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iPMI Magazine Speaks With Jody Baker, Commercial Director, Charles Taylor Assistance

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Jody Baker, Commercial Director, Charles Taylor Assistance

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, sits down with Jody Baker, Commercial Director, Charles Taylor Assistance. They discuss in detail Charles Taylor Assistance, their services, the types of clients they work with, the current international medical assistance and cost containment market and the affect of COVID-19 on the industry. Please introduce yourself and your background in the international private medical and travel insurance market: I joined Charles Taylor Assistance...

09-04-2020 Executive Industry Interviews

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Mike Webb, CEO, Healix International

iPMI Magazine Speaks With Mike Webb, CEO, Healix International

In this exclusive iPMI Magazine interview, Christopher Knight, CEO, iPMI Magazine, sits down with Mike Webb, CEO, Healix International. They discuss in detail Healix International core services, client profiles, and the international medical assistance trends shaping the future of the business. Please introduce yourself and your background in the international medical and risk markets: I’ve spent the last 25 years working within the general insurance risk marketplace, with a focus on international...

11-03-2020 Executive Industry Interviews

iPMI Magazine Featured News Articles

COVID-19 And Its Impact On The Middle East And North Africa (MENA) Region

COVID-19 And Its Impact On The Middle East And North Africa (MENA) Region

Jacob Weiss – Global Threat Analyst – MENA for global travel risk management and international medical and security assistance provider, Healix International, provides an insight into the impact of COVID-19 in the Middle East and North Africa. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to every country in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with the impact likely to be immediate and long-lasting. Before the first case of COVID-19 was...

29-04-2020 Articles Case Studies

Air Alliance Joins International Assistance Group As Accredited Service Provider

Air Alliance Joins International Assistance Group As Accredited Service Provider

Reflecting the needs of travel insurers and their medical assistance providers, with three strategically placed European bases in Germany, the UK and Austria, Air Alliance provide technically supported platforms for their impressive fleet of 11 pre-configured air ambulances. A variety of Learjets forms a core which quickly covers Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. An experienced planning team and availability of pilots will extend the range to North and South...

28-04-2020 iPMI Magazine Medical Air Ambulance Repatriation Medevac Company News

Traveller Assist Evacuates Scientists From Costa Rican Jungle During COVID-19 Global Lockdown

Traveller Assist Evacuates Scientists From Costa Rican Jungle During COVID-19 Global Lockdown

At 02:45hrs, global medical and security assistance provider, Traveller Assist received a phone call from a distressed male who explained that he was a member of a small scientific team who had been on a remote expedition in the jungles of Costa Rica for the past 12-weeks; with absolutely no contact with the outside world, and seemingly no idea about the global lockdown that is in place due to Covid-19. The...

27-04-2020 Articles Case Studies

A Video Message from Gitte Bach, CEO and President, New Frontier Group

A Video Message from Gitte Bach, CEO and President, New Frontier Group

A message for everyone, from Gitte Bach, President & CEO at New Frontier Group – please listen in.

24-04-2020 Cost Containment News

VIDEO: Global Excel Develops StandbyMD COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

VIDEO: Global Excel Develops StandbyMD COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous strain on call centers around the world. Emergency departments have been overwhelmed by worried patients, multiplying the risk of infection. In response, Global Excel has developed a COVID-19 version of their StandbyMD directional care solution, which uses Artificial Intelligence to assess patients’ health risk level, screening for COVID-19-specific symptoms, and proposes the most appropriate type of care, anywhere in the world – including their...

23-04-2020 Cost Containment News

Healix International Ensures Successful COVID-19 Repatriations

Healix International Ensures Successful COVID-19 Repatriations

During the last month global travel risk management and international medical and security assistance provider, Healix International, has been working closely with clients around the world to bring their employees and students home before borders closed due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. With the situation changing rapidly, and differing vastly between countries and regions, Healix used its international network of experts to help clients navigate the crisis and repatriate their people...

22-04-2020 iPMI Magazine Medical Travel Technical Roadside Assistance Company News

The iPMI Market In Focus

International Health Insurance 2019: The Definitive iPMI Market Report

International Health Insurance 2019: The Definitive iPMI Market Report

Leading international private medical insurance publisher iPMI Magazine is excited to announce the launch of “International Health Insurance 2019 - International Health Insurance for Expats, High Net Worth Individuals, 3rd Country Nationals, Domestic Nationals and Global Nomads: Volume 1, 2 and 3.  There are more opportunities than ever for insurers and brokers to sell health insurance globally to locals and internationals. The global demand for health insurance is rising fast; There are opportunities for...

