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AXA Global Healthcare Launches International Health Insurance Foundation Cover Level

AXA – Global Healthcare has expanded its international health insurance offering by launching its new 'Foundation' cover level. Now available to expats and travelers of all ages, it is designed to offer essential cover to those who want the reassurance of having fundamental medical cover in place while they are living abroad.

Kevin Melton, Global Head of Sales and Marketing, commented, "Foundation has been launched as part of our product development programme, with the intention of complementing the existing four cover levels of our global health plan. We know that for some members, extensive cover, which supports most medical eventualities, isn't always required from day one. That's why we are introducing a more budget-friendly plan, offering essential cover while still providing day-and-night access to our global service team, a personal online account and our worldwide network of medical providers."

A budget-friendly option, Foundation offers personal customers an essential level of cover, such as in-patient treatment, cancer treatment and emergency evacuation and repatriation. It may also be a preferable choice for those who are looking to supplement an existing local health plan, giving customers whose home countries may lack the facilities required to undergo certain treatments the option to choose a facility abroad.

With an overall policy limit of £100,000 / $160,000 / €125,000 per person, per policy year, Foundation offers:

  • Cover for hospital charges, including charges for psychiatric treatment (up to 100 days in a members' lifetime), accommodation and diagnostic tests
  • Cover for surgeon, anaesthetist and physician charges as an in-patient
  • Cover for cancer treatment, including radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Cover for CT, MRI and PET scans
  • Cover for emergency or medically necessary ambulance transport
  • Emergency evacuation or repatriation

Giving customers additional choice, they can also choose to add an optional upgrade to include cover for out-patient treatment, including a virtual doctor service. The upgrade includes:

Up to £2,500 / $4,000 / €3,200 in total for:

  • Medical practitioner fees
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Up to £100 / $160 /€125 for vaccinations and their administration
  • Up to £300 / $480 / €380 for complementary practitioner fees (out of combined limit)
  • Up to £100 / $160 / €125 for out-patient drugs and dressings
  • Access to a virtual doctor service for consultations over the phone and via video conference

With the launch of the Foundation cover level, AXA – Global Healthcare's global product suite for personal customers now includes Foundation, Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige and Prestige Plus.


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Generali Global Health's members are located all across the world, therefore digital technologies are important in enabling us to connect with them, wherever they are, 24/7.

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Now Health International Launches New Digital IPMI Product To Cater For The Next Generation Of Expatriate

Now Health International Group, has announced the launch of a new mid-tier, completely digital product that is designed to cater for a new generation of expatriates and upper-affluent local nationals.

The company has launched its new SimpleCare plans in response to the growing number of digitally savvy millennials and younger executives moving abroad for work, who still demand the protection of international health insurance but at a more affordable price point to the traditional corporate executive expat. Now Health International also believes the plans will appeal to the growing base of upper-affluent local nationals in the emerging markets in which it operates.

To cater to this new generation of expats SimpleCare has been developed to be a completely digital proposition, with members only able to access their plan documents and make claims via a paper free, seamless online customer experience. This environmentally conscious product leverages Now Health International’s award winning digital tools including its smartphone App and secure online portfolio, as well as new mobile pass membership cards which can be downloaded into members’ smartphone wallets.

The new product offers core protection for all major health incidents including hospitalisation, surgery, cancer treatment, and evacuation and repatriation, which are often the main concern of younger expats. Customers can then choose to add low or medium levels of coverage for out-patient treatment, including physiotherapy, dental and medication if desired.

Designed for the more cost conscious consumer, the SimpleCare product offers multiple options to help customers further reduce their premium. This includes eight different levels of annual deductible for all types of treatment (in, day and out-patient) as well as risk management tools such as a co-insurance and per visit excess. Default regional geographical restrictions of coverage are also available for members located in certain countries of residence, providing a more affordable option for those that want to access top quality medical facilities but do not need worldwide coverage.

The product will be launched in key markets first, including Europe, Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore, and then be rolled out to other markets in Asia and the Middle East in the coming months.

Martin Garcia, Executive Chairman commented, “SimpleCare is designed to meet the needs of a new generation of expat - the growing numbers of younger people moving abroad, 2 most of which end up on local employment contracts. We set out to create an international health insurance solution which caters to these cost conscious, digitally literate expats while still providing them with access to world class medical facilities and the high standard of service that Now Health International is known for”.

