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Jubilee Insurance Launches The 2015 Life Agents’ Incentive Program

Jubilee Insurance launched the 2015 Life Agent’s Incentive program. This came shortly after the department was awarded the Group Life Best Practice Award at the annual AKI Agent of the Year Award (AAYA).

Speaking from Jubilee Centre, Jubilee Kenya CEO Patrick Tumbo said that the award was a remarkable achievement that goes a long way to demonstrate that Jubilee operates within the set industry standards and regulations by Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

“Our mission is to deliver solutions that protect the future of our customers and at the same time engaging in healthy competition with fellow industry players. Our premium rates are as recommended within the IRA guidelines, to whom, we submit our monthly sales data within the required timelines and we also get a loss ratio from the reinsurer or insurer before taking on new business,” said Mr. Tumbo.

The qualifiers of the 2014 incentive program were recognized and appreciated for the gallant effort, as they prepare for a tour to Istanbul, Turkey. The incentives also included a cash reward for shopping while on the tour! While launching the 2015 incentive program, the General Manager Life Business, Aggrey Mulumbi said that the program will reward all committed and best performing agents, as well as drive best sales practices in the agency force. Jubilee insurance had 13 qualifiers in the just concluded Association of Kenya Insurers Agent of the Year Awards. These are agents who have achieved their sales targets of the Number of policies and also achieved an Annualized Premium Income (API) and had a minimum persistency of 85%. The awards that take place on the first Friday of March every year aim at motivating agents to sell more and hence increase the Life insurance penetration in the Kenya.

About Jubilee Insurance

The Jubilee Insurance Company Kenya Limited (JICKL) was incorporated in 1937 as a composite insurer based in Mombasa becoming the first locally incorporated insurance company in Kenya. Jubilee Insurance has spread its sphere of influence throughout the region to become the largest multi-line insurer in East Africa, handling both long-term and short-term insurance, today Jubilee is the number one insurer in East Africa with over 470,000 clients and several regional branches under the holding company, Jubilee Holdings Limited. Jubilee Insurance has four business lines namely Medical, Life, Pensions and General. It is the leading medical insurer in East Africa with a network of offices spanning Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Mauritius. It is the only ISO certified insurance group listed on the three East Africa stock exchanges.


Kenya Travel Warning: Demonstrations Taking Place Central Business District Of Nairobi 5 March 2014

Demonstrations are taking place in and around the Central Business District of Nairobi on 5 March. The police are present and there is severe congestion. You should avoid all demonstrations.

On 2 February 2014, police raided the Musa mosque in Majengo district of Mombasa, resulting in several deaths. Tensions in the area remain very high and violent protests are a strong possibility. You are strongly advised to avoid demonstrations and public gatherings; pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the media for information about possible safety or security risks.

A small explosion took place at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on 16 January. There were no reported casualties. Airport services were not affected.

185,967 British nationals visited Kenya in 2012.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel to Kenya.


New Medical Insurance Plan Provides More Kenyans With Affordable Health Insurance

British American Investments (BRITAM), Changamka Micro Insurance and Safaricom Limited has announced a new micro insurance health insurance plan for low income earners in Kenya.

Allowing more Kenyans to access medical insurance, the plan, dubbed Linda Jamii will offer in and out patient, dental, optical, maternity and a hospitalisation income replacement benefit.

Birtam Managing Director Benson Wairegi said, “In addition to providing this service, we will have the opportunity which we can plough back into the business. Our current premium at the moment is about Sh10 billion and we hope to get Sh10 billion more this year, that’s about 50 percent increment, it’s a line of business with enormous potential.”

Family medical cover can be purchased as an annual subscription of Sh12,000 for a cover valued at Sh290,000. The hospitalisation income replacement benefit of Sh500 per day will take care of lost income while in hospital and funeral expenses in case of death. The plan has been running successfully in Nairobi and will be launched nationwide, with a provider network of over 600 hospitals and clinics.