05-04-2019 International Private Medical Insurance Magazine Reports

iPMI Magazine Latest Video

Video: In 2019 The Definition Of An Expatriate Is Obsolete

Video: In 2019 The Definition Of An Expatriate Is Obsolete

The definition of an expatriate is obsolete because more people, including local nationals and expats, regularly travel internationally, due to their lifestyle, income and careers: a view shared by Ian Youngman, author of the brand new IPMI report, International Health Insurance 2019 and Generali Global Health CEO Marco Giacomelli. In the video Generali Global Health CEO Marco Giacomelli explains why IPMI is so important for globally mobile people and why the traditional concept...

19-06-2019 Articles Case Studies

iPMI Magazine Provider Network

iPMI Magazine Provider Network e-Directory March 2020: iPMI - Assistance - Air Ambulance - Funeral Directors - Cost Containment - Claims Management + MORE

iPMI Magazine Provider Network e-Directory March 2020: iPMI - Assistance - Air Ambulance - Funeral Directors - Cost Containment - Claims Management + MORE

The March 2020 edition of the iPMI Magazine Provider Network e-Directory is out now. Over 70 pages of company intelligence including iPMI - Assistance - Air Ambulance - Funeral Directors - Cost Containment - Claims Management + MORE.     Enter full screen click the small rectangle above ↑ The IPMI industry use the iPMI Magazine Provider Network Directory to source the best information and data on international private medical insurance payors and providers. They may be...

11-03-2020 iPMI Magazine Breaking News

WellAway Limited Provides ACA Compliant Products With Optional Worldwide Coverage

As part of its ongoing commitment to make it easy for expats to stay healthy and safe, WellAway Limited ( now offers health insurance products that meet US healthcare regulations and offer worldwide coverage.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that expats planning to spend more than 11 months in the US must be covered by an ACA compliant health insurance plan in order to avoid paying tax penalties. In response to newly implemented US regulations, WellAway® launched the New American plan to accommodate expats relocating to the United States of America.

“We saw a need for a product that would service our global citizens.” said Griselle Chernys, CEO for WellAway Limited. “While they may call the US home for an extended period of time, they do travel and need coverage elsewhere. Our goal was to make it easy with one plan.”

New American is an ACA compliant health insurance product that also offers worldwide coverage. Members receive comprehensive medical coverage including maternity benefits. All WellAway plans also include emergency evacuation and repatriation. Members can choose to expand their coverage beyond the US with ACA+ optional worldwide coverage and further enhance their policy with benefits that include: vision and dental, life and disability, kidnap and ransom, and terrorism.

WellAway® offers the most complete health coverage for expatriates worldwide paired with white-glove ConciergeCare service that delivers reliable member support and is available in more than 180 countries.

For more information, please contact WellAway Limited at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Bupa Arabia Launches New International Health Insurance Plan Covering Members Anywhere Around The World

Bupa Arabia has announced launching a new International Health Plan for members to have access anywhere, anytime to a hospital or healthcare professionals, in Saudi Arabia or even when they are travelling abroad.  The 'International Health Plan' is Bupa Arabia's first international single card plan for members to cater to their global healthcare needs.

The 'International Health Plan' provides access to over 1.2 million healthcare providers in 190 countries when the Bupa insurance card is presented. It empowers its members to access elective or emergency treatments abroad whenever they need it.

The 'International Health Plan' is targeted to achieve many of the benefits to the beneficiaries wherever they go for business or leisure, with immediate coverage for preventative tests, maternity cases, dental and optical, cancer treatment, chronic diseases, and more with coverage reaching up to tens of millions of dollars.

"With the rise in the number of Saudis and Expats travelling abroad for business and pleasure, along with the increase in foreign investors and business representatives coming into the Saudi business field, the necessity of expanding our coverage internationally has become extremely apparent." said Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia.

