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Medical Costs In Asia March 2016

The latest info graphic from Pacific Cross International, looks at medical costs around Asia.

Medical Costs In Asia March 2016

  • Thailand treatment of CARDIAC ARREST $38,906 USD
  • Malaysia treatment of BENIGN NEOPLASM OVARY $2,338 USD
  • Singapore treatment of UNS MALIGNANT NEO ESOPHAGUS $42,833 USD
  • Indonesia treatment of ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION $22,458 USD
  • Vietnam treatment of CATARACT $4,102 USD
  • Philippines treatment of CARDIAC ARREST $74,727 USD
  • Hong Kong treatment of PATHOLOGICAL FRACTURE VERTEBRAE $90,478 USD

About Pacific Cross International

Pacific Cross International is a holding company for the Pacific Cross International group of companies. The group has provided health insurance in Asia for over 65 years. The companies operating entities are located in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Pacific Cross International as a group provides health insurance for over 75,000+ people representing 53 nationalities living in 42 countries. In 2014 the group provided travel insurance for 2,642,514 travel days for over 200,000+ people.


How To Communicate In A Medical Emergency In Philippines

Pacific Cross International understand that when you live abroad or travel overseas, the simplest task can become a huge challenge. To find the right word is always a moment of distress and communication is critical, especially in the golden hour. The Pacific Cross International language tips info graphic will help you to stay calm in an emergency situation.

Pacific Cross International brings over 65 years of experience to the health and travel insurance industry in Asia providing health insurance to over 75,000+ people, representing 57 nationalities living in 43 countries. In 2014 the group provided travel insurance for 2,642,514 travel days for over 200,000+ people.


How To Communicate In A Medical Emergency In Indonesia

Pacific Cross International understand that when you live abroad or travel overseas, the simplest task can become a huge challenge. To find the right word is always a moment of distress and communication is critical, especially in the golden hour. The Pacific Cross International language tips info graphic will help you to stay calm in an emergency situation.

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Pacific Cross International brings over 65 years of experience to the health and travel insurance industry in Asia providing health insurance to over 75,000+ people, representing 57 nationalities living in 43 countries. In 2014 the group provided travel insurance for 2,642,514 travel days for over 200,000+ people.


Aviation-Specific Travel Risk Management Services In Mandarin

MedAire has announced that it will now offer its travel risk mitigation services in Mandarin. MedAire will provide 24/7 in-flight and on the ground assistance out of the International SOS Beijing Assistance Center to support Asia based customers with preference for Mandarin-language service.

“Having a MedLink center in China allows an enhanced customer experience for Mandarin-speaking clients” said Bill Dolny, CEO MedAire, “we can now offer this as another option in addition to our U.S. based service delivered in English.” 

MedAire is the market leader in providing aviation-specific medical and travel safety assistance and has over 30 years experience in travel risk management solutions for the Business Aviation Market. MedAire Solutions include remote medical assistance to manage in-flight emergencies, at-destination support wherever clients and crew travel and may need help,  crew medical training, medical kits and equipment.   

In 2015, MedAire handled over 128,000 client calls from its Global Response Center in Phoenix, Arizona. With increased passenger traffic and the strong growth of the Asian aviation market, MedAire has expanded operations to better meet the needs of Asian clients.  Mandarin-speaking operators, and those with pilots and crew who may want Mandarin-language support, now have 24/7 access to advice and assistance both in-flight and at destination in their local language and from doctors who have an excellent understanding of these clients’ specific requirements.



APRIL Group Strengthens Its Activities With Two Acquisitions: Avilog In Third Party Administration And Globalhealth In International Medical Insurance

APRIL group continues to expand its third party administration activities (TPA) as part of its key accounts development with the acquisition of 100% of the capital of Avilog.

Thanks to this operation, the group is able to consolidate its position in the TPA market for group health and personal protection insurance. Its activities with institutional clients (banks, provident institutions, private health insurers and insurance companies), brokers and businesses, both in France and abroad, will therefore be able to draw upon tailored and differentiating solutions.

