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Video: Medic Air Teams Evacuates Belgian Traveller From Ho Chi Minh City To Brussels

Medic Air has evacuated a Belgian traveler with heart failure and septic shock from Ho Chi Minh City to Brussels by air ambulance on a local physicians' request.

The mission was performed last week with a twin team of four medical attendants, intensive care team and cardiovascular surgeon. During the 18 hour flight the patient benefited from Extra Corporal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), close monitoring with ultrasound and blood analyzer on board, French Lyophilized Plasma (PLYO), inotropic support and mechanical ventilation.

The twin team cohesion and logistic organization by Medic Air Ops desks in Shanghai and Paris follow the High Reliability Organization (HRO) appliance for all missions to guaranty the mindfulness of each act, expert in their daily professional practice. The evacuation was complex but completed smoothly and was uneventful.

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