"People's lifestyles are constantly changing, especially in Saudi Arabia," CEO Nazer continued, "and we must be fast on our feet to meet the demands for new health coverage plans that these changes are generating. Whether a person is a frequent traveler for business or pleasure outside the Kingdom, a familiar and reliable international health insurance plan is indispensable, so making Bupa Arabia your insurance partner is a smart decision."

This innovative product is a result of the fruitful partnership between Bupa Arabia and Bupa Global, which possesses more than 70 years of experience in international healthcare across more than 190 countries around the globe.


Medical And Security Product Launched For Insurers Of Corporate Travellers

An innovative travel risk management programme - INtrinsic - has been launched for insurers and organisations sending employees abroad, providing a full range of medical and security services via a single contact point. 

The INtrinsic programme aims to ensure that companies with employees overseas are able to prepare for the unexpected, to keep staff safe and to reduce travel risk in an emergency abroad. The product of a strategic partnership between CEGA, the global medical assistance and risk management providers, and Solace Global, the security specialists, it comprises comprehensive staff training, travel risk mitigation measures, usable technology, 24/7 response capabilities and post-event evaluation.

"INtrinsic gives organisations a single, on-going view of travel risk management, ensuring they can reduce exposure to risk before and during staff deployments overseas and manage medical and security emergencies centrally," says CEGA's Commercial Director, Jody Baker.

"By unifying the management of travel risk it aims to reduce the cost, trauma and delays often associated with a fragmented supply chain of medical and security providers."

Simon Griffith, Managing Director of Solace Global, adds, "In recent times the world's risk landscape has evolved, with threats on an unprecedented scale, including terror attacks across six continents, Ebola epidemics, and devastating natural disasters.

The reality of life on the ground means that, once an incident occurs, it can rapidly spiral out of control if the right advice is delayed or the wrong strategic decisions are made. By providing a single security and medical response service with the in-house skills to advise and react appropriately, INtrinsic presents one of the most exciting developments in responsible travel management."

Interest in the new service is reported to be strong amongst a variety of organisations, including the oil and gas, maritime and NGO sectors.

INtrinsic will be displayed at Olympia's Business Travel Show in London, on February 24th and 25th, at stand B251.


Top 5 International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) Magazine Global Medical Insurance Providers And Companies 2015

Congratulations to Globality Health, the most popular iPMI (international private medical insurance) provider of iPMI Magazine in 2015. 

Globality Health is the international health insurer with a special focus on expatriates. People who study, live or work abroad.

Special mentions also go to our runner ups including Cigna Global iPMI, Integra Global, Expatriate Group and ALC Health. 

Globality Health 

Cigna Global iPMI

Integra Global

Expatriate Group

ALC Health







Top International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) Magazine Cyber And I.T Security News 2015

Turkey Travel Warning: Reports Of An Explosion At Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Reports of an explosion at Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul at around 2am on 23 December 2015; the circumstances of the incident are currently under investigation; the airport remains open.

Over 2,500,000 British nationals visit Turkey every year. 


British nationals need a visa to travel to Turkey, except for cruise ship passengers with ‘British Citizen’ passports who arrive at sea ports for tourist visits to the port city or nearby cities, provided that the visit doesn’t exceed 72 hours.

If you’re visiting Turkey as a tourist or on business, get an e-Visa online before you travel. Only use the official Republic of Turkey e-Visa website. Avoid unauthorised websites as they may charge an additional fee. Some unauthorised websites have issued fake e-Visas.

If you don’t have an e-Visa you can still get a visa on arrival for £20 in cash, although the visa on arrival service is due to be phased out. Getting an e-Visa from the official website before you travel will avoid possible problems or delays at the Turkish border, or when boarding your flight in the UK.

International Private Medical Insurance For Turkey

Take out comprehensive international private medical insurance before you travel to Turkey, to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad or emergency repatriation and evacuation. Be sure to read the small print of all iPMI policies before you purchase. 


Tunisia Travel Warning: State Of Emergency Has Been Extended For 2 Months

State of emergency has been extended for 2 months from 24 December until 21 February 2016. Further attacks remain highly likely, including against foreigners. Security forces are on a high state of alert in Tunis and other locations. You should be especially vigilant and avoid crowded places over the holiday period, including around Mouled (24 December), Christmas and New Year.

If you choose to travel to or remain in Tunisia then you should check that your insurance policy provides adequate cover. You should be especially vigilant and follow the advice of the Tunisian security authorities.

