About Mayday Assistance

Mayday Assistance specalise in providing a truly bespoke service to our Underwriters and your customers. Working within diverse markets such as private health, tourism and business travel. We are particularly experienced at managing travelers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Our operations office is UK based, providing frontline multi-lingual staff who speak most European languages whilst delivering emergency assistance and advice to your customer. Our language capability enables us to manage your customer's emergency as efficiently and effectively as possible, whilst ensuring that customer is provided with a decision on cover as soon as possible. Thus relieving any unnecessary anxiety caused whilst being unwell or injured in a foreign country. Our operational staff are unscripted as to ensure that each customer is dealt with on a case by case bias.

The Network

Using our global network we are able to source doctor, nurse and paramedic escorts, arrange ambulance and taxi transfers, ticketing and provide any other ancillary needs. With a truly global reach, Mayday Assistance has agreements with a network of global cost containers who provide medical audits and negotiate discounts with providers to ensure that policy terms and limits are enforced.


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Medical, Travel And Technical Assistance


A guide to leading international medical and travel assistance companies and providers, operating within leisure, expatriate and corporate business travel markets globally.


International Emergency Medical Travel Assistance Companies News and Services

International Emergency Medical, travel and technical assistance companies may provide out-of-hospital emergency healthcare services and manage medical cases for healthcare payors under member healthcare, medical, expatriate and travel insurance programs. Global Healthcare Insurance Companies rely on Medical, travel and technical assistance companies to provide a myriad of international assistance services. Medical, travel and technical assistance companies are located all over the world and act as an extended arm of assistance for expatriates, business travelers and tourists. Medical, travel and technical assistance companies may offer 24/7 Third Party Administration; Cost Containment and Medical Case Management Services; Air Ambulance Services including MEDEVAC, Non Medical Evacuation, Medical Escorts on Commercial Airlines and Repatriation Services. The iPMI Magazine international medical assistance services and company provider network directory is the definitive resource for those searching the net for international assistance in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and The Americas.