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FAI Accredited Preferred Provider by International Assistance Group

International Assistance Group, a worldwide assistance alliance expands steadily its number of accredited Partners & Preferred Providers. In less than 2 years, the new partnership model enabled IAG to grow by 70% its number of local Partners and Preferred Providers. Present through 61 Partners & Preferred Providers in 39 countries, International Assistance Group provides a stable and reliable network to independent assistance companies who joined its partnership program.

After a strict application process, this global alliance accredits Preferred Providers to help the Partners deliver high quality services to their clients and final customer. Even if most of the Preferred Providers are eminent medical assistance providers (air ambulances or medical facilities), the International Assistance Group recruits and also assesses roadside assistance providers, funeral companies or any other supplier of the assistance chain.

FAI Air Ambulance applied to become an accredited IAG Preferred Provider, after having been an IAG provider for years. “We are much pleased to announce that FAI has acquired the IAG Preferred Provider status following a successful assessment done by the IAG Accreditation Committee. The large number of missions given by the various IAG Partners to FAI in the 10 past years shows the trust placed into FAI, whose activity with IAG has doubled since 2008,” declared Cecile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group.

“It was only natural that FAI, a company with a similar growth profile and with a 10 years history of cooperation with the International Assistance Group and many of its individual Partners, would join the group in June 2013 as a Preferred Provider” mentioned Volker Lemke, CSO of FAI Air Ambulance.

Lemke expressed the importance of a dual compromise, “This relationship between IAG and FAI exemplifies the type of synergy that will seamlessly produce significant added value for the many clients we serve jointly, and help both organizations produce higher quality and grow more than they would separately.”

FAI is now one of the world's largest and best air ambulance providers but when the cooperation started in 2003 the two organizations had not yet achieved the significant international expansion and growth that they can now proudly demonstrate. In 2003 FAI had a total of three planes, was performing about 140 Air ambulance flights a year, and had a yearly turnover of EUR 2,4M. Now in 2013 FAI fleet of aircrafts has grown and diversified, for a total of 21 including 7 dedicated air ambulance jets, one of them is Challenger.

“We perform around 680 Air Ambulance flights a year for a EUR 28M turnover in the air ambulance sector. This growth was achieved while maintaining the corporate focus on quality, scope broadening and innovation that has characterized the company from the very beginning, and we recognize a similar development within the International Assistance Group,” stated Lemke.

The number of flights performed during every year by FAI for International Assistance Group Partners is increasing. Volker Lemke confided, “We are convinced that our partnership as a Preferred Provider will greatly enhance our already profitable partnership and want to express our gratitude and confidence to International Assistance Group and all its Partners.” The reliable and ever growing network is the most valuable tool offered to the independent assistance companies that are part of the International Assistance Group.

“After European Air Ambulance (Luxembourg) and Tyrol Air Ambulances (Austria), FAI is then the third Air Ambulance company to acquire the Preferred Provider status in Europe. We trust these Preferred Providers will help in meeting with our Partners transportation needs at its best,” concluded Cecile Hermetz, General Manager of International Assistance Group.

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