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Allianz Global Assistance UK Appoints Kate Walker To Lead Insurance And Assistance Product And Service Expansion

Allianz Global Assistance UK has announced the appointment of marketing specialist Kate Walker, to a new position leading Innovation Development, within the dedicated Strategic Marketing and Innovations Team.

Reporting to Regional Strategic Marketing and Innovations Director for Allianz Global Assistance across Northern Europe, Rene Vermeule, Kate is responsible for driving UK innovations across the business, predominantly focusing on the home, motor and health insurance and assistance arena.

CEO of Allianz Global Assistance UK Serge Corel commented, "New technology and changing customer needs, as well as the evolution of new business models, increases the need for rapid change and adaptation of products and services to ensure we are always able to provide the best solutions. A dedicated expert to manage innovations, from research and market monitoring to creating proposals for new solutions, is the best way to ensure we are able to remain ahead of the competition. Kate's experience of B2B marketing within the insurance industry, and experience in new business and proposition development, means she is perfectly placed to take up this vital role within the Strategic Marketing and Innovations Team."

Kate added, "I am delighted to take on this exciting new role to explore new opportunities to transform our motor, home and health customer service offerings now and in the future.   I also have the opportunity to look at entering new markets that will support the future needs of our clients, placing Allianz Global Assistance worldwide at the forefront of innovation and development. That's exciting."

As part of the Allianz group, Kate will be drawing upon the successes of other business units across the globe to both create new products and solutions, and improve existing offerings to meet the changing needs of the UK market. The new role is a key investment for Allianz Global Assistance, demonstrating its commitment to providing industry leading solutions for their clients and their customers

Kate's previous roles include Global Propositions Design Lead at Bupa Global, as well as various marketing roles for insurers such as Bupa International, RSA Insurance Group and Norwich Union (now Aviva).  




Medical Insurance Plan Launched For International Contractors

Specialist global insurance intermediary Bellwood Prestbury have, in partnership with APRIL international, launched a new international medical expenses plan specifically designed for the international contractor sector.

The plan has been designed to fill an important void for the many self-employed and small groups of employees who are often faced with a combination of high premiums and insufficient cover when trying to arrange cover.

Whether onshore or offshore, the International Contractors Health Plan offers a range of tailored medical insurance solutions for people working in the Oil & Gas, Energy, Telecommunications, Technology and Associated sectors

Offering a choice of three levels of cover available for periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, every policy includes as standard 24/7 Emergency Medical Evacuation (CEGA Assistance), 24/7 Crisis Management Assistance (Red24) and Global Blood Transfusion support (Blood Care Foundation), making it particularly ideal for anyone working in difficult or remote areas where medical treatment may be limited or hard to access.

Andrew Apps, Head of Global Healthcare at Bellwood Prestbury International commented “By bringing together a choice of comprehensive cover benefits and affordable premiums, this unique programme recognises the demands and requirements of the global contractor by packaging each element under a single proposition.”

The International Contractors Plan is ideal for anyone looking for either short or long-term cover, and has the advantage of providing cover between assignments, so removing the need to reapply for cover and facing potential underwriting issues every time a new job comes along”.

With a dedicated web site at, instant quotes available online and fast moratorium underwriting acceptance, the International Contractors Plan has been designed to be easy to understand, straight forward to buy and simple to use.


Interpace Diagnostics Announces Additional Coverage in Top Managed Care Health Plans for Their Thyroid and Pancreas Molecular Diagnostic Tests

PDI, Inc. subsidiary Interpace Diagnostics announced today that both the ThyGenX™ Thyroid Oncogene Panel and ThyraMIR™ Thyroid miRNA Classifier, its molecular diagnostic tests for indeterminate thyroid nodules, are now covered by one of the largest independent Blue Cross Blue Shield plans that insures 3.3 million lives. 

This medical policy update, covering both ThyGenX and ThyraMIR, represents the first large commercial plan to cover ThyraMIR, a novel microRNA gene expression classifier launched earlier this year. Furthermore, it follows the recent announcement of coverage by Aetna for ThyGenX, Interpace Diagnostics' genetic mutation panel used to improve risk stratification and surgical decision-making when standard cytopathology does not provide a clear diagnosis of thyroid cancer.  The combination of all plans, including Medicare coverage of ThyGenX, represents a total of 80 million covered lives for Interpace Diagnostics' molecular thyroid diagnostic tests.