Established in 1987, Avilog specialises in handling group medical health insurance policies. Today it has almost 30 staff members based in La Valette du Var as well as Paris, and has a turnover of over 2 million euros.

Sébastien Boizou, Managing Director of AVILOG, stated, "We are looking forward joining a large-scale, dynamic and innovative group such as APRIL. This merger opens up new prospects for working together and for business development."

With the acquisition of 100% of the capital of GlobalHealth, the APRIL group consolidates its wholesale broker activities in international private medical insurance (IPMI).

The acquisition of GlobalHealth enables APRIL to extend its operations in Asia, beyond its current activities in Thailand, China and Singapore. It also strengthens its market share in International Private Medical Insurance and accelerates the development in this historical business line, supported by its 9 assistance call centers. Finally, it enables APRIL to pool medical expenses and therefore increases its negotiating power with healthcare providers, for the benefit of its policy holders and risk carriers.

With operations on every continent, the APRIL group will be able to address the requirements of individuals living abroad more comprehensively, regardless of their country of origin, by offering solutions which are tailored to the local context, but also to the expectations of the group's key accounts partners, brokers, international institutions and businesses.

Established in 1997 in Hong Kong, GlobalHealth has 60 staff members and a turnover of around 6 million euros. Specialised in designing, marketing and managing international group and individual medical insurance products, GlobalHealth makes its products available in 6 different countries: Hong Kong and Singapore for the majority of its current activities, but also Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and China.

Both transactions were funded with the group's available cash. They will be commented on during the presentation of the 2015 annual results, on 3rd March 2016.

Emmanuel Morandini, Deputy CEO of the APRIL group commented, "We would like to welcome the Avilog and GlobalHealth teams which will strengthen and extend our areas of expertise. These acquisitions support our ambition to become a leading provider of products and services to French and international institutions, and an IMPI and assistance key player outside France. The integration of Avilog and GlobalHealth also marks the cautious return of our external growth dynamic in support of our strategic development."

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APRIL Group Announces Acquisition Of GlobalHealth Asia

International private medical insurance industry merger and acquisition mania continues in 2016 as APRIL group announce the acquisition of GlobalHealth Asia, an established international private medical insurance provider based in Hong Kong with operations in Singapore, Vietnam and Shanghai, plus local underwriting partners across south east Asia. 

Established in 1997 in Hong Kong, GlobalHealth has 60 staff members and a turnover of around six million euros. GlobalHealth provides a full range of international group and individual health insurance services, including underwriting, policy administration and claims adjudication.

The new purchase will enable APRIL to extend its operations in Asia beyond its current activities in Thailand, China and Singapore and significantly strengthens its market share in the region

APRIL Group, which was founded in France more than 35 years ago, is an internationally known and respected insurance services group with operations in 37 different countries, looking after close to six million policyholders worldwide, consisting of some 86 different nationalities located in more than 120 countries. 

With operations on every continent, APRIL group is now ideally positioned to meet the increasingly complex requirements of individual and group clients, regardless of their country of origin, by offering solutions which are tailored to their local environment.

Emmanuel Morandini, Deputy CEO of the APRIL group comments, "We would like to welcome the GlobalHealth teams to the APRIL group. This acquisition will strengthen our areas of expertise and extends our operations in Asia and is in line with our stated objective to become a leading IMPI and assistance player outside France."

In October 2015, APRIL Group successfully rebranded and relaunched UK based MediCare International as APRIL International UK, a specialist designer and distributor of international private medical insurance policies for groups and individuals.


Cigna Hong Kong Launches "Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan"

Cigna Worldwide General Insurance Company Limited ("Cigna Hong Kong") has launched "Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan" ("Plan"), a comprehensive and high-quality medical insurance plan for qualified customers, age 15 days to 75 years old, with coverage till 100 years old. It is one of the few policies in the Hong Kong market that offers an annual coverage of up to HK$23 million, with a reasonable premium as low as HK$14,000 per annum1 for a middle-aged person, and worldwide protection with more than 7,000 hospitals in the network. With our cashless arrangement, customers do not have to pay a deposit when admitted to a hospital nor file a claim when discharged.