There are no direct flights between the UK and Monastir or Enfidah airports. There are daily Tunis Air flights from Tunis Carthage airport direct to London, and indirect daily departures with European carriers. Contact your airline or travel company directly if you have an enquiry about your travel plans.

If you need consular assistance (above and beyond travel information) you should contact the British Embassy in Tunis.

The Tunisian presidency announced on 22 December 2015 that the state of emergency imposed after a suicide attack on a police bus on 24 November would be extended for a further 2 months from 24 December until 21 February 2016.

The threat from terrorism in Tunisia is high. Further attacks remain highly likely, including against foreigners. Security forces are on a high state of alert in Tunis and other locations. You should be especially vigilant over the holiday period, including around Mouled (24 December), Christmas and New Year. Avoid crowded places and follow the advice of the Tunisian security authorities and your travel company, if you have one.

A terrorist attack took place at Port El Kantaoui near Sousse on 26 June. Thirty eight foreign tourists were killed, including 30 British nationals. Further terrorist attacks are highly likely, including in tourist resorts, and by individuals unknown to the authorities whose actions may be inspired by terrorist groups via social media. On 17 November the Tunisian authorities announced they had foiled a major plot to attack ‘hotels and vital installations’ in Sousse. On 24 November a number of security personnel were killed in a suicide attack on a police bus on Avenue Mohammed V in central Tunis. A state of emergency was declared for 30 days from 24 November 2015. 

Since the attack in Sousse, we have been working closely with the Tunisian authorities to investigate the attack and the wider threat from terrorist groups in Tunisia. Although we have had good co-operation from the Tunisian government, including putting in place additional security measures, the intelligence and threat picture has developed considerably, reinforcing our view that a further terrorist attack is highly likely. On balance, we do not believe the mitigation measures in place provide adequate protection for British tourists in Tunisia at the present time.

On 8 July, the Tunisian Prime Minister stated publicly that further attacks were likely. The Tunisian authorities have increased their security measures but have also acknowledged the limitations in their ability to counter the current terrorist threat.

International Private Medical Insurance (iPMI) For Tunisia

Take out comprehensive travel and international private medical insurance before travelling to Tunisia, to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad or emergency repatriation and evacuation. Be sure to read the small print of all iPMI policies before you purchase. 


What Are The Key Differences Between An iPMI And A Local Insurance Plan?

In a recent International Private Medical Insurance Magazine executive round table business forum, we spoke with leading C-Level executives about the major differences between international private medical insurance plans and local insurance plans.

As expatriate hot spots around the world continue to mandate insurance cover for expatriate employees, under various visa and employment laws, questions from the business community continue to be raised. Issues focus around how new laws will help and assist expatriates and what levels of cover they may expect from local insurance plans.

GREGOR SCHULTE Globality Health: At their heart, international health insurance plans are designed to cover all costs of high quality medical care regardless of the location of the insured person and the standard of local health services. Whereas a local plan is designed to provide cover primarily in a single country, taking into account the insurance practice and requirements of that country, access to state healthcare provisions and treatment costs in local hospitals only.

Of course international plans offer cover that transcends borders and generally include benefits specifically applicable to expatriates, such as repatriation and evacuation cover, assistance services and benefits, portability and freedom to choose the healthcare provider. The result is that iPMI usually provides far higher levels of benefits than those available from ‘local’ schemes, although this is dependent on which country is considered.

ANDREW APPS ALC Health*: Superficially there are many similarities between a local and international private medical (iPMI) plan. The fundamental difference is the target audience for each of these two very different products.

An iPMI plan is designed to cover a policyholder, usually an expatriate, for practically any health-related matter they may encounter, a local scheme does not have the same mandate, being designed with the local population in mind and most often acting as a support to local, often staterun facilities. This means that the features of each of these plans are markedly different.

The most noticeable difference is that an international plan usually offers a wider, more comprehensive range of benefits and with much higher benefit limits. For example, with an iPMI plan there can be generous cover for items such as GP visits, full chronic conditions cover, routine pregnancy and childbirth cover, evacuation and repatriation cover, and usually overall sum insured amounts that can be ten or twenty times higher than those of a local scheme.

