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Angel MedFlight's Innovative Approach to Employee Training

As an innovative industry leader, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance implements a world-class training and development program to ensure every employee is equipped with the necessary tools to excel in his or her job function.

This requires remaining on the cutting edge of technology and education in two ever-evolving industries: aviation and healthcare.

Matt Greenwell, RN, CFRN, NREMT-P, FP-C, Angel MedFlight's Director of Clinical Operations teaches a Flight Physiology training course. He explains how pressure and altitude affect patients and the medical flight crew alike. Everything is measured in pressure and how it affects people differently; a patient is going to react differently at sea level than at 40,000 feet. "It's very important that the patient's history and condition is taken into consideration when the flight coordinators plan the flight," said Greenwell, adding, "Altitude and air density, cabin pressure and the condition of the patient all play a role in coordinating a flight and determining the correct altitude and cabin pressure."

Angel MedFlight's training curriculum is comprised of specialized instruction from each department including aviation, aviation maintenance, safety, operations, flight coordination, medical, quality management, legal, claims, human resources, IT and business development.

Employees are trained to understand the role of each job function and how they integrate; streamlining the overall communication process.

Employee training is an ongoing process; with continuing education requirements. An important part of Angel MedFlight's training program is a course designed for Flight Coordinators. It is imperative for Flight Coordinators to know how flights operate, the medical and technical aspects involved to accurately determine each patient's medical needs.

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