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Aeromexico Partners With MedAire For Best-in-Class In-Flight Medical Assistance & Crew Support

MedAire announces a new partnership with Aeromexico, Mexico´s Global Airline, to offer its MedLink In-flight Medical Advisory service and global medical and security assistance for the airline's travelling crews.

Aeromexico operates 86 domestic and international routes throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its main hub is the Mexico City International Airport.

MedAire will provide on-demand access to emergency medicine physicians who assist crewmembers with unwell passengers on all flights. MedLink is the first-of-its-kind service connecting aircraft mid-flight with doctors specialising in emergency aviation medicine. The service assists with over 40,000 in-flight cases each year, answering over 300 calls per day. In addition to helping crewmembers triage medical incidents, MedLink doctors will advise the best airport to land at to ensure the best and quickest care to the passenger when the emergency warrants.

Bill Dolny, CEO, MedAire, commented, "We are excited to stand with Aeroméxico in our commitment to provide the best-in-class medical care and support for crew and passengers. MedAire continues to evolve with the ever-changing medical and security landscape. Whatever the future holds, the health and safety of our clients, their crewmembers and passengers who travel onboard are our top priority."

Captain Arturo Duhart, Senior Vice-President for Corporate and Air Security, Aeromexico said, "Customer and employee safety is Aeromexico´s main priority. For that reason, we work hard every day to enhance our protocols, add the best services and join efforts with key partners who can provide solutions in the matter. We are delighted to collaborate with MedAire and take advantage of its services to attend to any emergency efficiently and quickly, as well as offer our passengers a safer travel experience."

Aeromexico includes MedAire's MedLink services on flights from Mexico to Europe, Asia, South America, and Canada. A knowledgeable and reliable resource for unforeseen in-flight medical emergencies provides Aeromexico peace of mind while executing daily operations.

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