According to a global medical trends report2, medical expenses have been surging at a double-digit rate in Hong Kong in the past 3 years, and the trend is likely to persist. Cigna understands that our customers have different needs at different stages of their lives. In our aim to partner with them in their health and wellness journey, we design high quality and comprehensive healthcare solutions to meet their needs.

Full coverage at 11 local private hospitals and a worldwide hospital network

The lengthy queues in public hospitals have driven many local Hong Kong people to private hospitals, yet the on-going rise in medical expenses have been a common concern. The "Cigna HealthFirst Elite Medical Plan" offers a strong medical network including 11 private hospitals in Hong Kong. The cashless arrangement also guarantees immediate treatment for the customer without any down payment required, so he or she does not need to worry about paying medical expenses and can focus on treatment and recovery.

In addition, recent news reports showed that there is an increasing number of medical incidents that Hong Kong people have encountered overseas in the past years, a comprehensive medical plan offers real peace of mind to those who are required to work and travel overseas. If the customer has an accident abroad, he or she may undergo professional medical treatment without delay.

Flexible and Practical Benefits

Apart from the extensive coverage, the Plan also provides three insurance plans with different geographical reach: Worldwide, Worldwide (exclude US), and Asia only. The Plan also provides three deductible options whereby customers can save on unnecessary expenses based on their actual needs. For example, customers with coverage limited to Asia can save more than 60% in premiums and enjoy an annual coverage limit as high as HK$23 million. A customized policy is now available at a reasonable cost. For instance, the cost for a 40-year old, non-smoker is around HK$14,000 per year.1

The addition of the Pharmacy Benefit provides coverage for 50 major diseases and enables customers to cope with rehabilitation expenses

The current price of medicine has been increasing, particularly the costs to treat serious diseases such as cancer target therapy. The Plan's Pharmacy Benefit rider provides coverage for the pharmacy costs of more than 50 major diseases. In addition to hospitalization, the subsequent rehabilitation expenses of the patient are also covered. Customers can apply for reimbursement of up to HK$80,000 each year and the total reimbursement can reach HK$500,000 during the entire insurance coverage period.

Mr. Austin Marsh, CEO of Cigna Hong Kong concluded, "Cigna is dedicated to helping customers improve their health, well-being and sense of security. We achieve this by providing customers with clear and practical information that is backed by our professional healthcare expertise so that they can make the best decisions. Our comprehensive health and wellness suite of solutions provides customers peace of mind so that they can focus on pursuing their goals in life."

The "Cigna Elite Medical Plan" is an innovative product created by Cigna. Policies issued on or before Dec 31, 2015 will be entitled to a 10% premium discount. Policies for children below the age of 18 are eligible for up to 60% discount;3 all non-smokers can receive a 10% discount on their policy price; and if a customer signs up for the Elite plan with their spouse, both of them will receive an additional 10% discount on their plans for the entire first year.


1 This premium level applies to 40 years old; both male and female; non-smoker for worldwide plans with HK$50,000 deductible.

2 Towers Watson Global Medical Trends Survey 2014.

3 Terms and conditions apply.


Pacific Prime Launches Asia’s Largest Claims Resource Center

Pacific Prime's new claims center is Hong Kong's, and possibly Asia's, largest collection of health insurance related claims documents. Quickly find and download insurer claim forms in order to start a claims process.

Pacific Prime is proud to announce the creation of Asia's largest claims resource center. Focused on Individual health insurance, this claims center provides clients with easy access to the claims forms they will need during the claims process.

Accessible now via the Claims Center button on Pacific Prime's website, or directly via this link, clients in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and the UAE can access and download a variety of claims forms.