Coverage of PancraGen™, Interpace Diagnostics' test for pancreatic cyst cancer risk stratification, was also recently extended to an additional 1.3 million lives by a contracted top national plan, bringing this plan's total covered lives for PancraGen to 10 million.  Additionally, one of the country's largest Blue Cross Blue Shield plans renewed PancraGen contract coverage for their 5.9 million lives. These plans recognize the value in identifying patients at risk of progression to pancreatic cancer and those at a lower risk with a high degree of accuracy, by ensuring their members have access to this technology.  The combination of all plans, including Medicare coverage of PancraGen, represents over 70 million covered lives for this molecular test.

"Coverage by these additional plans provides further validation of our tests' value to their members," said Nancy Lurker, CEO of PDI, Inc.  She adds, "We continue to advance discussions with other plans to increase coverage for our tests, efforts which will both benefit patients and further accelerate the current growth taking place at Interpace Diagnostics, our molecular diagnostics business."


Bermuda-Based Chinese Insurer Signs Innovative Deal Agreement

A Bermuda-based Chinese insurance company is poised to launch an innovative risk-industry product under a deal signed in Hamilton this month.

A signing ceremony, held earlier this month at the Fairmont Hamilton hotel to formally mark the new venture, was attended by Chinese and Bermuda companies, Bermuda's regulator, and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA).

The deal will see TOP Reinsurance Co. Ltd., a recently licensed, Chinese-owned Bermuda Class C insurer, assist in the structuring of a new healthcare insurance product for the Chinese market. The product, which must still receive approval from China's regulatory authority, will be reinsured by a new Bermuda entity to be established and owned by Guangdong Wing Yue Investment Co. a member of China's Daohe Group. The parties are being advised in Bermuda by Kane, PricewaterhouseCoopers and ASW Law Ltd.

"This is a welcome development for the Bermuda market and once again emphasises the fact that our jurisdiction is a hub for innovation--in the risk industry and other sectors," said Ross Webber, CEO of the BDA. "Bermuda has long been a centre for ground-breaking products and approaches, and our global reputation in that area remains strong. We welcome TOP Reinsurance Co. Ltd and Guangdong Wing Yue Investment Co, and look forward to doing more business with Asia."

Attendees from China included Xijian Zhou, Chairman, Qi Zhang, CEO, and Liwei Wang, CFO, respectively, of Guangdong Wing Yue Investment Company; and Min Cheng, Chairman, and Jiangtian Luo, Managing Director, both of TOP Reinsurance Co. Ltd. Bermuda attendees included representatives from the BDA, the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA), HSBC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Abbott & Associates.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with Guangdong Wing Yue Investment Co on this exciting and innovative project, and to assist in opening up a new frontier for the Bermuda reinsurance market," said Robert Eastham, Managing Director, Kane (Bermuda) Limited. The Daohe Group is a China-based investment management group focusing on high-growth opportunities and entrepreneurial business sectors.


The BDA encourages direct investment and helps companies start up, re-locate or expand their operations in our premier jurisdiction. An independent, public-private partnership, we connect prospective companies to industry professionals, regulatory officials, and key contacts in the Bermuda Government to facilitate domicile decisions and make doing business in Bermuda straightforward and beneficial.


High Growth And Wider Product Offering Spurs Expatriate Group Rebrand

Expatriate Healthcare has rebranded as Expatriate Group to reflect the fact that the fast-growing business has significantly expanded the range of products it offers to its international clients.

London-based Expatriate was founded in 2003 to offer healthcare insurance for expats. As a result of growing demand from clients for other products, the company now also offers term life insurance, travel insurance and income replacement insurance.

In financial year 2013-2014, Expatriate recorded a 128% increase in new customers, and for the first quarter of 2015, new policy purchases have increased by 206% compared to Q1 2014.

“As a result of growing demand from our clients for products other than healthcare, we have had to expand our lines of business,” said Expatriate Group Manager Lee Gerry. “Our clients have been really happy with the products and standards of service we deliver and they have been asking us to provide them with further products to support their lifestyles overseas.

“Since 2013, as many clients have been finding us for non-healthcare products as for healthcare, which is extremely pleasing.”

He said that the change of name to Expatriate Group reflected the company’s aim to become a “one stop shop” for expats and companies with an international presence, providing them with all the financial protection products they require.

Mr. Gerry added that Expatriate Group will consider launching a further range of products for expats within the next 12 months. 

About Expatriate Group

Expatriate Group provides medical healthcare, as well as Life, Travel and Income Replacement, that is designed solely for expatriates. All plans are created by experienced expatriate underwriters. The policies are comprehensive and easy-to-understand, and backed up 24 hours a day by a friendly medical team. London-based Expatriate Group provides health insurance to 103 nationalities in 151 countries, representing 77% of the countries in the world.

