Experts Recommend Must Have Healthcare App for Overseas Travel  mPassport®  Puts You in Control of Your Agenda

HTH Worldwide, a global health services and technology company, reminds world travelers to account for personal health and safety when planning a trip abroad this summer. “HTH Worldwide created mPassport to help people gain access to healthcare information and services all over the world. With web and mobile options, people have convenient access to the tools necessary to stay in control of their agenda,” said Dave Weber, Managing Director for HTH Worldwide.

mPassport was recently recommended by the Safety Chick on TODAY with Kathie Lee and Hoda. It is available through a subscription at mPassport.com and as a downloadable app through the App Store and Google play. mPassport can help the more than nineteen million Americans traveling abroad this summer find reliable medical care from trusted doctors when far from home. Over 100,000 business and leisure travelers, students and expats, have traveled the world with this service and have enjoyed easy access to quickly and conveniently connect to local quality care in any situation:

  • Find a Provider - Locate the right doctor, dentist, mental health professional, hospital or clinic.
  • Request an Appointment - HTH will schedule a convenient time for you to meet with an English-speaking provider.
  • Know Your Medications - Brand names are different around the world; find the local equivalent and availability of your prescription, then locate a pharmacy.
  • Translate Medical Terms and Phrases - You can even play an audio clip for others to hear.

About HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide is a global leader that provides access to quality healthcare information and services all around the globe. HTH’s mission is to help people anywhere and anytime understand, navigate and access the best available preventive, routine and complex health care services. HTH Worldwide will remain an industry leader in the design, development and distribution of mobile and online global resources across a variety of channels to accomplish its mission. For further information, visit http://www.hthworldwide.com/.

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