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Aviation-Specific Travel Risk Management Services In Mandarin

MedAire has announced that it will now offer its travel risk mitigation services in Mandarin. MedAire will provide 24/7 in-flight and on the ground assistance out of the International SOS Beijing Assistance Center to support Asia based customers with preference for Mandarin-language service.

“Having a MedLink center in China allows an enhanced customer experience for Mandarin-speaking clients” said Bill Dolny, CEO MedAire, “we can now offer this as another option in addition to our U.S. based service delivered in English.” 

MedAire is the market leader in providing aviation-specific medical and travel safety assistance and has over 30 years experience in travel risk management solutions for the Business Aviation Market. MedAire Solutions include remote medical assistance to manage in-flight emergencies, at-destination support wherever clients and crew travel and may need help,  crew medical training, medical kits and equipment.   

In 2015, MedAire handled over 128,000 client calls from its Global Response Center in Phoenix, Arizona. With increased passenger traffic and the strong growth of the Asian aviation market, MedAire has expanded operations to better meet the needs of Asian clients.  Mandarin-speaking operators, and those with pilots and crew who may want Mandarin-language support, now have 24/7 access to advice and assistance both in-flight and at destination in their local language and from doctors who have an excellent understanding of these clients’ specific requirements.



Aon-COFCO Celebrates its 10th Anniversary of serving clients in China

Aon-COFCO, the China arm of Aon plc (NYSE:AON), the leading global provider of risk management and human resource consulting and outsourcing, is celebrating its’ 10th Anniversary with two full-day events involving over 300 clients, together with 500 colleagues, across Shanghai and Suzhou.

The activities on 30th October will include over 250 multinational and local companies, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and insurers attending the 10th anniversary ceremony in Shanghai. The following day, colleagues from all six Aon-COFCO branches in China will attend a team building retreat in Suzhou.

“Ten years ago, we were the first foreign insurance broker to enter China. We formed a joint venture with a leading state-owned conglomerate, COFCO, and were permitted to provide insurance brokerage and reinsurance brokerage in China. Today, we remain the top global insurance broker in China, with over 500 employees, and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen,” said Greg Case, Aon plc President and CEO. “We look forward to continuing to provide distinctive value to our clients in China by helping them to empower results in their desire for long-term growth, profitability and continuity.”

“Insurance brokerage plays a very important role for companies operating in China, and we are pleased to help protect our clients’ interests by fully leveraging the leading local and global insurance markets to help manage and mitigate risk. As the preeminent global firm in people and risk solutions, we employ China’s most comprehensive network of risk management and human resource professionals to deliver the most innovative and effective risk and people solutions,” said Clare Wu, Aon-COFCO CEO.

As a part of the events on 30th October, Aon-COFCO is hosting a half-day seminar on Aon plc’s Global Risk Management Survey, an innovative tool designed to capture, benchmark and assess an organisation’s risk management practices.

“Today, we are pleased to share our insights from our Global Risk Management Survey as a part of our 10th anniversary ceremony. The Survey has great relevance to our clients as many respondents have expressed that they feel under prepared for the risks that they are facing today, and are struggling to identify and manage the major risks facing their organisations,” added Wu.

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