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Introducing MedinyX Technologies

Introducing MedinyX Technologies

Extensive domain knowledge, technological adaptations, and cutting-edge solutions make MedinyX Technologies the pioneer in developing comprehensive software solutions for insurance and assistance companies across the globe. Our innovative insurance software solutions help companies achieve their business goals in all insurance industry segments, such as Health, Life...

25-01-2022 iPMI Magazine Information Technology News

About MedinyX Technologies

MedinyX Technologies - developed by Insurance and Assistance industry experts based on a deep understanding of the needs for empowering Insurers and Assistance companies as well as medical transportation companies, providing them what is needed for their business to adapt to the global changes at hand.

Our solutions include Telehealth systems that have been deployed by governmental health schemes such as the Medinyx proprietary Digital Health Assessment (DHA) tools as well as OECD Drug data, worldwide Doctor networks with specialists, or an EXPAT Health platform for better member experience to boost sales, and a highly sophisticated Case management platform. MedinyX Technologies is not just another player in this field.

By helping our various clients around the globe improve business processes with our solutions, it is no surprise MedinyX Technologies is a preferred choice by many within the industry. MedinyX, on the other hand, strives to remain innovative and continue thinking out of the box, with solutions that fit all company sizes within the industry, small or big