Typically, an iPMI plan will also be portable, and not restricted to their country of residence, allowing the geographically mobile policyholder full access to all of their benefits wherever they are, in their chosen area of cover. Some iPMI plans also do not require their insured members to seek treatment within a network. The policyholder has the freedom to choose where they wish to receive treatment.

Naturally local schemes are usually less expensive than international plans, but correspondingly, the benefits are far less comprehensive, with low benefit limits (sometimes the benefits are blatantly only a contribution towards the total cost of treatment), out-of-network penalties, co-pay benefits, none or very limited out-of-country coverage. Most local schemes also do not offer 24 hour support.

Similarly by their very nature, local schemes are very much tailored to the local population with policy documentation available only in the local language and the benefits tailored to the audience the plan is designed for. The unwary expatriate with local cover may well find that he either has to make do with low levels of cover, or more likely will have to self-pay at least part of his treatment.

PHIL AUSTIN Cigna: International Health Insurance plans by their nature are better suited to expatriate life than local plans. They usually provide cover worldwide, meaning that wherever the individual happens to be in the world, they will be able to receive treatment.

Local plans on the other hand will normally only provide cover in a single country. This means that when the expatriate is making a trip back home, or is spending time in another country, they are potentially ineligible for treatment.

Moving to a new country often brings about basic challenges like language barriers and cultural adjustments. An international health insurance plan helps the expatriate remove a lot of this uncertainty as they will be dealing with a provider with experience in working with expats and experience in global healthcare. This means that often a language barrier can be removed by speaking to the insurer who can communicate directly with the hospital, and the expat can seek advice about local customs and peculiarities.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, expatriates who are not permanent residents or citizens of the country they are moving to may be ineligible for a local plan.

SHIRLEY PUCCINO GeoBlue: Local plans are designed to deliver coverage and services inside the host county and tend to incorporate underlying government health programs, networks, and delivery systems reflecting local languages, customs, business practices and provider relationships. International health insurance plans strive to provide more comprehensive global cover and an optimal experience globally, while to the extent possible, allow for local nuances in plan administration, delivery and practices.


*At the time of round table publication Andrew was working at ALC Health.


Commercial And Personal Non-Life Insurance Brokers In The UK

Two new research studies issued recently by Finaccord put a value of GBP 4.64 billion on the size of the total non-life insurance broking market in the UK in 2014, up marginally from GBP 4.55 billion in 2010. This was equivalent to a nominal compound annual growth rate of 0.5% but a compound annual rate of decline of 2.5% in real terms once inflation has been factored in. Moreover, the market size in 2014 was composed of around GBP 2.54 billion from commercial lines broking and GBP 2.10 billion from personal lines broking with the value of both segments having retreated in real terms since 2010.

"In terms of its overall value, the UK non-life insurance broking sector is both highly mature and competitive", commented Alan Leach, Director of Finaccord. "Nevertheless, while the market might appear stagnant at first glance, it masks considerable dynamism at the level of the specific competitors in it. Notably, merger and acquisition activity has been widespread in recent months and successful brokerages are achieving impressive rates of growth by implementing differentiated strategies in areas such as affinity and corporate partnerships, selling through aggregators, and developing expertise in specialist product or customer segments."

In addition to quantifying the value of the market, the latest research also ranks the top 60 brokerages in each of commercial and personal lines broking according to their fees and commissions generated from these activities in 2014. This data shows that the top three commercial lines brokers controlled 36.0% of the UK market in that year and the top ten 65.4% of it while the equivalent percentages for personal lines brokers were 32.4% for the top three and 63.4% for the top ten. However, while there has been a clear trend towards consolidation in commercial lines broking in recent years, this has been much less evident in personal lines broking.

Continued Alan Leach: "As has been well documented, many of the leading commercial lines brokers have expanded through purchasing smaller players in recent times. In particular, Arthur J. Gallagher is now ranked in the UK's top three as a result of a series of acquisitions made since 2011 and fast-growing competitors just outside of the top ten include Howden, a subsidiary of Hyperion Insurance Group, and US-based brokerage Integro. On the other hand, the IPOs of the AA and Saga out of Acromas Holdings in 2014 actually caused the UK's personal lines broking market to become less concentrated than before."