Kenya Travel Warning Advice News: Grenade Attack Nightclub, Diani, Mombasa 2 Jan 2014

2 January 2014 and a number of people were injured in a grenade attack on a nightclub in Diani, near Mombasa.

You should take care in public places where people gather, and exercise a heightened level of vigilance.

Monitor local and international media and keep up to date with this travel advice by subscribing to email alerts.

185,967 British nationals visited Kenya in 2012. Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.


Kenyan Tragedy A Wake Up Call For Expatriates With No Health Insurance

Think of a growing economy in Africa, and Kenya is bound to be high on the list. Kenyan national statistics show GDP growth of over 5% in the first quarter of 2013 and 4.3 per cent in the second quarter which put many mature Western economies to shame.

Democratic, growing and stable, the capital Nairobi is home to many regional corporate offices and has thriving European and US expatriate, student and NGO communities. Many come for the lifestyle too, which has long been recognised as relaxed and very attractive. Recently, several large Western-style malls have sprung up offering families the chance of a day out shopping, eating or going to the cinema. The Malls are busiest on Saturday mornings when local shopper numbers are boosted by large numbers of expatriates who call the Kenyan capital home.

However, Kenya has long displayed huge disparities in wealth, leading to an ever present threat of robberies, car-jackings, and home invasions. Homes are hidden behind high walls, often topped with razor wire. Home alarm systems and lockable safe rooms are essential in many houses rented to foreigners. Restaurants popular with expats are hidden from the street outside. Kenya too is a front line State in many other ways – with an army active in Somalia, Operation Linda Nchi ("Protect the country") is the codename for a co-ordinated military operation between the Somalian military, the Kenyan military and the Ethiopian military that began on 16 October 2011, when troops from Kenya crossed the border into the conflict zones of southern Somalia.

The soldiers were in pursuit of Al-Shabaab militants that are alleged to have kidnapped several foreign tourists and aid workers inside Kenya. Kenya is no stranger to terrorist attacks either. In 1998, Al Qaeda’s first major international strike was the twin bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, killing more than 200 people including 12 Americans.

Four years later, jihadists trained in Somalia tried to down an Israeli jet with a rocket-propelled grenade, and they crashed a truck full of explosives into a Kenyan hotel on the Indian Ocean, leaving 13 people dead. Against this background, or perhaps because of it, the country remains a popular destination for working expatriates and NGOs.

The recent tragedy of the Westgate shopping Mall illustrates brutally the importance of expatriates in the community. Of the estimated 67 dead, around six are known to be British, with a similar number of UK citizens still missing. With a heightened country risk profile, life insurers such as Friends Provident International have withdrawn life insurance for expatriates living and working there, so where does this leave those needing protection, for example in the area of international private medical insurance?

When countries are experiencing civil unrest or perhaps in the immediate aftermath of a major conflict, many expatriate health insurers will classify such situations as having a ”passive war risk” and, as a result, will limit cover available. For foreign workers of all nationalities, this presents significant problems and can act to deter workers from moving to such places to carry out vital reconstruction and development work at precisely the time when it is most needed.

Debbie Purser, managing director of MediCare International comments, “Passive war is a specific term used in the industry to describe a heightened risk which may be due to a number of factors. For the expatriate worker it is vital to check whether their international medical insurance cover is still valid or limited in any way. At MediCare International, we offer full passive war cover, meaning if you are unlucky enough to be taken ill or injured in such circumstances, your policy will still be active.”


AMREF Flying Doctors Is A New IAG Assistance Partner In Kenya

International Assistance Group is happy to announce the entry of AMREF Flying Doctors as Assistance Partner in Kenya. Since 2007, this specialized company has been supplying Aeromedical evacuation and assistance services in Kenya and neighbouring countries for International Assistance Group as medical correspondent. Today AMREF Flying Doctors strengthens the relationship by joining the Partnership Program.

Sean Culligan, COO, expresses AMREF Flying Doctors "desire to be part of the dynamic high-level organisation that is International Assistance Group and its associated network".

