A voluntary process, that allows air ambulance companies the opportunity to prove their reliability and quality. A seal of approval from an independent third party auditor. iPMI Magazine Executive Roundtables take place virtually and face-to-face. Bringing buyers, sellers and peers together, under 1 roof. Executive roundtable positions remain by invite only and highly exclusive. Bridging the information gap, iPMI Magazine Executive Roundtables educate at an industry and Government level, about the most important topics of the time.

To express interest please apply in writing by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and attach your CV and full company information to Kristina Kellstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, iPMI Magazine.

Questions include:

1- What accreditation programs exist for medical transportation providers? 2- How do voluntary accreditation programs like EURAMI differ from state requirements put in place by agencies like the CAA or FAA? 3- What benefits do patients see from an accredited medical transport company? 4- How feasible is 1 worldwide standard for air and ground ambulance companies? 5- How can we manage and measure the quality of air and ground ambulance brokers? 6- When air ambulance companies work together on a case or piggy back, how can you ensure the quality of your partners? 7- What happens if an accredited air ambulance company has an accident? 8- Who measures the quality and regulates voluntary medical transportation accreditation programs like EURAMI? 9- Do assistance and insurance companies prefer to contract accredited medical transportation companies? 10- How does your business measure and manage quality? 11- What may be improved in the accreditation process? 12- How can we measure the quality of medical escorts on commercial airlines? 13- Can smaller air ambulance companies, who do not have a large volume of business, gain accreditation? 14- What does the future hold for medical transportation accreditation?



MedCare Professional provides Ground Ambulance and Air Ambulance Services to the International Travel, Medical, HealthExpatriate Insurance and Assistance Marketplace.

MCP is a leading medical transportation services provider and offers national and international patient transport. We operate reliably and economically with leading insurance companies, hospitals and groups together, our team has won several awards for its outstanding quality.

MedCareProfessional is as the name of the program: Only highly qualified medical staff takes care of the patient, our equipment is many-to-date national and international certifications out for us self-evident proof of our own standard of quality - as a guarantee for our customers and their own motivation. You can rely on us. Always.

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