As for the future, Finaccord's analysis suggests that the UK non-life insurance broking sector will struggle to deliver much in the way of organic growth up to 2018. In fact, with a total forecast value of GBP 4.69 billion in that year, it will continue to decline in real terms as a result of both the limited scope for expansion of underlying non-life insurance markets and the fact that brokers will find it difficult to increase their distribution share in either commercial or personal lines. In the former case, this is because it is already very high (at around 88%) while in the latter it is due to on-going competition from alternative channels, most notably direct sales and aggregators.

"In order to compete successfully, non-life insurance brokers in the UK will have to carry on placing a high emphasis on innovation not only in their traditional field of broking but also, in some cases, in underwriting given that a number have set up facilities in this arena," concluded Alan Leach. "Conversely, a key issue for large insurance underwriters will be the recurring question of whether there is merit in their attempting to exert greater control over the broking channel by taking ownership of parts of it. Indeed, a number of the leading brokerages already belong to groups whose primary business is insurance underwriting."


New Protection System Helps Advisers Protect More Lives, More Easily

Aviva has launched a new dedicated protection system to help advisers protect more lives, more easily. Called Aviva Life Protection Solutions (ALPS), the new end to end platform represents the largest change to happen in the Aviva protection business for many years.

With more people than ever taking steps to protect their families from the unexpected by taking out life insurance, income protection and critical illness cover, Aviva’s new ALPS system provides advisers with a user-friendly, interactive and intuitive way to help clients get tailored protection cover, whoever they are and whatever their needs.

Key features of ALPS include:

  • At the heart of ALPS is a slicker, quicker ‘quote and apply’ system. With multi-product applications advisers will, for the first time, be able to offer clients income
  • protection, life insurance and critical illness cover on the same application.
  • Signature free applications (e-sigs) for own life cases makes the application process simpler and quicker.
  • Aviva quotes multi-product quotes are now available on all major portals. See ‘quote and apply in action’ video here.
  • Using a bank of over 500,000 questions, 600 different conditions, interactive underwriting mode is expected to produce 75% immediate acceptances, giving more certain customer outcomes, immediately.
  • Nine out of 10 customers can also expect to receive a decision based on application alone [no further evidence required] within 24 hours.
  • Extra and quicker commission payments for advisers using interactive underwriting.
  • New end-to-end system is accessible through one single portal (Aviva for Advisers website) making it quicker and easier than ever to provide clients with all the cover they need, instantly.
  • A broad range of flexible, new protection products for Life, Critical Illness and Income Protection cover will allows advisers to provide clients with tailored solutions to meet their changing needs, both now and in the future (See Technical Guide to Protection)
  • New and improved features, like family income cover on Life and Critical illness options, and comprehensive critical illness cover for 56 conditions, as well as up to £3 million sum assured, makes a more flexible and appealing offer for customers.
  • Quick and easy, real-time case tracking provides advisers with the ultimate control 24/7. Self service status; progress and ‘next action’ reports and the ability to view and download case documents instantly, gives advisers the information they need, when they need it, to manage their business efficiently.

Louise Colley, protection director at Aviva says, “Protection is the bedrock of financial planning, giving people the confidence to build their futures without fear of the unknown.  We believe everyone deserves to understand both the financial risks they face, and the importance of protection.  

“The introduction of Aviva Life Protection Solutions has helped us transform the way advisers do business with us so they can protect more lives, more easily.

"ALPS is an intuitive and interactive system which I’ve no doubt will save advisers valuable time and money, at the same time as better identifying customers’ protection needs and providing them with that all-important peace of mind.

“By totally re-engineering our system, the journey from quote through to claim is much cleaner and easier to navigate and this will revolutionise how advisers will write protection business with us in the future.”

Access to the new ALPS digital services and Aviva’s complete (online) product range is available through all major portals including Aviva for Advisers, using existing sign on details. Available free of charge to all Aviva for Advisers registered users, advisers have everything they need to fully support and service their clients quickly and securely.

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Travel Anxiety: Looking To The Future

Travel Anxiety: Looking To The Future

By Chris Knight, Head of Assistance for Charles Taylor Assistance: providers of global medical & security assistance, travel risk and claims management. Not so long ago, global travel intelligence platform Skift coined the term, "Permanxiety" to describe the high levels of worry felt by business travellers - about everything from technology to terrorism and culture wars to climate change.  Little did it anticipate the coming of COVID Anxiety to add to this extensive list. Growing worries Back in March of this year, almost every member company of the Global Business Travel Association...

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