For further information on Expatriate Group, visit





Aviva Launches Cyber Cover

Aviva is launching its first cyber cover designed for small to mid-market customers to help combat the increasing threat of data and privacy breach they face today. Aviva, in partnership with IDT911, is providing insurance that offers cover and risk management expert services to help customers prepare in advance for and manage any issues after a data loss or breach.

Aviva’s cyber cover is the perfect complement to any commercial combined policy at new business, mid-term or renewal and provides three benefits to the cover:

  • Data breach response – 1st Party, entry level cover picking up investigation and response costs.
  • Computer Cover – 1st Party, extensive protection for clients, tailored to their requirements
  • 3rd party liability – protection against the insured’s legal liability to 3rd parties arising from the use of electronic media up to a £500,000 limit of indemnity in any one period, costs inclusive.

Angus Eaton, MD commercial lines at Aviva, said: “Cyber risks like hacking , a stolen laptop, system failures or a memory stick going missing are unfortunately very much part of the digital world. The impact on business operations can be catastrophic, not just the financial impact of a data breach but also in terms of the damage to reputation.

“It is why, based on broker feedback, Aviva’s cyber cover has been designed to give businesses an affordable way to protect themselves as well as access to expert advice should they suffer a data loss or breach.

“For example, a virus that has resulted in the loss of customer data needs a quick response not only to remove the virus and protect the data but also to ensure that staff, suppliers and customers are kept informed of any risk and remedial measures.
“Aviva’s cyber cover looks after the financial impact and most importantly helps businesses know what to do when a breach occurs to keep the business running”.

Nate Spurrier, business development director, IDT911, said: “Cyber attacks continue to be big news and are a real threat to business operations. It’s an area of expertise that all businesses need to understand. Our experience means we can help businesses identify the steps they can take to effectively ‘lock the front door’ to intruders to reduce the risk of a cyber attack and in the event of a breach we can also help them respond appropriately to restore and secure their data quickly, and manage any reputational damage.”

IDT911 has been providing customers with prevention education, proactive protection services and incident remediation since 2003, today working with more than 770,000 businesses across the United States and Canada.


ACE Life Launches Three New Flexible Insurance Products

ACE Life, the global life insurance division of ACE Group, today announced the launch of three new products - ACE Accident Guard Plan, ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II and ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II in Hong Kong. The three new products reflect ACE Life's focus on providing customers with more flexible insurance solutions to help build a secure and successful future.

ACE Accident Guard Plan is a comprehensive personal accident insurance plan with triple indemnity, which is rare in the market, for flight accidents. Plane crashes are making the news more frequently and this plan offers customers peace of mind with a one-stop solution, with a fixed premium payment period as short as 10 years for accident protection for themselves and their loved ones. Customers can enjoy comprehensive protection against total and permanent disability as well as accidental death and accidental dismemberment including also major burns and insanity.

In addition, ACE Life has also revamped its universal life plans, namely the ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II and ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II, to offer flexible solutions for life protection and wealth accumulation. Customers can receive a super bonus of up to 6% of one year's basic premium upon any successful application for a designated ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II from now until 30 June, 2015.

The ACE Accident Guard Plan and ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II, together with the ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II, offer comprehensive benefits, with the following features:

ACE Accident Guard Plan Product Highlights:

  • Payment period as short as 10 years covering lifetime protection for accidental death up to the age of 100, and accidental dismemberment, total and permanent disability up to the age of 75
  • Triple Indemnity will be offered in the event of death or dismemberment due to accidents whilst travelling as a fare-paying passenger on any scheduled commercial airline
  • Cash benefit will be paid upon non-accidental death, surrender or maturity starting from the end of the 3rd year policy
  • Worldwide emergency assistance services cover provision of medical evacuation and repatriation when travelling outside one's country of residence

ACE Golden Touch Saver Plan II Product Highlights:

  • Customers could receive crediting interest compounded daily and special Interest which will be credited every 5 years starting from the 10th policy anniversary and on policy maturity
  • Flexible premium payment options of 5/10/20 years for selection, with an extra bonus offered every 5 years upon the 10th policy anniversary onwards
  • A minimum interest rate of 3% per annum will apply with regard to the account value payable upon policy surrender, maturity or insured's death when the policy has run for 12 years or more
  • Flexibility to exercise annuity option to receive a fixed monthly income up to the age 105 or death, whichever is earlier

ACE Golden Touch ULife Plan II Product Highlights:

  • Customers could receive crediting interest compounded daily and special Interest every 5 years starting from the 15th policy anniversary and on policy maturity
  • Customers can enjoy an extra bonus of 3%/4%/5% at the 10th/15th/20th policy anniversary and every 5 years thereafter
  • A minimum interest rate of 3% annually will apply with regard to the account value payable upon policy surrender, maturity or insured's when the policy has run for 12 years or more
  • Flexibility to make optional unscheduled contributions on top of regular payments of the basic premium of protection-oriented option

Ms. Diana Kwan, Chief Partnership & Marketing Officer of ACE Life in Hong Kong, said, "Changes or mishaps can happen when you least expect them. As a result, we are committed to developing and enhancing our products so that they provide customers with the most comprehensive protection to cope with loss of life or money resulting from accidents. With a fixed premium period as short as 10 years, we offer accident plans for up to the age of 100 to protect customers throughout their lives. Our two universal life plans are designed to help customers fulfill their protection needs and grow their accumulated wealth at attractive returns with greater flexibility to meet their changing needs at different life stages."





International Private Medical Insurance VS Local Health Insurance

In the most recent International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Executive Round Table business forum, we speak with leading C-Level Executives about the major differences between international and local health insurance plans.


As expatriate hot spots around the world continue to mandate health insurance cover for expat employees, under various visa and employment laws, questions from the business community continue to be raised. Issues focus around how new laws will help and assist expatriates and what levels of cover they may expect from local health insurance plans.




Welcome To iPolicy Magazine: For International Expatriate Medical Health And Travel Insurance Brokers Agents And Intermediaries

Welcome To The 1st Issue Of iPMI Magazines Medical Health Travel and Expatriate Insurance Broker And Intermediary Report, iPOLICY.


Rounding up the last quarter's most important International Medical and Health Insurance Plan and Product News, iPOLICY is the essential digital report designed specifically for International Health Insurance Brokers and Intermediaries.

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Welcome To The 3rd Issue Of iPMI Magazines Medical Insurance Broker And Intermediary Report, iPOLICY.


Rounding up the last quarter's most important International Medical and Health Insurance Plan and Product News, iPOLICY is the essential digital report designed specifically for International Health Insurance Brokers and Intermediaries.

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Cigna TTK Health Insurance Launches Lifestyle Protection Product - Accident Care

Cigna TTK Health Insurance a joint venture between U.S. based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI), and Indian conglomerate TTK Group, today announced the launch of  its second, Lifestyle Protection product- Accident Care.

Accident Care is available to retail customers in three options- Basic, Enhanced and Comprehensive with a sum insured ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 crore.

Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Patel, CEO and Managing Director, Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited said “It is imperative to be prepared for adversity arising due to uncertainties in today’s evolving world. It is our aim to work together with our customers, to understand their unique needs and deliver on those needs.  Lifestyle protection products from Cigna TTK are designed to assure financial support through life’s ups and downs. It’s our endeavor to keep the products simple, convenient and comprehensive. Accident Care is uniquely designed to offer benefits and value for money, to our customers.”

Earlier, Cigna TTK also launched Critical Care, as a part of Lifestyle Protection product suite. This policy is available in two variants – Basic Plan and Enhanced Plan. 15 basic critical illnesses will be covered under basic plan and 30 under the enhanced plan. Cigna TTK – Critical Care offers a sum insurance ranging from 1 Lac to 25 crores. The minimum age to take this policy is 18 and the maximum age is 65 with a lifetime renewal facility. It is topped with a unique facility that allows our customers access to Cigna’s Global Network across 80 Countries and over 10,00,000 network hospitals at network rates to avail treatment for the diagnosed Critical Illness.

Talking about Critical Care, Mr. Patel said, “With growing sedentary lifestyles, changing environmental factors and high stress levels in the country, lifestyle diseases are becoming more and more prevalent.  Critical Care is designed to cater to the growing concerns of lifestyle diseases and the high medical costs associated with them. The product is also designed to complement indemnity medical products.”

“We intend to offer a comprehensive health insurance portfolio to all our customers. Both Accident Care and Critical Care are fixed benefit products which strengthens Cigna TTK’s suite of health insurance products offered in the market.” he added.

All Cigna TTK products offer immediate access to Cigna TTK’s online wellness program- ProActiv Living, to all policy holders, offering customers Health Risk Assessment, Targeted Risk Assessment and Lifestyle Management Programs to improve their lifestyle.

In addition, the policy holder is also entitled for tax benefit under section 80D as per Income Tax act.

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