Zahir Sharif, Managing Director for Now Health International added, “The clue is the name; SimpleCare is meant to be simple to understand and use – offering the vital health protection that our customers desire, with easy to use digital tools, access to the best quality private medical providers, and all with an affordable price tag. We understand that many expats and companies looking for executive health plans want more comprehensive, worldwide coverage, and our benefit rich WorldCare plans will continue to cater for those needs. However, we are confident our innovative new product will enable us to reach out to the growing base of younger expats globally, as we continue to consolidate our position as the leading IPMI provider worldwide”.


Combatting Fraud, Waste And Abuse In IPMI

Global health care benefits provider Aetna International has launched a new report investigating the cost of fraud, waste and abuse on the health care industry, which costs the sector tens of billions of dollars every year. Combatting fraud is of huge importance to Aetna International so that care, money and resources go towards improving global health whilst also keeping individual premiums down. 

The report identifies how Aetna International’s International Special Investigations Unit (ISIU) is leading industry efforts to combat fraud, waste and abuse, saving and recovering more than $3 million USD every year to the benefit of its 800,000 members. This is in addition to the tens of millions of $USD in savings and recovery made from parent company Aetna Inc, which has more than 49 million members*.

The report also highlights some frequent indications of fraud, such as misspelled or misused medical terminology on claims forms, alterations on claims submissions or enrolment forms, or high incidences of prescriptions that do not coincide with medical claims histories. It is hoped that this will encourage employee benefits and wellness managers and individuals who hold IPMI plans to remain vigilant to possible fraudulent activity and help the industry to combat fraud.

To detect fraudulent activity, Aetna International uses its proprietary technology and harnesses its vast amount of data, with advanced business intelligence software to identify providers whose billing, treatment or patient demographic profiles differ significantly from those of their peers. Aetna International also enlists members and providers in helping to combat fraud by educating them and publicising high-profile cases.

A 2017 review of claims enabled Aetna International’s ISIU to identify a member involved in fraudulent activity costing $450,000 USD, leading to legal action and the recovery of funds.

Steven Knox, Manager, ISIU, Aetna International says: “At Aetna International, we have a zero-tolerance approach to fraud. Our International Special Investigations Unit works closely with the European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network (EHFCN) to combat criminal behaviour that negatively impacts businesses and their employees. It is imperative that organisations and employees alike are equipped with the knowledge to identify and report and act upon fraudulent activity.”

Aetna is a member of the EHFCN, collaboratively working to prevent and detect fraud within the health care insurance industry, and vigorously pursuing anyone involved in suspicious activity.

* As of December 31, 2017: Medical Membership: 22.2M; Dental Membership: 13.4M; PBM: 13.8M

Aetna International Case Study

In 2017, a routine review of claims for members who had received more than $10,000 USD in reimbursements turned up two questionable claims from Maia*, a member of an Aetna International group plan in Singapore. There were several red flags in her claim:

  • Unusually high costs (e.g. a procedure that typically costs $75-$150 was billed at $475)
  • Inconsistent invoice formatting and numbering
  • Incorrect tax amounts

Local fraud champions at Aetna International contacted the health care providers involved. One confirmed costs had been altered; the other could find no record of Maia in their system. Aetna investigated all of Maia’s claims for the year. Again, providers confirmed either alteration or forgery of claims.

When Maia submitted additional claims, Aetna suspended and flagged them. Additional research back to 2011 revealed more than 400 individual claims from Maia, most of which had been altered or fabricated based on an authentic template invoice from 2011. The total value of fraudulent claims came to $450,000.

Aetna International’s legal team engaged local solicitors, who demanded Maia repay the fraudulent claims or face civil action. Maia repaid the money in full; $450,000 over a six-week period. Besides recovering the $450,000, Aetna International’s actions saved $30,000 in claims that had been suspended and an estimated $100,000 in future fraudulent claims.

*Maia is a pseudonym


New Range Of iPMI Plans Launched For The Russian Market

Allianz Care with Allianz Russia announce the launch of a new range of iPMI plans for the Russian market.

Offering worldwide cover, these solutions include a range of Individual Plans specifically designed to suit the needs of local and expat individuals and families.  A suite of Group Plans has also been designed to meet the needs of SMEs and large multinationals. 

