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Neonatal Transport Out Of The UK: Air Alliance And Embrace Enter Strategic Partnership

In The iPMI Picture: Embrace Senior Transport Nurse Ann Jackson during a neonatal mission In The iPMI Picture: Embrace Senior Transport Nurse Ann Jackson during a neonatal mission

This summer has seen Air Alliance’s in-house clinical capabilities continue to evolve. They have cemented their clinical partnership with Embrace, a CAMTS accredited neonatal and paediatric transport service hosted by Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, by undertaking a number of transfers since August.

“We believed that it was extremely important to work with a specialised and experienced retrieval team on these types of transfers” states Jane Topliss, Director of UK Aeromedical Services. “By having this partnership in place, we can ensure that the transfer of these complex patients is done as safely as possible and is clinically managed by experts in the field”.

Embrace are working alongside Air Alliance UK based teams to give Air Alliance full neonatal and paediatric capabilities across the Group. The development of the service in the UK has taken some months of planning, including the provision of in-depth aeromedical training onsite at the Air Alliance Birmingham facilities and a joint CAMTS accreditation site survey, the results of which are due in late October.

The UK team has two incubator stretcher systems; one is ITU capable with a Ti500 isolette and the second is HDU capable with a Babypod. These are supported by the latest Hamilton T1 ventilators and Neopod humidifiers, capable of providing comprehensive respiratory support to the smallest of lungs, including nasal CPAP and High Flow therapy. Both systems are compatible on the Learjet 35A aircraft. 

The Embrace team is led by paediatric critical care consultant Dr Steve Hancock and neonatal consultant Dr Cath Harrison. They are further supported by a large group of senior consultants, ANP (Advanced Nurse Practitioners) and specialist nursing staff who are on call 24/7 to provide clinical advice and retrieval support. 

 “We are delighted to be working alongside Air Alliance and to be able to provide a worldwide specialist transport service” says Steve Hancock, “Embrace is the first joint neonatal and paediatric transport service in the UK. We undertake over 2,000 transfers a year by road, rotary and fixed wing aircraft in the UK and Europe so this is an excellent extension to our current capabilities.”

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