the proposition and the customer first mindset gives me great confidence in what the future holds.” 


Will Bupa And DNI Now Compete In Several Countries Where Generali And Generali Employee Benefits Are Both In Business, Or Just The Middle East, Or Just The UAE?

In this article, Ian Youngman, leading insurance analyst and author of the leading iPMI market report, “International Health Insurance 2021" talks about the DNI takeover of the Global Choice international medical insurance portfolio of Generali Global Health.

A few weeks ago Generali and Bupa announced a deal on IPMI.

Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) and Bupa Global announced a strategic partnership to offer “best-in-class” international private medical insurance and global employee benefits solutions to their new and existing corporate customers.

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GEB customers will have access to Bupa Global’s quality, expertise, and comprehensive health and wellbeing offering, when and where they need it, across 190+ countries. Bupa Global customers will also have the ability to access global health and benefits solutions provided by GEB’s worldwide network.

What is easy to miss here is that it only refers to corporate business.

So what happens to the individual business of Generali Global Health?

The implication is that Generali Global Health would cease trading and leave the IPMI market.

I expect details to be explained on December 15th, 2021 when Generali will hold a virtual Investor Day to present its new strategic plan.

One part of the future was leaked – but it leaves gaps in knowledge.

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance (DNI), one of the leading insurance companies in the UAE, has partnered with Munich Re to take over some of the Global Choice medical portfolio of Generali Global Health.

Munich Re took over the reinsurance of Global Choice in July 2021.

DNI and Munich Re will maintain the existing policy benefits and terms and conditions of Global Choice.

Abdulla Al Nuaimi, CEO of DNI said, "We are delighted to officially announce the takeover of the GGH portfolio in collaboration with Munich Re. This exciting new collaboration affirms our commitment to continuously provide the same level of benefits and enhanced quality services to our clients and existing policyholders. We are dedicated to working with and strengthening our relationship with our partners to ensure seamless integration, giving customers peace of mind that they will not only continue to enjoy the benefits of GGH but take advantage of the combined expertise that DNI and Munich Re have to offer on the international medical front.”

Dr Frank Mayer, CEO, Munich Re comments, "DNI has been a trusted partner, and we are eager to work together and continue to expand our portfolio of services in the coming years. We believe that, together, we are in the best position to cultivate an even stronger and more comprehensive ecosystem that will allow us to serve our customers and partners better."

To ensure seamless operations following the takeover, DNI has continued working with Munich Re subsidiary MedNet as the third-party administrator owing to their familiarity with the scheme. The process will continue under the new partnership with Munich Re. The international network direct billing facilities previously through GGH will now be offered through the MedNet Global Network.

Although MedNet has a global network, DNI is limited to the Gulf and most of that is in the UAE.

Will Bupa and DNI now be competing in several countries where Generali and Generali Employee Benefits are both in business, or just the Middle East or just the UAE?

What will happen to the rest of the Generali Global Health portfolio?


There is a trend for even leading global insurers to decide to stop competing in PMI and IPMI in selected countries.

There is also a trend for insurers to work in partnership with local groups and TPAs.

Regional groups see gaps.

What is interesting is to look at the plans of Oman Insurance to offer PMI/IPMI in six more countries from 2022 in association with four named and two yet unknown local insurers.

Looking at other recent deals, there is a move for insurers in Africa and The Gulf to offer PMI and IPMI across borders in association with others from the region.

While this may or may not have anything to do with Afghanistan it is very clear that American and European insurers are going to have to compete with strong local rivals.

My tip for 2022 is watch for more country exits by USA and European insurers.

But it is not all one way traffic, with Zurich quietly entering in some countries and the expected IPMI launch from HDI Global - ironically bringing us full circle as they have been recruiting from Generali Global Health.

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Allianz Partners Announce Details Of Enhancements To International Health Plans

Allianz Partners has today announced details of significant enhancements to their international health plans, aimed at enabling members to take a more proactive approach to managing their health and addressing evolving healthcare needs following the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Designed and sold through the company’s international health brand, Allianz Care, these enhanced plans will give customers a more comprehensive and easier to understand cover, with improved ease of access to treatment and services.

From today, customers can access enhanced cancer screening, complemented by a follow-on preventative surgery benefit and comprehensive mental health cover. Inpatient treatment is fully covered up to the annual plan maximum on all plans and waiting periods have been removed. In addition, cover is now extended to include the treatment of behavioural and personality disorders such as autism spectrum and eating disorders, and a counselling service is available for short-term, solution-focused interventions through the Expat Assistance Programme (EAP).

The improved health services package also includes a Telehealth Hub, which is available to all customers with an Outpatient Plan. Which means that depending on location they can avail of video consultations and/or medical advice via telehealth. The Telehealth Hub can be accessed via the MyHealth portal or on the Allianz Care website and video consultations will be available for customers and their dependants. The improved plans also give customers access to the Olive health and wellness support program - which includes the HealthSteps app, as well as access to a Second Medical Opinion. 

Paula Covey, Chief Marketing Officer, Health at Allianz Partners, said, “The world has changed significantly since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the needs of our customers across the world have changed. We recently carried out global research which found that over one third of employees have experienced poor mental health since the pandemic began. The importance of proactively helping people to manage their health and wellness has never been more important.

“Following a global shift to remote working and the current move to a hybrid working model, many people are now more comfortable living their lives online. Our research showed that many appreciate the privacy and convenience of online mental health services, rather than accessing them in-person. It also reduces the risk of contracting Covid-19 during travel and the consultation itself.  We’ve listened to our customers, and as their health partner, we’re delighted to deliver this range of enhancements, helping them to make a positive difference to their quality of life.”

As part of Allianz Partners’ commitment to simplifying products and processes for customers, small changes to the terms and conditions will make it easier for customers to understand the full range of benefits offered. While further automation will mean an improved claims experience and faster response times.


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