Features of the first version of our claims center include:

  •     Forms for both local (plans that provide local coverage) and international (plans that provide worldwide coverage) providers that Pacific Prime works with.
  •     Medical claim forms
  •     Maternity claim forms
  •     Dental claim forms
  •     Pre-authorization forms
  •     Easy to download forms, all in PDF format.
  •     Access to the claims center via the local Pacific Prime website for each location.

Thomas Freemantle, Medical Claims Manager for Hong Kong, further explained, "This new claims center is by far the largest and most comprehensive centralized resource center – for claims forms at least – in Asia. This claims center gives our clients a simple way to access the essential forms they will need in order to make a claim or to help arrange scheduled treatment, in essence speeding up the process."

Freemantle also explained that the center will continue to evolve over time with the addition of new forms as they come available, and new insurers that Pacific Prime established relationships with.


Starr Companies And Aetna International Launch 2 International Private Medical Insurance Plans For Philippines Market

Starr Companies and Aetna International have launched two international private medical insurance products specifically designed to provide access to high-quality healthcare to expatriate and local employees of companies based in the Philippines. These products will be available to companies directly or via their brokers.  

A total of four base plans for each product are on offer with a menu of additional benefits and sums insured. Policy issuance, claims and customer service will be managed in the Philippines by the Philippines Branch of Starr International Insurance (Asia) Limited (“Starr International Insurance”) and the Starr International Insurance team of bi-lingual staff to cater for both local and international members.

The International Healthcare Plan allows members and dependents to get medical care worldwide*, either within Aetna’s network or at the facility of their choice. The Healthy AEssentials Plan is a flexible solution designed for groups seeking comprehensive regional coverage within Southeast Asia.

Both products are underwritten by Starr International Insurance, a Starr Companies insurance carrier with an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company. The healthcare policies to be issued by Starr International Insurance are reinsured by Aetna Life & Casualty (Bermuda) Ltd., an Aetna Company, and are based on Aetna’s International Healthcare Plan and Aetna Healthy AEssentials Plan.

Derek Goldberg, managing director, Southeast Asia at Aetna International said, “Despite the Philippines being a popular destination for expatriates, and the expanding healthcare needs of the local market, there are limited options for regional and global healthcare solutions that are fully compliant with local market regulations. With the resources of our regional partner, Starr International Insurance, we have been able to develop two comprehensive healthcare plans that provide flexibility and choice for expats and local nationals in the country.”

“This exciting development for the Philippines market reaffirms our strong and expanding relationship with Aetna International in the Asia region,” said Ross Matthews, President and CEO of Starr International Insurance.


Aviva Statement On Bancassurance Agreement With DBS

Aviva plc (‘Aviva’) announces that its bancassurance agreement with DBS Bank Ltd will conclude at the end of 2015.

Following the conclusion of the DBS agreement, Aviva will retain the existing book of business, associated profits, and customer rights and relationships which were purchased in the original transaction with DBS in 2001.

In the 12 months ending 31 December 2014, products sold through DBS represented approximately 20% of Aviva Singapore’s value of new business (‘VNB’). The conclusion of the agreement is not material at group level representing less than 3% of Aviva’s total VNB in 2014.

The anticipated acquisition of Friends Life Group adds Friends Provident International to Aviva’s Asian portfolio of companies, expanding its capabilities in the affluent and wealth management segments in Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Chris Wei, CEO Global Life and Chairman Asia, Aviva plc, said, “Given the strength of our relationship with DBS, Aviva was well-placed in this process. However, the cost to renew the agreement was far in excess of what we saw as economically viable or justifiable to our shareholders. Aviva remains highly disciplined regarding capital allocation. Aviva has an excellent growth franchise in Asia, with a strong network of leading local partners, including COFCO in China, Astra International in Indonesia, First Financial in Taiwan and VietinBank in Vietnam. In addition to our valued bancassurance partners, we have a diverse and rapidly evolving distribution platform in Asia, including a growing direct and online capability and a strong financial adviser and agent network, all of which benefit from the strength of the Aviva brand. We look forward to an exciting future in Asia.”

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