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MDabroad Launches New Network In Brazil

MDabroad Launches New Network In Brazil

MDabroad announces the launch of its newly developed network in Brazil. In addition, the company will be providing local case management functions. Typically, the Brazilian market has been a point of concern for insurers, where local presence and case management and assistance firms have had relatively limited...

26-04-2018 Cost Containment News

About MDabroad

MDabroad was established in 2000. We developed a role of unquestionable leadership in the health care industry as the first facilitator for the financial needs of hospitals, providers, and other international health industry payers.

In just over 15 years, we have managed over 500 million dollars worldwide in settlements of medical claims between healthcare providers and insurers with full recognition and satisfaction between both segments.

Our formula is very simple: We act as a clearinghouse that ensures that provider and payer expectations are met. The approach to settling claims is transparent and collaborative and ensures that value is given to all parties involved.

Payers, hospitals, and physicians work mainly with local healthcare clients with the same languages and cultural norms. But, significant differences can arise when dealing with foreign hospitals. For instance, a patient claim from Latin America and an insurance company from Germany. These differences may hinder a proper understanding between each party which can result in a compromised payment settlement.

MDabroad stands out as the company that bridges cultural, medical, and administrative differences between healthcare providers and payers by enabling timely claims settlement resolutions that satisfy both parties involved.