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European Air Ambulance Certified Neonatal And Paediatric Air Ambulance Service Now On Stand-By Featured

European Air Ambulance Certified Neonatal And Paediatric Air Ambulance Service Now On Stand-By

A small change that will make a big difference to our youngest patients!

At European Air Ambulance (EAA) we strive to constantly improve the services we offer clients and patients, as we aim to maintain our status as one of Europe’s largest specialised air ambulance service providers - offering dedicated and cost-effective emergency medical repatriation 24/7/365 worldwide.

Young children and babies have a special place in our hearts, and we put particular emphasis on our neonatal and paediatric aeromedical transport services, using our highly trained and experienced medical crews and state-of-the-art equipment.

Listening to our clients, whose feedback is so important to us, we noticed that the availability of specialised paediatric teams was often an issue. Transporting young patients is challenging both medically and logistically, and for many assistance companies it can take several days to call in the most qualified medics and assemble the appropriate equipment.

So we decided to make a change that will further improve the services we offer our smallest and most important passengers, as we feel we simply can’t let these VIP patients wait!

Therefore, we have now a certified neonatal crew on stand-by on the duty roster every day – meaning a paediatrician specialised in neonatology and a specialised flight nurse will be at the airport shortly after activation, ready to start a paediatric or neonatal mission.

On our fleet of dedicated air ambulances, they have full access to our high-performance equipment that replicates as closely as possible a neonatal intensive care unit, including travel incubators with heated/humidified ventilators and invasive/non-invasive monitoring and treatment capabilities. We have two incubators of our own, constantly pre-heated and ready to be loaded onto one of our five dedicated aircraft for missions worldwide.

The emergency medical transport of a baby or child can present huge challenges – but thanks to our expertise and experience, we minimize the risks, and guarantee every client, patient and family the very best care in the air.


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