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Special Transports With ECMO Worldwide By Air Ambulance and MICU Ground Ambulances

The life expectancy of mankind is rising on a global scale like never before in history. The reasons are multifactorial but the most important factors accounted for this fact are better hygiene, the availability of better nutrition and for the developed countries, the benedictions of...

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Founded in 2007, MedCareProfessional offer national and international medical transportation.

We are fast and considerate for our patients, and economically sound and reliable for our principals.

Our specialised personnel and vehicles are on site 24/7 at the communication and dispatch centre headquarters. Thus we guarantee operations at the shortest notice with cost-oriented calculation and sound quality standards. Whether on ICU ground transports, ambulance transports or air ambulance flights, patient care is implemented by our highly qualified medical personnel using the most modern equipment.

Our commitment knows no time limit – and we warmly invite you to employ our services