"The largest and best known air ambulance service in the region and the oldest in Africa" AMREF Flying Doctors Air Ambulance Service, based in Nairobi, Kenya, is the largest and best-known air ambulance service in the region. AMREF Flying Doctors has 55 years of experience and expertise providing East Africa, and beyond with the only air ambulance service that owns and operates its own Cessna Caravan aircraft, serving insurance companies and the public at large, including offering evacuations on a charity basis. "An air ambulance organization covering the whole of Africa and beyond."

AMREF Flying Doctors also leases a dedicated fleet of aircraft, ranging from Cessna Caravan and Beechcraft King Airs to Cessna Citation Bravo and Cessna Excel Jets and offers a 24 hour Air Ambulance service in Kenya, all neighbouring countries and beyond. Patients are also evacuated to South Africa, Europe, Asia and North America by private Air Ambulance or on commercial airline with medical escort.

A range of assistance services are also available, depending on the country coverage required. All air ambulance aircraft are fully equipped with certified stretcher systems and carry modern medical equipment including transport ventilators, electronic monitoring equipment, trauma equipment, medical supplies and drugs, for professional ICU patient transport.

About AMREF Flying Doctors

Founded in 1957 and employing 47 Staff FTE, AMREF Flying Doctors has flown over 23,000,000 miles in humanitarian operations since 1957 and carries out over 900 evacuations each year. AMREF Flying Doctors continues to ensure that their air evacuation services are available to people in disadvantaged and marginalised communities across East Africa by providing a Charity Evacuation program to those in need.


Jubilee Insurance and Bupa International Launch a Regional International Private Health Insurance Product

Jubilee Insurance and Bupa International Launch a Regional International Private Health Insurance Product

East Africa’s largest insurance group, Jubilee Insurance and leading international healthcare company, Bupa International, today launched a new international health insurance product dubbed Explorer Health Plan. Explorer will seek to provide health insurance services to the growing middle-class, mid-level executives, and expatriates living in Kenya and travelling in and around Africa, including those seeking treatment in South Africa, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The new healthcare insurance product will be available under the Business Explorer Health Plan for corporates and Explorer Health Plan targeting individual clients. {gallery}news-photos{/gallery}

Speaking during the launch, Jubilee Holdings Chairman Mr. Nizar Juma said, “Explorer is a regional plan from an international company designed to bring it within the reach of senior and middle executives specifically designed for the Africa market and it offers great value for money by providing both individual and corporate access to world class medical facilities.”

He added that the partnership with Bupa will enable Jubilee Insurance to meet the growing demand for international medical insurance products and provide a one-stop shop for medical cover to major corporations, private individuals and families in the region. Some of the unique benefits of Explorer Plan include a full range of health screening providing valuable early detection of conditions such as cancer, without lifetime limits for eligible treatment for chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, ensuring continued access to treatment for as long as a customer is on the plan.

Other benefits include cover for eligible treatment for HIV and AIDS including related conditions and drug therapy, In addition the product has no maximum age limit for new policy holders or those renewing the policy.

Bupa International’s Global Sales & Commercial Director, Tim Slee said, “we are delighted to be launching this new health insurance product, Explorer, adapted for the African market with Jubilee Insurance. Our experience in serving the African market for over 30 years and our global network expertise in designing world-class health insurance products for both individual and corporates will be key in providing access to high-quality international healthcare to the people of Kenya. Under the plan, Jubilee Insurance customers will receive full cancer treatment to ensure that customers are supported at every stage of the treatment. In addition, there will be a cover available for eligible congenital conditions such as heart defects."

“The new international health insurance product will offer our customers, locally and regionally, an expansive range of international medical health-care services through Bupa International, a health insurer of considerable repute and further demonstrates our aim to provide to the people of this region comprehensive benefits together with affordable, high quality healthcare service,” said Chairman of Jubilee Holdings, Mr. Nizar Juma.

The launch of the Explorer Health plan follows the strategic partnership that the two organizations, Bupa International & Jubilee Insurance launched in February this year which brings together Jubilee’s local knowledge with Bupa’s global healthcare expertise.

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