A portable solution offering comprehensive healthcare cover, customers of the International Healthcare Plans for Russia can benefit from:

  • Unrestricted access to leading healthcare facilities in Russia and across the world with direct settlement for inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Concierge service to arrange appointments with local providers
  • Private ambulances
  • Home visits from qualified doctors
  • Comprehensive child preventive solutions including health checks and vaccines

The Core Plans offer a flexible solution allowing customers to combine multiple plans that are tailored to their specific needs. These solutions cover a wide range of worldwide emergency and planned in-patient treatments, day-care and ambulatory treatments as well as other benefits such as: oncology treatments, dental and optical care, medical repatriation, local private ambulance services and nursing at home, amongst others.

Speaking about the announcement, Ida Luka-Lognoné, CEO of International Health at Allianz Partners, said, “It has been a pleasure collaborating with Allianz Russia to bring these world-class health solutions to the region. Our aim is to look after the health and wellbeing of all our clients, no matter where they may be in the world, and we are delighted that this service will now be available to those based in Russia.”

“Being one of the leading market players in Health Insurance in Russia we aim at providing our customers with the best in class solutions designed to fit all their needs. I am confident that the combination of our local knowledge with the global expertise of Allianz Care, having more than 17 years experience in the field of international health & life insurance, will help us deliver a world-class service to our customers, providing them with access to the best healthcare services and facilities both in Russia and all over the world” Nikolai Klekovkin, CEO of Allianz Russia said.

Available to licenced brokers in Russia only, further information about these plans is available at (for individuals) and (for corporates).

In Russia Allianz has been operating since 1990. It focuses on corporate Property & Casualty insurance business serving large and medium corporate customers with their complex insurance needs (including property, engineering, liability, transport and other related lines of business), and Life and Health insurance providing its clients with innovative and integrated products and services based on their real needs (life, accident, health, and pension insurance products).  International experience and local expertise enable Allianz to develop and offer its clients superior level of service and a wide regional network throughout Russia.

Allianz Group in Russia comprises JSC IC Allianz (P&C insurance), LLC IC Allianz Life (voluntary medical insurance, life and pension insurance), CJSC Medexpress (health insurance) as well as clinics OJSC My Clinic and LCC Progress-Med.  For more information, please visit:


Care Plus Launches International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) Plan In Brazil

Care Plus launches the first international private medical insurance (IPMI) product of its kind, offering global coverage.

  • Care Plus is the first healthcare company in Brazil to offer global IPMI (international private medical insurance) coverage;
  • In collaboration with two of the most highly respected names in global healthcare, the ‘Master International’ product will offer access to Blue Cross Blue Shield networks in the U.S. and Bupa’s networks outside of the U.S;
  • The unique-to-market ‘Master International’ product offers businesses a significant talent attraction and retention tool.

‘Master International’ is a unique product that will allow organisations to offer their employees healthcare around the world. Customers will now have the ability to access the right care, at the right time, across the largest networks of leading healthcare providers and facilities worldwide. This differentiated product is the result of the combined strength and expertise delivered through the strategic collaboration among CarePlus, Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global. ‘Master International’ enables employers to provide a unique employee benefit, a key tool for talent attraction and retention.

‘Master International’ will be available to Care Plus clients currently subscribing to the Master I plan, which provides premium and unparalleled healthcare coverage in Brazil. In addition, Care Plus will offer ‘Master International’ to new customers with compatible plans and an additional 2,000 new customers by 2018 year end.

"Our clients and brokers have stated the need for a product offering coverage to globally minded and globally mobile customers, said Roberto Laganá, CEO of Care Plus (Brazil). “We’ve listened to them and alongside Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global, our customers now have the security of having premium healthcare anytime, anywhere.”

“We are excited that Care Plus customers can now experience the benefits of accessing the largest network of health care providers worldwide, said Maureen Sullivan, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of BCBSA. “Our combined strength, scale and expertise means that customers can be confident in knowing that they have access to quality healthcare when and where they need it.”

“The launch of Master International is an exciting milestone in our relationship with Care Plus and further demonstrates our commitment to providing the very best level of healthcare whenever and wherever our customers need us, and helping our customers lead longer, healthier, happier lives,” said Moses Dodo, General Manager, Bupa Global Latin America.

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