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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Sumit Gaurav, CEO, Roy Medical Assistance

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, met with Sumit Gaurav, CEO, Roy Medical Assistance. They discussed Roy Medical Assistance and its operations in India, and its emergency medical assistance work across Asia, the Middle East and some key tourist destinations like the Maldives.

Please introduce yourself and background in the international medical assistance market:

My name is Sumit Gaurav and I am the CEO of Roy Medical Assistance.

I started my career working with a hospital in India. I lead the international business development for European, American, and Latin American markets. At the same time, I saw that Asia needs a local international TPA because some insurers and assistance companies, out-side of Asia, were not paying the hospitals. Day by day hospitals were blocking international Insurance companies and they needed a local office so they can communicate and take the payment guarantee. At that time many international travellers, expats and students were facing problems for cashless treatments.

In 2016 we discussed this, with the one of the largest hospitals in Asia, explaining that we can handle international claims through a local office. But it was not easy to establish the faith with the hospitals. So, in 2016, I went on to create an innovative, solutions-oriented company offering multiple customizable international medical assistance services.

I founded Roy Medical Assistance as an International TPA and Medical Assistance company in Asia. Since that time, we have contracted with some of the largest group of hospitals and insurers to meet their evolving healthcare needs.

Our goals are help to providers and consequently payors, by processing theirs claims as our top priority and paid the hospitals on time.

Who is Roy Medical Assistance, and what does the company provide?

Roy Medical Assistance is acting as an international TPA and provides medical and claims assistance services in Asia, acting as a local guarantor to over 5000 network hospitals.

  • Single contact number for all insured queries and claims assistance.
  • Rapid access to our network of medical facilities.
  • Step by step case management for out- patient and in patient.
  • 24 hours Alarm centre with caring, trained co-ordinators who can immediately validate the policy cover and arrange direct settlement facilities with chosen medical providers.

Typically speaking, who are your clients?

Great question! Our clients are travellers, students, diplomats, business travellers, NGO’s and long stay expatriate families. To enable access to international medical treatment abroad, we work with international medical insurers, assistance companies, private corporations, hospitals, and medical transportation businesses.

Roy Medical Assistance provides international medical assistance services in India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Maldives, UAE, Turkey and Myanmar. What challenges do these regions pose?

We partner with hospitals in our network in all those areas, but sometimes we faced with the challenge on a small island, in the jungle plus hard to reach mountain ranges where medical facilities do not exist. If any patient is in a remote region, we can provide our best solutions to access the best and most relevant treatment and hospitals in that geographic region.

As example, we face many challenges in the Maldives. Here is a 1000 small islands with no medical facilities and no doctors available. We have sea ambulances and when we receive any request our team reach may reach those destinations within 30-45 minutes. We then provide the first aid treatment where necessary and then evacuate the patient to a network hospital provider.

COVID-19 has grounded many airlines and put a stop to international leisure travel. How has your business handled these problems?

As we all know, COVID 19 has grounded many airlines which resulted in a great impact on all our lives. Unfortunately, most of the travel industry and lot of the travel insurance sector has been severely affected. But our services are 24/7, 365 days a year, as hospitals and other necessary medical services providers are online to track and handle the situation up to mark of client satisfaction.

There are currently over 80 million expatriates around the world. What work are you doing for the expatriate market?

During COVID 19, many expatriates living with their family are fearing the current situation. But we can assure clients, whatever the issue, Roy Medical Assistance can provide medical assistance anytime, and anywhere. Frequently we are speaking with hospital management and our clients if any issues arise, we can provide our best medical assistance solutions.

Can you walk us through the features and benefits of your provider network?

You can read all about our business on our website: Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss custom medical assistance services for the Asia Pacific region.

Technology is playing an ever more increasing role in the international insurance market. How are you leveraging the power of technology to improve patient care, and reduce the bottom line to the payor?

Correct. Technology is playing a very important role in our sector to improve patient care and reduce the bottom line of payor. In that area’s our team is working hard day and night:

  • 24 hours alarm centre is fully operational during COVID-19;
  • We have claims and payment teams, they can verify all claims accordingly to the insureds policy conditions and we pay to the hospitals within agreed time;
  • We have our own medical team in our assistance centre who help the patient and make the medical report that international insurers will understand, in order to approve the further treatment without delay;
  • Very soon we are launching reimbursement software where the patient can upload all documents and within 1 week our team will verify.

In the next 5 years, how will the international medical assistance market develop?

Development areas and opportunities include global mobility, communications, and time management. Supporting the technology and ad hoc information is essential to the success of business.

Last, but not least, if you could live anywhere, on land, or at sea, where would it be?

I always want to live in my home country, India. But during my life journey, I want to travel the whole world to see different countries, cultures, living styles, and meet new people.



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